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Storyboard scripting

An example of scripting in .osbAn example of scripting in .osb

In addition to the built-in storyboard editor, a plain text editor, such as Notepad, Notepad++, or Visual Studio Code, can also be used to create storyboards for beatmaps. This workflow is called storyboarding by scripting (SBS) and it allows one to be more precise (to the pixel and the millisecond) as to when sprites appear, how they behave, and so on.

To study a specific part of scripting, head to one of the articles below:


There is an overview of the storyboard scripting concepts provided by Doomsday: osu! - Storyboard Scripting for Beginners (12:22).

Full specification

Note: Save your work in the built-in editor first, as it optimises some things out, and only then in a plain text editor. Save often to prevent accidental progress loss.

The storyboard scripting process is primarily based on the official specifications and experience in making large storyboards. Although the osu! wiki articles provide simple examples, they are not step-by-step guides. Instead, the explanations aim to exhaustively detail how the basic scripting commands translate into the on-screen actions in osu!.

Before writing storyboard scripts, check the terms and basic concepts to prevent possible further issues and misunderstanding. For more in-depth explanations, see: