Poll 17: Why do you map?

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Why do you map?

Because i want a Ranked map of a song i like.
Because i want to get known.
Because i want to challenge the top players.
Because i want to express myself artistically.
Total votes: 161
Polling ended March 20, 2013 at 4:41:19 AM UTC
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I picked "Other"... though I've dabbled in the "to get a ranked map of a song I like" and "to be known" reasons plenty, the ranking process is too long and bogged down with rules to be worth bothering with anymore. Nowadays I go for less glamourous versions of those goals... something like "because a map of this song needs to exist" or "to make something the small handful of people who play my maps would enjoy". Not gonna strike it big this way by any stretch, but at least I get to make my maps exactly how I want them to be. :)
Because when I listen to a song I like, I imagine a map and I need to try and make. Basically because I enjoy the songs I map.

Choosed "other".
Chose other because it's just fun to map and try out new styles and see what I can do to make the next map even more fun
Well, after I began mapping I keep "mapping" songs in my head whenever I listen to music. A lot of times what I imagine seriously don't fit though, which is why I end up with 39484 unsubmitted maps with a whopping length of 0:10.
Generally though, I map because I like the song, and find mapping enjoyable. I'll try get maps ranked, but I don't really care either way (as shown by my graveyard), so I picked "other".

MillhioreF wrote:

Though I am trying to get a guest difficulty ranked just so I can say I did...
stress relief and its fun
"Other." When I push for a rank, I want to provide something that other maps don't have. I'm not saying that in an arrogant way, but I'm very particular about how shape and rhythm is used. I also want to try to get different types of music into the community. Not one of my mapped songs have been similar to each other nor to what's currently in vogue. I have three mapsets sitting around, which I'll probably try to rank around the summer. I have loads of ideas for maps otherwise, so I'll hopefully end up with a good workflow of maps.

I also like to make guest difficulties for people, so that I can help people by leading by example or simply giving them less work to do. Unfortunately, almost none of my efforts have been reciprocated by an earnest attempt to rank/complete something. It's a shame, because I tend to make them for good maps. All I want is a committed person, with a good style of mapping, to let me work with them and provide a set with a unique combination of styles.

DEEDIT: I suppose that I also map for e-penis. Luckily, it seems to have worked to an extent.
Other. I map because I love music and love being able to represent my interpretation of it to other people. Everything else is a pleasant secondary.
I map because I'm bored as shit.
I chose "Other" since its a combination between "Because i want a Ranked map of a song i like" and "mapping is a fun thing"

CDFA wrote:

I map because I'm bored as shit.
hit me up bby. jk.
cause it's fun to map :D
and it puts a smile on my face when people enjoy my maps :3
It's hard as hell fun to make beatmaps and I just want to try it out how it sucks feels to make a beatmap of your own. 8-)
I love the feeling when someone tells you "I know exactly what you were trying to do here" and they can explain it to me what I was doing. It makes me feel like I didn't waste the effort trying to make expressive ideas within my mapping.

So far there has been only two people who actually told me that they understood though, but that keeps me trying haha.
I choosed the first plus I like mapping. Even tho my style is still sucks as I was using my brain I alway got new ideas and that makes the whole mapping more fun to me.
Because I want to make something people will have fun with. Since I would have a hard time understanding what others find fun, I start with what I find fun. Creating an experience where the player feels like part of the song is a big part of that.

I want to attract the bitches with my mapping skills. They just love sliders. ;);););)
I map cause...

It's fun.
For fun mostly. And in some way, with my songs, to get known (but that's another part of it as it's my songs eh)
Other than that, it's also to let people discover more or less what are the songs we've listened to when we were younger etc. I am careful about what to submit!
For sharing my mapping skill~
Including Timing, Story Boarding, Mapping Technique, etc
Mapping for getting a longer E-Penis
I map because it makes fun and also sometimes I wish a Mapset from this or this Song (or mapping a personally better Mapset as the already ranked one). Also, I want to share my abilities in the Mapping Area and want to show how I feel the rhythm of the Song and how I would map it.

Shiro wrote:

Mainly a way for me to make art. Let's be honest though, I was hoping for a bit of recognition from mapping. Oh the disappointment.
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