Christmas☆Queue 2020 (Mapper's & Modder's Call!)

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Hello everyone! Noffy & Cynplytholowazy are here presenting you with this year's Christmas modding queue again!

Art by Chi

Welcome to the ChristmasQueue 2020!

A seasonal modding queue for maps related to Christmas, Winter or New Year
2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 - 2019

Status: Closed. See you next year!

Once again this year, the Beatmap Nominator group is bringing back the best modding queue around for its tenth year of operation, a tradition that continues to spread the joy and wonders of the winter. Like before, in order to make this a great success again, the Christmas Queue is in need of motivated individuals to help push things forward.

Just like last year, the queue will be hosted through our website!

Christmas☆Queue website!

This year, we will make at least one beatmap pack for the newly ranked beatmaps that will be released just before Christmas and the pack will be announced in the Mappers' Report news post. We have a Discord server for both mappers and modders alike to organize and communicate with each other for making and ranking beatmaps in this project.

Join the Discord server here!

Here is the information and rules:

Modding Queue Information

  1. This is a temporary modding queue that will be closed after New Year (January 1st, 2021).
  2. Beatmaps must be Ranked by December 22nd to be considered for the Holiday Beatmap Pack.
  3. We plan to start qualifying maps at the beginning of December. It is up to every Nominator to choose when to qualify maps.
  4. The mapset must be finished and follows the ranking guidelines/rules.
  5. To request a beatmap for modding, use the website linked above. Maps that are valid for the queue will be listed on the Christmas Queue Website!


  1. The map must be related to Christmas, Winter, or the New Year.
  2. The request is made before the New Year (the queue will close then).
  3. You have participated in the creation of the map.
  4. You are using a Christmas avatar! (We will be too!)
  5. Each user can only request one map.
  6. If your request was invalid, you can make a new one.

Organization Team

Main Organizers
  1. Noffy - Managing the Christmas Queue & Hosting the Website!
  2. Cynplytholowazy - Managing the Christmas Queue and Discord Server

Website Design & Support
  1. Venix - The Website Creator! & Website Support
  2. clayton - Website Support

  1. Managing the Modding Team participation
  2. Evaluating & Approving maps submitted to the website
  1. osu!standard: hypercyte
  2. osu!taiko: Cynplytholowazy
  3. osu!catch: Nokashi
  4. osu!mania: Feerum

Modding Team

We are looking for modders across all game modes to help out with the effort. If you are interested, you can contact an ambassador to get added! You do not need to be part of the Beatmap Nominators to join the modding queue!

Information for modders:
You do not need to mod a certain amount of maps, just go at your own pace. You can pick any map that is posted on the map list. Just check the website and find a map that needs help! When you have modded a map, be sure to mark that you have done so on the Christmas Queue Website!

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If you have any questions, you can contact Noffy, Cynplytholowazy, hypercyte, Nokashi or Feerum.
If there are any issues with the website, please help us out by reporting them on the GitHub!
Tubby Custard
Last christmas I had to go the ER maybe with cyux89cioasdisuioudsaio modding queue I wont
I'm in.
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Then i want to ask something about avatar stuff.
So we must changed our profile picture right with either one of those template (hat or beard) right?
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Yes! Or if you have other christmas hat avatar (like the one I have) it's also OK!
wow nice
Adinda speed ranking 2 christmas set pogs
I want a long padoru please
Estoy dentro
I am in
i'll join :3 to taiko
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