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Expectations for Beatmap Nominators

See also: Beatmap Nominator Rules

As central figures in their respective communities and osu! as a whole, Beatmap Nominators are held to a higher standard than other users. The expectations listed here are the result of discussion within the Nomination Assessment Team. While it's unreasonable to perfectly align with these expectations, going far out of line can lead to warnings and/or removal from the Beatmap Nominators. All situations are judged on a case-by-case basis depending on frequency, severity, impact, and common sense.

As a reminder, Beatmap Nominators are expected to do their best to adhere to the code of conduct for modding and mapping at all times. They should also always act within the best interest of maintaining the ranked section's quality.

  • Act with the community's best interests at heart. Approach tenuous situations with caution and care, aim to act with sound judgment wherever possible, seek to learn from your mistakes, and at all times make sure you're thinking about the impact your actions might have on the broader community.
  • Do not exploit or abuse existing systems. Following the Ranking Criteria and not trying to circumvent it is a given, and cases of disagreement should be resolved through a Ranking Criteria proposal. Beatmap Nominators should also not repeatedly exploit bugs or reward systems such as score, PP or kudosu.
  • Be civil, both in and outside the game's direct platform. Beatmap Nominators are expected to not be excessively antagonistic, inflammatory, or otherwise derogatory toward other members of the osu! community. This especially applies to communities where other users commonly associate them to their account on osu! (e.g. mapping Discord servers or Twitter).
  • Mod regularly. Beatmap Nominators are expected to ensure and improve not only rankability but also quality of maps they nominate. They should be able to mod thoroughly where necessary. Modding done outside of beatmap discussions should still be accessible there as proof (e.g. through logs/summaries).
  • Be approachable. As members of the community who are often sought after, Beatmap Nominators should avoid giving the impression that they're unreachable or unwilling to communicate. However, this does not mean Beatmap Nominators are obliged to accept all requests.
  • Promote variety. As main contributors to the ranked section, Beatmap Nominators should aim to provide the community with content from different mappers. They can have preferences, but their nominations should not only consist of other BNs or the same mappers.
  • Keep improving! Becoming a Beatmap Nominator is only the start of one's journey. There's still much to discuss and learn about. Beatmap Nominators are not only expected to help others, but also to ask for help when they're unsure about something.

Those wishing to become a Beatmap Nominator should understand these expectations before seeking to join.