Vocaloid Mapping Contest

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The Vocaloid Mapping Contest (VMC) is a beatmapping contest all about promoting VOCALOID, UTAU, and other vocal synth songs and artists that have fallen through the cracks. Mappers were tasked with creating the best beatmap possible, and then having them judged by some of the most prominent VOCALOID mappers in the community.

Contest schedule

Event Timestamp
Announcement 2023-05-03
Submission 2023-05-03/2023-06-02
Judging 2023-06-03/2023-06-26
Results 2023-07-03


The Vocaloid Mapping Contest is hosted and organised by the Vocaloid Appreciation Team (VAT), specifically:

Position Member(s)
Host -White
Staff Kuroise, Local Hero, Ixcors
Judge Noffy, -White, Shanipika, Mafumafu, Natsu, tutuhaha
Designer Mithia


Placing Prize(s)
1st place 6 months of osu!supporter, Elite Mapper contest points, VMC Winner profile badge, assistance in the ranking process
2nd place 2 months of osu!supporter, Elite Mapper contest points
3rd place 1 month of osu!supporter, Elite Mapper contest points

All participating mappers received constructive feedback from some of the most well-known vocal synth mappers in the community.


  • Submissions must be for the osu! ruleset only. Comparing beatmaps of different modes in a judging scenario is unfortunately not realistic.
  • Submissions must use one of the selected songs.
  • Submissions must be in .osz format.
  • Beatmaps should abide by the ranking criteria. While we can be forgiving for mistakes, submissions that could not be ranked without major changes will be disqualified.
  • Submissions must not be publicly revealed until after the results are announced.
  • Excluding metadata, submissions must not include anything that could reveal your identity. Metadata will be anonymised before submissions are relayed to judges.
  • Collaborations are not allowed. This is a solo contest.
  • Submissions must not include storyboards or videos.
  • Your submission must not have any edits to the .osu that would not be possible through the editor. You are permitted to change any difficulty settings, backgrounds, green lines, SV, hitsounds, etc.
  • Your submission must have only one difficulty.

Judging criteria

Position Points Description
Relevance 30 How well does the map fit the song? Do the elements of the map match the elements of the song, and is the map fundamentally inseparable from the song it is paired with?
Creativity 25 How unique and outstanding is the map and the elements within it compared to the current mapping meta? How well does it stand out from the crowd? Does it evoke a feeling of "wow!", "that's cool!", or "that's super interesting!"? Generic mapping that copies the current mapping meta or concepts from other famous maps is discouraged.
Expertise 20 This refers to how well the map executes the elements it presents, encompassing the technical skills of the mapper, as well as the map's consistency, structure, and style. Judges will score this entry considering the overarching picture of the map, and will avoid nitpicking small details.
Overall Impression 20 The VOCALOID mappers participating as judges for this contest will all have personal biases with regard to how these songs are mapped. The judges will provide comments regarding the score they give.
Hitsounding 5 Rankable hitsounds can give up to 2 points, but hitsounds that fundamentally add to the experience and complement the map in a unique way can give the full 5 points.


Five (5) songs were selected from the Featured Artist library. These songs were selected based on several factors, such as whether they have been ranked in the past, or whether their inclusion would provide a variety of genres and artists to choose from.

Song Length BPM Template
MIMI - Moment 3:34 126 .osz
Omoi - Ohne Herz 3:26 210 .osz
MuryokuP - My Savior 2:49 190 .osz
Yunosuke - Ziqqurat 3:52 163 .osz
Rohi - Hitotsu no Chikai yo, Eien no Uta to Nare 2:35 130 .osz


Rank Mapper Anonymised map name Raw score (600) Standardised score
#1 Meijiro McQueen grew forth 478 6.7
#2 Pho near student 476 6.1
#3 Rorupan L9 heading save 458 5.2
Honorable Mention AndAda old hang 458 4.7

Get the maps and see detailed scores and judge comments for all the entries here.

Results were livestreamed on the VAT Twitch Channel, along with judge commentary, Judge Favorites, and more.