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Welcome to first storyboarding contest! This is an individual event to show off your creativity!

  1. You can choose any song, theme and sprites (including your own). This is so that we do not limit your potential and idea.
  2. Mapping is not required. This is a storyboarding contest!
  3. Use of provided sprites are optional, but it is strongly encouraged since points are calculated with sprites and their usage.
  4. If you get a name change during the duration of the tournament, please let hosts know as soon as possible!
  5. No previous experience necessary. (This includes osu!editor’s design tab, programming and photoshop, but would be a great advantage)
  6. Prizes are distributed in the span of 2 weeks after results have been released.

  1. Registration: Sat. April 20 - Mon. May 20 (11:59 PM PST)
  2. Storyboard production: Wed. May 20 - Sat. July 20 (11:59 PM PST)
  3. Deadline for submitting storyboards: Sat. July 20 (11:59 PM PST)
  4. Judging and/or voting & Result: Sat. July 27 (11:59 PM PST)

  1. Make sure to plan ahead properly, since 2 months go by a lot faster than you might think!
  2. Use at least 3 sprites from each of the 5 sprite pools provided by us! This is to encourage you to be more creative and think out of box!
  3. Look for the most efficient way to implement your idea! Try to resize and reuse sprites and try to optimize your storyboard further with the use of loops, but keep in mind to follow the editing rules on sprite-pool sprites (see rules).
  4. Pick a style / theme and stay with it throughout the map! Having two different styles would cause part of the storyboard to look like an afterthought.
  5. Have transitions and effects that goes along with your theme! Having overly-repeated white flashes as a transition would be repetitious and very stale.
  6. Lastly, be creative! Having an audio graph effect is good if used in a clever way, but having an effect go from the beginning of the song to the end would be deemed uncreative.

  1. This contest will be individual only. This means storyboard collaboration is prohibited.
  2. If you want to use illustration from an artist, think about permission / cite them accordingly.
  3. If you want to use sprites from another storyboard(s), do not use them until you have permission from the storyboarder(s).
  4. Regarding how much you can edit and still be counted as part of sprite from our sprite pool, please refer to image here.
  5. Do not share storyboards, code, and/or sprites when you’re done! (This includes screenshots and/or gifs of the storyboard) Sharing them will put you in a disadvantage!
  6. You can get hints on making specific effects you have in mind, but do not ask others to make an effect for you!
  7. If you already have WIP storyboard, you may use it in this contest. However, we would like to see the SB that you submit to us being used in beatmap as well without having big modifications.

  1. Host & Admin - Sidetail
  2. Co-host & Graphics - Hokichi
  3. Staff Members - WildOne94 | Coppertine | Darky1 | Marblelemons
  4. Judges - OSB staff | Previous SB Connoisseurs
  5. Special thanks - this1neguy | Sparhten | LordRaika | Dada
  6. Logo - Naxess

  1. First place - TheDuckMask - 4 Months Supporter with badge
  2. Second place - PantyDev - 2 Months Supporter
  3. Third place - Gaia - 1 Month Supporter

Any of the pending status will be updated as soon as possible. Good luck!

Feel free to contact Sidetail / Hokichi on osu! or BetaStar#8543 / Hokichi#7253
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Box for updates & logs.

Currently in Storyboard Production Phase.

Please use the link above or here to register!

Sprite-pool is in the "LINKS" section above.

Submission form is in the "LINKS" section above as well.
Hmm interesting wish my creativity wasn't limitation
I'm hyped
do I gonna need to map the song or I can use someone's mapset?

~very excited to see how this gonna turn out ^_^
Interesting, i wish i could participate e.e
hype moment, best of luck!
Host a mapping contest and the winner gets to rank the set with that storyboard ez.
time to humiliate myself
Exciting :D
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sonin wrote:

do I gonna need to map the song or I can use someone's mapset?

You do not have to map the song, but please do not use someone else's mapset without permission! Storyboarding on blank map is fine!
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well someone can storyboard my map anyday

arviejhay wrote:


OMG Sidetail join to Elite Storyboarder
I bump
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i bump also
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5 more days.
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