osu! Mapping Olympiad

osu! Mapping Olympiad is an all-game-mode official contest line-up that was originally designed as a project aiming to revive the official beatmapping contests in 2018. Its particularity is to explore different concepts, going from traditional mapping to speedmapping or aspire, to mention just a few.

Contest hosts

Game mode User
osu! osu! Chaos, Imakuri, Pachiru
osu!taiko osu!taiko Gabe
osu!catch osu!catch JBHyperion
osu!mania osu!mania Asherz007, Pachiru


Note: Keep in mind that the ruleset may be subject to change depending on editions' restrictions.

  • Each entry must follow the Ranking Criteria. Entries violating the Ranking Criteria will be subject to penalties, ranging from point deductions to disqualification based on severity.
  • Beatmap submissions must not exceed 15MB.
  • Storyboards will not be considered in the judging process.
  • Usage of custom hitsounds is allowed.
  • Collaboration on entries is not permitted.
  • Maps submitted to the contest must not be uploaded using the Beatmap Submission System (BSS) until the contest is concluded and the winners are announced.

Previous contests

The leaderboards right below display the top 3 contestants from each iteration since the first edition of the osu! Mapping Olympiad.


In the osu! Mapping Olympiad, prizes are distributed in accordance with a point system.

  • Contest winner: 6 points
  • Second place: 4 points
  • Third place: 2 points

Achieving a certain amount of points can grant the contestant unique prizes:

  • As of the second contest's edition, winning grants a contestant an Elite Mapper profile title.
  • Every top 3 contestants from each contest earn a supporter tag of two, three, or four months, depending on a contestant's ranking.
  • Once a contestant earns 6 points, they get rewarded with a profile badge, that can progress up to 5 times on every 6 points the contestant gets.


A more detailed leaderboard is available on Google Sheets.