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osu!catch scoring system

See also: osu!catch judgement system

Scoring for osu!catch follows the same multiplier as in osu!.
However, the fruit that adds up the score is different from osu!.

  • A regular sized fruit gives a score of 300 times the multiplier.
  • A large juice drop (slider tick) gives a score of 100.
  • The smallest drop (also called "droplet", or slider trail/path) gives a score of 10.
  • Each collected bananas (collected during spinner duration) will give a static score of 1,100 regardless of mod and combo multiplier.

Combo will not be lost for missing droplets (considered as Miss Droplet in server leaderboard) in this mode, but a drop of Accuracy and score gain from it.

Score = Hit Value + [Hit Value * ((Combo multiplier * Difficulty multiplier * Mod multiplier) / 25)]

Term Meaning
Hit Value The hit circle judgement (50, 100 or 300), any slider ticks, and spinner's bonus
Combo multiplier (Combo before this hit - 1) or 0; whichever is higher
Difficulty multiplier The difficulty setting for the beatmap
Mod multiplier The multiplier of the selected mods

Note: There is a difference between osu! and osu!catch's scoring methods:

  • 300s and a combo increment are not given to a finished spinner
  • reverse slider ticks are counted as a full score of a hit
    • note that in osu!, a reverse tick only gives 30 points