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Bringing shape to the formless, ALEPH is a musical project dedicated towards challenging convention and form, ever seeking to blur the line between what is clarity and what is noise. Having featured on labels like Renraku, MAD ZOO and Inspected, ALEPH's eclectic waves have drawn attention and support from a variety of big names in the electronic music scene, like Noisia, Amon Tobin, Mat Zo and many more, reinforced with appearances on musical platforms like NEST HQ and BBC Radio.

Drawing similarities to artists like False Noise, Culprate and KOAN Sound, ALEPH's sound embraces a technical and complicated profile, with individual tracks spanning across entire genres in rhythm, composition and production. One thing remains a dedicated constant however: a definitive, unyielding exploration of what makes electronic music truly tick, often including (but not limited to) woofer-ripping basslines, gritty industrial percussion and evocative melodic leads.

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