osb! Storyboarding Contest #1

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The osb! Storyboarding Contest #1 was a storyboarding contest hosted by osu! storyboarder banquet, the storyboarding community on osu!. It was the first iteration of the osb! Storyboarding Contest.

Contest schedule

Event Timestamp (UTC-8)
Announcement 2019-04-20
Registration phase 2019-04-20/2019-05-20
Submission phase 2019-05-20/2019-06-20
Judging phase 2019-06-27
Result announcement 2019-06-27


Placing Prize(s)
Gold crown 4 months of osu!supporter tag, unique profile badge
Silver crown 2 months of osu!supporter tag
Bronze crown 1 month of osu!supporter tag

osb! Storyboarding Contest #1 winner badge


The osb! Storyboarding Contest #1 was run by osu! storyboarder banquet staff.

User Responsibility
Sidetail Host, administrator
Hokichi Co-host, graphic designer, judge
WildOne94 Staff member, judge
Coppertine Staff member, judge
Darky1 Staff member, judge
Marblelemons Staff member, judge
Dada Judge
LordRaika Judge
Starrodkirby86 Judge
Naxess Logo designer



This competition has come to an end and resulted in the following podium:

Placing Participant
Gold crown TheDuckMask
Silver crown PantyDev
Bronze crown Gaia


General rules

  • You can choose any song, theme and sprites (including your own). This is so that we do not limit your potential and idea.
  • Mapping is not required. This is a storyboarding contest!
  • Use of provided sprites is optional, but it is strongly encouraged since points are calculated with sprites and their usage.
  • If you get a name change during the duration of the tournament, please let hosts know as soon as possible!
  • No previous experience necessary. (This includes experience with the beatmap editor's design tab, programming and photoshop, although it would be a great advantage.)
  • Prizes are distributed in the span of 2 weeks after results have been released.

Submission rules

  • This contest will be for individuals only. This means storyboard collaboration is prohibited.
  • If you want to use illustrations from an artist, acquire permission / cite accordingly.
  • If you want to use sprites from other storyboards, do not use them until you have permission from the storyboarder(s).
  • Regarding how much you can edit a sprite with it still being counted as part of a sprite from the sprite pool, please refer to the image below.

Contest editing rules

  • Do not share storyboards, code, and/or sprites when you are done! (This includes screenshots and/or GIFs of the storyboard.) Sharing them will put you in a disadvantage!
  • You can get hints on making specific effects you have in mind, but do not ask others to make an effect for you!
  • If you already have WIP storyboard, you may use it in this contest. However, we would like to see the SB you submit to us being used in a beatmap as well, without big modifications.