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Target Practice (mod)

TP mod iconTarget Practice (TP) mod icon

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Notice: the Target Practice mod is only accessible in the Cutting Edge build.


  • Abbreviation: TP
  • Type: Special
  • Score Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Compatible game modes:


Notice: Enabling Target Practice will result in an unranked play.

The Target Practice mod is an experimental game modifier for osu!, which removes all the mapped hit objects and replaces them with a simplified set of "targets". It is used mostly for fun, but can also be helpful for practising a consistent tempo and improving hit accuracy.

When Target Practice is activated, osu! hides the health bar and accuracy meter. The player has to hit the targets gradually appearing across the playfield, with the intention of hitting their centres. To maintain stable rhythm, players can follow the metronome playing in the background.

The game continues until the first MISS, which takes the player to the results screen. The meaning of different grades is similar to that in osu!mania.


A target can be considered a special type of hit circle without a combo number. Hit score and accuracy depend on the hit position and timing: the more accurate and precise these are, the more points are given, with an ideal hit being worth 250 points. At the playfield, targets are placed in groups, with a new group starting every two full beats. The spacing within a group remains constant and increases slightly with every new group.

TP Gameplayosu! gameplay with the Target Practice mod enabled


  • The Target Practice Mod uses combo colours from the skin.ini of the active skin.
  • Failing a play with Target Practice takes the player to the results screen instead of the fail screen.