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Spinner mapping techniques

Additional Effects

Post-Spinner Note

Nominator(s): NoHItter

The post-spinner note is made up of a hit object after a long spinner.
This is usually placed at the end of the song.

Pre-Spinner Note

Nominator(s): NoHItter

The pre-spinner note is made up of a hit object that is placed directly before a spinner.
This hit object gives the beat while the spinner provides resolution to that beat.
The spinner usually follows 1/2, 1/3/ 1/4 or 1/6 of a beat after to not sound disjoint from the hit object.

Earlier maps may overlap these hit objects and the spinner.
However, overlapping these will make your map unrankable!

Spinner Variation

Double Spinners

Nominator(s): Lilac

Double spinners are pretty self-explanatory.
This is where two spinners are placed back-to-back, usually to make a hitsound for the next spinner without the use of a circle or pre-spinner note.

There are ranked maps that use 3 spinners in a row but are very rare.
The common usage of this technique is either before a break or near the end of a song.

End Spinner


End spinner is pretty self-explanatory.
This is a spinner that is the last hit object of the beatmap.

Short Spinners

Not to be confused with Ninja Spinners.