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osu!taiko judgement system


A judgement, or hit result, is the outcome of interacting with a hit object during its hit window. Score and accuracy are calculated based on which judgements are received.

Image Name Hit value Accuracy Max hit error (ms)
GREAT 300 100% 50 - 3 × OD
OK 150 50% 120 - 8 × OD if OD ≤ 5, and 110 - 6 × OD if OD ≥ 5
MISS 0 0% 135 - 8 × OD if OD ≤ 5, and 120 - 5 × OD if OD ≥ 5

The hit window depends on the beatmap's overall difficulty (OD). A hit is then considered inside a hit window if hit error < max hit error, meaning the value listed is half of the hit window width. The MISS window by exception compares hit error ≤ max hit error instead.

The hit error is rounded and the max hit error values are truncated to the nearest integer, meaning that for GREATs and OKs, hit windows may be up to 1.5 ms shorter on both sides, while miss windows may be up to 0.5 ms shorter or longer on both sides, than what the formulas suggest.

Judgement mechanics

Small/large notes

Small and large notes are judged with a GREAT, OK, or MISS depending on how accurately they are hit. Hitting a note before the MISS window has no effect, and not hitting a note will cause a MISS after the MEH window passes. Hitting the wrong key for the colour of the note will also cause a MISS.

Large notes may be hit with two keys of the correct colour at the same time (within less than 30 ms of each other) for double the score.

Drum rolls

Drum rolls give 300 score (360 during kiai time), while large drum rolls give 720 score (864 during kiai time), per correctly timed drum roll tick.

Hitting too quickly or too slowly will prevent the ticks from being collected. The bounds are roughly hitting twice as fast as ticks appear and hitting slower than every 5th tick.

With ScoreV2 enabled, drum rolls also give judgements depending on how many ticks are hit:

Judgement Requirement
GREAT Ticks hit ≥ amount of ticks × (0.3 if OD ≤ 6, otherwise 0.1 + OD / 30)
OK At least one tick hit
MISS Anything else


Swells, also known as spinners or dendens, give 300 score per hit. Failing to complete the required amount of hits results in a health punishment, but they do not give judgements.

With ScoreV2 enabled, swells give judgements depending on how many times they are hit:

Judgement Required hits
GREAT 100%
OK 50%


The ScoreV2 mod changes a few things about osu!taiko judgement mechanics:

  • Speed restrictions for drum rolls are lifted, meaning they can be mashed without penalty.
  • Drum rolls give judgements depending on how many ticks are hit.
  • Swells give judgements depending on how many times they are hit.