GB Cup 2024 Spring

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The GB Cup 2024 Spring (GBC 2024 Spring) is an osu!mania 4K point-based weekly group tournament hosted by Team GB. It is the fifth instalment of the GB Cup.

Tournament schedule

Event Timestamp (UTC+08)
Registration phase 2024-03-03/2024-03-17 (23:59)
Regular stage 1 2024-03-23/2024-03-31
Regular stage 2 2024-04-06/2024-04-14
Regular stage 3 2024-04-20/2024-04-28
Regular stage 4 2024-05-04/2024-05-12
Regular match results showcase 2024-05-13 (20:00)
Playoff stage week 1 2024-05-18/2024-05-19
Playoff stage week 2 2024-05-25/2024-05-26
Playoff stage Finals 2024-06-01/2024-06-02
Playoff stage Grand Finals 2024-06-08/2024-06-09


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown Profile badge, KanonBot profile badge, TBA RMB
Silver crown KanonBot profile badge, TBA RMB
Bronze crown KanonBot profile badge, TBA RMB
4th place TBA RMB
5th place – 6th place TBA RMB
7th place – 8th place TBA RMB
9th place – 12th place TBA RMB
13th place – 16th place TBA RMB
17th place – 24th place TBA RMB
Full attendance prize KanonBot profile badge (all groups), TBA RMB (Group B), TBA RMB (Group A), TBA RMB (Group S), TBA RMB (Group EX)


The GB Cup 2024 Spring is run by Team GB and various community members.

Position Member(s)
Host [GB]yobrevelc
Staff TBA
Mappool selector [GB]yobrevelc, [GB]V1do, RiceSS, Llkkm, PORTTAYER, YuEast 2018, [GB]Thaumiel, [GB]Mafufu, Blue_Potion
Mapper TBA
Referee [GB]yobrevelc
Streamer [GB]yobrevelc
Commentator [GB]yobrevelc
Designer [GB]Voidmoyu, [GB]yobrevelc
Statistician & wiki editor [GB]yobrevelc


Group Players



  1. The GB Cup 2024 Spring is a point-based weekly group tournament, played on the osu!mania game mode.
    • Points earned by players in weekly matches are converted based on the total ranking of the mappool.
    • The total ranking of the mappool is based on the sum of the rankings of each player in each map.
  2. Beatmap scoring is based on Score V2.
  3. The GB Cup 2024 Spring consists of 4 groups (EX, S, A, and B), with only 2 groups playing each week.
  4. The maps for each round will be announced by the mappool selectors on the official stream, on the Saturday before the actual matches take place.
  5. Players need to schedule their match time before the start of the match every week.
    • Players with special time requirements need to contact the organiser in advance. The organiser does not guarantee that anyone's request will be met, and players need to properly communicate with the referees.
  6. Every week, the referee creates a multiplayer room at fixed times, where players who need to play a match can enter the room.
  7. There is no warm-up phase for the match.
  8. Use of the Visual Settings to alter background dim or disable beatmap elements like storyboards and skins is allowed.
    • Custom skin elements must not be used to alter core gameplay mechanics.


  1. Please fill this form to register.
    • Player must join this QQ group or this Discord server after registration.
    • For players who cannot use QQ, please use osu! or Discord to contact the organiser and use Discord to communicate.
  2. To ensure valid and serious registrations, every registered user will be manually checked by the host.
    • There are no rank limitations for this tournament.
    • To be successfully registered, a player must not have violated any osu! community rules within the last 12 months.
    • When registering, the organiser will refer to the player's play counts. Heavy derankers and smurfs may be forced to upgrade to a higher group (see below table).
  3. A list of all successfully registered players will be published after the registration phase.
  4. All successfully registered players will be grouped as follows:
Group Player's 4K pp
EX 9,500 and above
S 7,000–9,499
A 4,500–6,999
B 0–4,499
  1. If the 4K pp of a player is much higher than the upper limit of their group, they will be forced to promote into the next group. The buffer is 100 pp.
  2. Tournament staff members must not participate as players in the tournament.
  3. Organisers may force to promote some players that are considered too strong in their groups.
  4. Organisers reserve the right to decline restricted players from participating in the tournament.
  5. It is allowed for players to request to change their level. Such players need to send screenshots of scores from higher-level mappools to the organiser.

Win conditions

  1. In the Regular stage, players need to get high placements in higher groups in order to get more points. The points that can be earned are determined by the placement in every round, which is determined according to the average rank for all individual beatmaps in a round.
  2. A base amount of points depends on the placement per round, and it is increased by a multiplier that depends on the group of players. The calculation method is as follows:
Placement Base points
1st place 20
2nd place 19
3rd place 18
4th place 17
Top 15% 16
Top 22% 15
Top 30% 14
Top 40% 13
Top 50% 12
Top 60% 10
Top 70% 8
Top 80% 6
Top 90% 4
Top 100% 2
Group Multiplier (x is base points)
Group B x
Group A 1.5x + 12
Group S 2.3x + 30
Group EX 3.4x + 57
  1. The final Regular stage ranking depends on the total amount of points from all 4 rounds. The top 24 players will be able to join the playoff stage.
  2. The top 8 will play in the winners' bracket, while the top 9–24 will play in the losers' bracket.
  3. In case of a tie in the rankings, the player with a lower sum of ranks in every round will take the higher rank.
  4. In the playoff stage, players need to win 6 beatmaps in order to win a match during Quarterfinals and Semifinals, and 7 beatmaps in the Finals and Grand Finals.

Match procedures

  1. A referee will create a multiplayer room 5 minutes before the scheduled match time. Players must join the lobby in that period.
    • The room settings are Game mode: osu!mania, Team mode: Head-to-Head, and Score mode: ScoreV2. The room name must follow the pattern of the following example: GBC 2024 Spring: Lv.EX R1 | Sun 22.
  2. Possible mod choices for the Free Mod bracket are No Fail, Hidden, Fade In, Flashlight, and Mirror.
  3. The referees will select the beatmaps in order to play the match. If a player encounters a technical problem during a match, players may request a rematch from the referee after all the beatmaps have been played.
    • "Lag spikes" will not be considered as a valid reason to rematch a beatmap.
    • The rematch should happen after completing scores for the other beatmaps in the mappool.
    • Quitting the room and requesting a rematch after the map starts will only be allowed once in a match, and may also be vetoed by a referee.
    • This rule is not to be abused. Referees may veto a rematch request if they find that this is the case.
  4. Unless there are special reasons, the organiser will only record each player's first score of the beatmap in the match room.
  5. The default rest time is 120 seconds. If all players in the room agree to start early and get ready, the referee may start the match early.
  6. Players are expected to keep the match running fluently and without delays. Excessive delays from the players' side may result in penalties being applied at the referee's discretion. Disrupting the match by foul play, insulting or provoking other players or staff, delaying the match, or other deliberate inappropriate misbehaviour are strictly prohibited, and will be punished accordingly.
  7. All players and staff must be treated with respect. Instructions from referees and the host are to be followed. Decisions labelled as final are not to be objected.
  8. The multiplayer chat rooms underlie the osu! community rules.
  9. Disrupting the match by foul play or seed manipulation will result in disqualification, and any such players will be announced.
  10. Unexpected incidents will be handled by the host. Referees may allow higher tolerance depending on the given circumstances. This is up to their discretion.
  11. The host may request liveplays or recordings of individual players at any point.
  12. The host reserves the right to modify these rules at any moment. Any such changes will be announced in advance.

Mappool information

  1. Each group has four mappools, and each group uses one mappool per round.
  2. Each mappool consists of 7 beatmaps that will all be played under Free Mod conditions. This means that there is a unique Free Mod bracket.
  3. The type of beatmap included in the mappool is not fixed.

Scheduling information

  1. Each stage of the tournament is played during 2 weeks.
    • Group EX will play in the same week as Group B, and Group S in the same week as Group A.
  2. All matches will be held between Saturday 08:00, and Sunday 23:59 (UTC+08), save for exceptional circumstances.
  3. The organiser will provide alternative tournament slots before the start of matches each week, creating a schedule that is satisfactory to all players.
    • In case a special match time is required, please inform the organiser in advance. The organiser will try to fulfill the requirements of all players, but cannot make any guarantees.
  4. Matches may not be scheduled to any time beyond Sunday, 23:59 (UTC+08) of the week they are to be played at.
    • Even if needed, the match must be completed by the next Wednesday; later reschedule requests will be rejected.
    • Do not ask for a reschedule unless it is absolutely needed. The host reserves the right to deny any reschedule requests.

Playoff stage

The rules are largely the same as in the regular stage.

  1. The organiser will invite the highest ranking players from the regular stage to participate in the playoffs.
    • If invited players decline for any reason, their slot will pass on to the players in next rank.
  2. There will be four separate mappools for each playoff round, with a varying number of beatmaps of different types:
Stage Beatmaps
Quarterfinals & Semifinals 6 RC, 3 HB, 3 LN, and 1 TB
Finals & Grand Finals 7 RC, 3 HB, 4 LN, and 1 TB
  1. Players will have 2 minutes to protect, pick and ban a beatmap, and 2 minutes to get ready. If a player takes more time than allowed, the procedures adopted will be as follows:
    • For map bans or protects, the player forfeits the ban or protect.
    • For map picks, a random map will be chosen from the mappool using !roll X, where X is the number of maps that were neither picked nor banned, excluding the tiebreaker.
    • For a ready timer, the referee will use the !mp start 10 command.
  2. Each player will receive one tactical timeout of 2 minutes, to be used as extra time to pick or ban a beatmap. The tactical timeout is optional.
    • The tactical timeout may be called on a tiebreaker, provided that all players agree to it.
  3. A referee will create a multiplayer room 10 minutes before the scheduled match time. Players must join the lobby in that period.
    • The room settings are Game mode: osu!mania, Team mode: Team Vs and Score mode: ScoreV2. The room name must follow the pattern of GBC 2024 Spr: ({Player A}) vs ({Player B}).
  4. Each player must use !roll once in #multiplayer.
    • The winner of the !roll chooses whether to protect first or ban first. The player who protects first will also pick first.
    • Each player may protect one beatmap from the mappool. These beatmaps cannot be banned by any player in the next phase.
    • Each player may ban one beatmap from the mappool. These beatmaps cannot be picked by any player for the entire duration of the match.
    • Both players will alternate picking a beatmap from the mappool.
  5. In the case of a tie, the beatmap will be rematched, but not more than twice.
  6. Players are allowed to rematch if any player disconnects early on during a beatmap. Send a message as soon as poosible in the match room chat to notify the referee to restart the match.
    • The match may only be aborted before 30 seconds or 1/4 of the beatmap has elapsed, whichever comes first.
    • The same mods and beatmap must be used when the match restarts.
    • Please make sure to resolve any technical issues before restarting the match.
  7. Unexpected incidents will be handled by the host. Referees may allow higher tolerance depending on the given circumstances. This is up to their discretion.
  8. The host may request liveplays or recordings of individual players or teams at any point.
  9. The host reserves the right to modify these rules at any moment. Any such changes will be announced in advance.