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- L A U R A -
You still see the difference from a legendary that farmed without boosters and one that farmed with them according to wins and kills on the godcard if they bought the gold card. I don't even look at the loading screen mostly... And honestly, have you ever seen a legendary Ao Kuang without med?

from the 3v3 perspective, you have mostly 1 mage, 1 assassin/hunter and 1 guardian/warrior. So it is true from that perspective, a mage can poke down that titan if people titan sit. If you don't have a hyper carry team you should probably give up after the first few kills since snowballing is easy in that mode.
The problem is in 1v1, with, let's say Mercury and Kali you have no chance poking it without getting in danger. Also, you need the abilitys to clear. And if you poke them down and they have to go back to spawn, you can't do any damage since you need to go near objectives, phoenixes are no problem, but the titans are really annoying. Those 1h+ matches are just retarded... you can farm towerkills though.

The new skins are amazing, I'll buy them all :) And Serket feels so OP, but cool to play.

This curse voice thing, thanks for the free gems. The program seems like the normal voice chat thing, I'd rate 6/10 from functionality compared to dolby axon and teamspeak 3. The problems with it, after joining a few conversations: People with bad mics, people screaming, people insulting someone that isn't in the conversation. The good part is, you can make plans better and discuss strategies. Also, a lot of people are really friendly on it, maybe because it gives you more personality, the way you talk, your pronunciation and how you act. People seem a lot more careful on what they say then what they write. On the other side, trolls are more hardcore and bm is scary on it. But anyway, voice chat won't give you too much if there is no synergy in a team. My clan doesn't use voice chat and we still win most premades.
I guess thats true, but I still don't think it should be something that's easy to achieve. =\
Would be really cool if they had it increase beyond level 10. This way the people who just want the Legendary skin get it while the people who invested a lot of time in the god keep getting rewarded for it.

I guess it's better than nothing. The lazy fucks at Riot couldn't even be bothered to implement something like this despite it being upvoted by a majority of the community on both reddit and their forums. LOL

90% of the time someone compliments me on my card. LOL
To be honest it's kinda inflated because Fenrir was extremely broken on release.
- L A U R A -
Haha nice :D My card looks worse q.q most of them are joust stats, my domination stats got deleted and I played him as a total noob ending games with scores like 0:5:3 for the first 3 masteries. Fixed my KDR though, 1.4:1 at this moment. And i never miss an ult, it's on instant casting :D And Riot... when I played LoL it all looked so nice, can't believe it got like that...

People complaining about counterpicks, streamsniping, ghosting and whatever weird stuff in joust league should not play this mode. It could sound as stupid as "He baited me into Chronos which lets him pick Chronos which counters my Chronos.", for a reason there are counterbuilds. I randomly tuned in the smite twitch, saw PBat playing joust, complaining about how the opponent of him is a sniper and how he looked to counter his picks, and that's why he always picks different gods and whatever. His opponent didn't know how to counter the god PBat was playing, so he just trolled around a bit. During that time he already was far behind.

Also, Yuketsu vs Rikudosannin was pretty much a reason to Alt + F4 the stream. Just because you get the same guy 2 times in a row doesn't mean he snipes you. And how can you loose with prenerf Bastet?

I saw the first time someone really raging about streamsniping in Smite, dmbrandon about GiTsticker. dmbrandon played vs GiT before and it was always the same picks: Kali vs Mercury. GiTsticker spammed during that time in Joust 1v1 with Mercury, he got about 500 wins in these days. He is maybe one of the most mature and skilled joust players, but got denounced before 2k viewers. It makes me sick to see how streamers trashtalk about their opponents. They are streamers and could be a good image for their viewers which are a lot maybe young and take this as normal behavior.

(I snipe my friends sometimes and they snipe me but pshhhhh)
As I said my stats are inflated. I used to average around 20-25 kills a game with him. Basically release Fenrir was - Do attack buff and go 1 shot someone in lane or enemy jungler with your 3. Repeat process. His 3 also used to proc on hit effects and didn't break with jumps. xD

Riot is still a good company and League is still a good game, but it's definitely going downhill due to them making terrible balance decisions and being super lazy with everything. I've spent way too much time playing LoL to hope for it to die, but I've already got to the point where I rarely play it anymore.

My net lately is too bad to play anything that requires a stable online connection eg: Smite. :(
- L A U R A -
My provider is crap in my area... I walk into the wall for like 10s sometimes and 99% of the time people kill me .-. And one source of bad stats is maybe joust 1v1, since you rarely get many kills depending on the god you play. On tiermonster it says you average 11 kills a game and 2 deaths. DAE Vulfs Fenrir OP?

When looking on my page I cry, didn't join for to long (06-12-2014) my most played god since then is Mercury with 6 kills and 3 deaths per game. I play him mostly in Joust 1v1, every arena player has like double or triple the kills I get with merc. But Artemis, which I only play in conqest to fill for the ADC role, has average 9 kills per game and 5 deaths, 8 assists. Which is kill wise a lot higher then the normal user stats.

Fenrirs 3 makes me laugh sometimes, not because people say "push 3 to win" or some other crap, more like when I Mercury ult Fenrir follows me to the end of the map. Same for Loki ult, got a Fenrir in the spawn like that.
Those stats on that site seem kinda off to me and I don't think it starts from when you joined the site either. 600+ kills in 3-4 conquest is unrealistic. LOL

I think it might be going off when Smite launched because that seems more accurate in terms of numbers to me.

Check your stats on the main smite site.

I think tiermonster might have just averaged every game mode together because I shouldn't have almost a 12 kill average anymore because there was a good 20 or so games where I did pretty damn awful trying to get used to the new items/item system that was added a few months ago. xD
I have played a good amount of smite now but i still prefer League, but i sometimes just play some smite bcus they are both very diffrent that kinda says its self, but still nice haveing some fresh air away from league.
Add me xXnoscoperXx
- L A U R A -
I think tiermonster counts the kills since you signed in on tiermonster and takes the wins and losses from the smite homepage? On my smite profile it says i have something over 6k kills, on tiermonster I have about 3k in total.

I honestly don't know why people not pick up Kali more in conquest. She is such a good solo laner, you can even put her as adc or mid. Many people pick her for jungle, but in my opinion, lane is better for her since she's a hyper lategame carry, like hunters/solos. Her sustain is extreme, especially with deaths toll. Her lifesteal jump is insane, at max rank lash you can clear full waves. Lategame you are a frontline, you can take damage and deal a lot of damage, people pick up aegis to counter her passive, but you just need to predict it. Her speed and mobility is insane, you need to pick out your targets with instinct but it gets easy with time. She is probably next to Thor one of the Assassins that can take damage and pretty much yolo aa lategame her way to the enemy titan. She is with Mercury one of the most brutal lategame assassins.

Kind of defeats the whole purpose of a statistics then.
The main site gives more information anyways.

Maybe my internet will be stable enough to play this game again someday. :(
- L A U R A -
RIP Nu Wa. I understand in nerfing her, but srsly that remodel .-.

In game golden looks even more perfect, the cristals, basic attacks omg I will never forget u. Biggest difference spotted: Boobs.


And god no, I'm not such a retarded splitpusher that suicides and goes 0/12 :( Her ulti is great for teamfights and the kit wellrounded.
Probably the most unneeded remodel. Looks good however.
Kyonko Hizara
Lizzehb got me to play Smite with her and now I unintentionally will play it for 5 hours straight. I still suck dick at it but if anyone wants to add me I'm KyonkoHizara.
Man, I forgot about this game for a while. How is Serqet? She looks neat.
Kyonko Hizara
If only I could play assassin ;~; Serqet is pretty fucking awesome. She's a badass if you can play assassins. Pretty much everyone I've seen play as her does really well so :U
That's probably because she's an assassin with ridiculous team fighting capabilities. Big no no there and I wouldn't be surprised if she gets nerfed in a future patch.

She is played differently compared to other assassins.
Kyonko Hizara

The win was strong
I'm Strawberry btw. Hi.
Oh god, arena matches. I prefer conquest!
Arena is fun in small doses or when you need to cooldown from a bad conquest.
My 2nd most played game mode.
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