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Combo (or comboset) refers to a set of hit circles and sliders in osu! and osu!catch beatmaps. Hit objects of the same combo share a combo colour and are connected by followpoints. The end of a combo will award bonus health if completed successfully. Each combo starts with a hit object marked with a new combo.

osu!taiko and osu!mania do not use combos.


In osu!, each hit object in a combo has its own combo number, in addition to a combo colour. New combos start at 1 and count up, and spinners also force the next object to start a new combo. More health is recovered with Geki and Katu hit scores, which can be given from the last hit object in a combo.


In osu!catch, each type of fruit is coloured in the order given. Juice streams and fruits at the end of sliders will always have the same colour as the start fruit, however bananas will always have a tint of yellow. When a combo is completed, the fruits stacked on the catcher's plate will explode outwards.