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Unrankable mapping techniques

In normal situations, the use of these techniques will automatically make your map unrankable!

Burai Sliders

Nominator: machol30

Burai sliders is a slider that completely overlaps itself without leaving room to notice that it has actually overlapped with the exception of the slider end.

This pattern is unrankable due to the confusion it creates in terms of overall readability.
On the contrary, if you do a similar pattern but leave it as a slight angle, it is rankable.

This technique was named after the creator's former name, buraimaster1234 (now known as machol30).

Hold Sliders

Not to be confused with Short Repeating Sliders.

Nominator: Shinxyn

Normal sliders that change speed normally use an inherited point of 0.5 or 2.0.
On the other hand, hold sliders use an inherited point of 0.25 or even 0.125.

This forces the player to click and hold the slider without moving their cursor at all.
These sliders are usually accompanied by a storyboarded message telling the player to "Hold".

These sliders usually match the music, rather than being placed anywhere for no reason at all.

Ninja Spinners

Not to be confused with Short Spinners.

Ninja spinners are extremely short spinners that are usually placed in locations where the player has no time to prepare themselves for them.
In addition to this, the community has decided to ban these spinners due to their abuse.

These spinners are prohibited because they can cause the player to lose their combo and/or allow the player to achieve an SS rank.

Stack Zero


Stack zero requires the mapper to modify the stack leniency value to 0 by using Notepad.
By doing this, osu! will no longer stack stacked hit objects (this means that all objects will be placed on top of each other instead of being placed slightly up-left).