Harumachi Cup Ω

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The Harumachi Cup Ω (HCΩ) is a worldwide single-elimination osu! tournament hosted by chromb. The tournament is completely comprised of the song Harumachi Clover in various remixes done by individuals in the osu! community and through osu!'s Featured Artist program. It is the third instalment of the Harumachi Cup series.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp
Registration phase 2022-06-03/2022-06-11
Qualifiers 2022-07-02/2022-07-07
Group heats 2022-07-09/2022-07-13
Round of 16 2022-07-15/2022-07-17
Quarterfinals 2022-07-22/2022-07-24
Semifinals 2022-07-30
Grand Finals 2022-07-31


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 12 months of osu!supporter
Silver crown 6 months of osu!supporter
Bronze crown 3 months of osu!supporter


Harumachi Cup Ω is run by various community members.

Position Member(s)
Organiser chromb, Hubz, mangomizer
Guest mapper Nao Tomori, Nozhomi, Orkay
Streamer Hubz
Commentator chromb, Teezel
Designer Hubz
Outreach/Consultant mangomizer
Referee Blushing, chromb, KaedeSnowyyy, megahello, My Angel Chino
Statistician chromb
Wiki editor Blushing


A list of all participants before seeding can be found here.

Seeding results



Download the mappack here! (14 MB)

Group heats

Download the mappack here! (13 MB)

Round of 16

Download the mappack here! (23 MB)



  1. This tournament is broken up into 3 divisions of player versus player (see the Tournament staging section below), with a single-elimination bracket.
  2. The scoring system used will be ScoreV2.
  3. This tournament is an osu! tournament.
  4. Match scheduling is decided by the organisers. Players may feel free to ask for a reschedule if the given schedule conflicts with the player. If a reschedule is approved, it might not be streamed or recorded due to staff availability.
  5. If there is no referee available, the match may be postponed.
  6. If both players tie on a map, the map will be replayed again; if the players tie once again, the map will be nullified, and the player who picked the map will be able to pick a new one. In the case there is no other map than the one already played, there will be a brief break and the map will be replayed once more.
  7. If a player disconnects from the game, the opposite player will get a point. This is nullified if a player disconnects within 30 seconds after beginning the map, in which case the map will be restarted. Any deliberate abuse of this rule will be penalised at the tournament staff's discretion.
  8. Players have 10 minutes to show up to their scheduled match. A referee will ping the two players 15 minutes before their scheduled match time via osu! private message and Discord.
  9. If the opponent fails to show up, the player who does show up automatically advances.
    • If both players fail to show up, the player with the higher seed will advance.
  10. The tournament staff reserves the right to disqualify any player who exhibits harmful or unbecoming behaviour.
  11. Any other rule changes or unexpected occurrences will be announced in the Discord server. Please pay attention.


This tournament is strictly for those between the ranks of 999 and infinity exclusive (after BWS calculation). If the players meet this primary condition, they will also need to:

  1. Sign up through the website
  2. All players must be in the Discord server

Tournament staging

There are 3 divisions in this tournament: Qualifiers, Group heats, and a single-elimination bracket. The bracket includes the Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Grand Finals, totalling 5 tournament stages.


  • This stage consists of multiple lobbies over the week and will contain up to 15 players per lobby.
  • Seeding will take place after the final lobby of the Qualifiers is complete.
  • Players who seeded in the top 64 will qualify.
  • Players are seeded by their total score across all five qualifier maps.
  • The mappool will be played through twice, but only the highest score is recorded for seeding purposes.
  • There are no warmups for the Qualifiers.

Group heats

  • Similar format as Qualifiers.
  • Qualified players are seeded into one of eight groups.
  • Multiple lobbies will be available due to time zone conflicts. Please let tournament staff know if there is a conflict.
  • The mappool will consist of 5 maps.
  • The mappool will be played through twice, with the player's highest score being recorded for seeding.
  • The top 2 players from each group will advance to the 1v1 bracket.
  • There are no warmups for the Group heats.


  • Classic 1v1 format.
  • Rounds are seeded based on positions from the Group heats.
  • No bans.
  • !roll to pick.
  • The winner of each round proceeds to the next round.

Best-of format

Stage Format
Qualifiers / Group heats No best-of format. Play with the intent to get the highest score.
Round of 16 / Quarterfinals Best-of-7
Semifinals Best-of-9
Grand Finals Best-of-11


  1. The schedule for the tournament is listed under the Tournament schedule section. Please use the time in between to practise the mappools.
  2. Matches are allowed to overlap if referees are available.
  3. For the 1v1 bracket:
    • If both players can come up with a better time than what is scheduled, please inform the organisers as soon as possible so they can make adjustments.


  1. See the Mappools section for more specifics on what maps will be played.
  2. There will be a variety of Harumachi Clover maps to choose from in each stage of the tournament.
  3. Each stage will have the number of maps and mods as seen below:
Stage Map counts
Qualifiers / Groups 1 NM, 1 HD, 1 HR, 1 DT, 1 FM
Round of 16 / Quarterfinals 2 NM, 1 HD, 1 HR, 1 DT, 1 FM, 1 TB
Semifinals 2 NM, 1 HD, 1 HR, 2 DT, 2 FM, 1 TB
Grand Finals 2 NM, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 2 FM, 1 TB

Seeding specifics

  1. Seeding will take place during the Qualifiers and the Group heats.
  2. During the Qualifiers there will be multiple lobbies open for sign-ups. Please make sure to sign up for a time that best fits your schedule.
  3. The Qualifiers are used to help eliminate people who do not show up and to get the participation count to the nice number of 64.
  4. There will be no warmups for the Qualifiers and Group heats. Remember that since this is a Harumachi Clover tournament, the maps are only 40 seconds at most.
  5. Seeding will be calculated by taking the highest score recorded and comparing them of the other players.

Lobby specifics

  1. A private match will be created for the matches. The players will be invited to the associated match around 15 minutes before the match time. Make sure to have PMs enabled for everyone, not just for those on your friends list, as the invite does not bypass this setting. If you are unable to make it to the match due to this issue, your position in the tournament is not guaranteed.
  2. During the 1v1 bracket, each player will !roll, and the winner of the roll picks who will pick the first map. To reiterate, if you win the !roll, this does not mean you pick the first map, this means you pick whether you pick the first map or your opponent does. Choose wisely!
  3. For the Qualifiers and Group heats, the mappool will be played through twice.
  4. Players will be allowed to ask for a brief break at the end of the first run-through of the mappool.
  5. There are no bans.
  6. There are no warmups. Be prepared.
  7. 1v1 bracket only: in case of a tie, the tiebreaker will be played. See rule 6 of the general rules for more details.