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Storyboard scripting

Screenshot of a storyboard script open in "Code - OSS"Example of a storyboard script (.osb)

Storyboard scripting is the process of editing osu! storyboards via their .osb and .osu files. These files define images and effects that the game client renders into background animations during gameplay.

Scripting is a common alternative to the game client's storyboard editor when precision or complexity are required. With a text editor such as Notepad, Notepad++, or Visual Studio Code, storyboarders can edit the exact values of objects and commands instead of using on-screen controls. Many storyboarders also make use of programming to build storyboard files that would be difficult to create manually.

Warning: Avoid editing storyboard scripts of a beatmap currently open in the beatmap editor. Your work may be overwritten when saving the beatmap.

Concepts and file format

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Community tools

Various tools have been made by the community to abstract and build upon storyboard scripting, such as Damnae's storybrew.