osu! Mapping Olympiad #5: osu! Concept Mapping

In the spirit of celebrating Virtual Self's addition to the Featured Artist lineup, this contest will require two difficulties. Just as technic_Angel and Pathselector are the two different entities that form Virtual Self, your challenge will be to create two beatmaps with differing styles that both showcase Eon Break as a song. How you interpret this challenge is entirely up to you.

Eon Break features strong melodic synths and driving percussion that give the track a highly energetic and anthemic feel. All of the musical layers come together to create both calm and intense sections that brilliantly weave together.

Download the contest .osz file here!


  • All entries must consist of two beatmaps with differing styles that showcase EON BREAK from Virtual Self. Interpretation of the track is up to you.

The video within the .osz file is provided for your consideration, but it is not a contest requirement to use it in your work any more than you want to. You may freely disregard it or remove it from your set if you wish with no risk of penalty.


  • This contest is for the osu! mode only.
  • Each entry must follow the Ranking Criteria. Entries found to break the Ranking Criteria will be subject to penalties, ranging from point deductions to disqualification based on severity.
  • Submissions must contain exactly two difficulties. There are no spread requirements.
  • Collaboration on entries is permitted with one other person. If you are submitting with another person, both people must submit the same entry. Please indicate who the two people who have worked on the entry are within the beatmaps' metadata fields denoted by "Username 1+Username 2". Any ambiguity or confusion may result in your entry being disqualified.
  • Beatmap submissions must not exceed 50MB.
  • Storyboards will not be considered in the judging process and should not be included.
  • Custom hitsounds may be used.
  • Maps submitted to the contest must not be uploaded using the Beatmap Submission System (BSS) until the contest is concluded and the winners are announced.

Judging Criteria

  • Musical Relevance (10 pts): How well the entry follows the song through rhythm choices, emphasis, etc.
  • Creativity (15 pts): How unique and interesting the concepts and themes utilised are, as well as how effectively creative variety is demonstrated between the two beatmaps.
  • Technique (10 pts): How well executed the ideas presented in the entry are through structure, patterning, etc.
  • Impression (10 pts): The judge's overall impression. How they view the effectiveness of the entry in its entirety.
  • Hitsounding (5 pts): How well the entry utilizes hitsounds to add to overall beatmap expression.


After the entries are judged and the results are finalized, the top three entries will receive the following prizes. For collaborative entries, each person will receive these prizes.

  • 1st place: 4 months of osu!supporter, 6 Olympiad Points ('Mapping Olympian' badge), Elite Mapper title
  • 2nd place: 3 months of osu!supporter, 4 Olympiad Points
  • 3rd place: 2 months of osu!supporter, 2 Olympiad Points

If you are interested in judging Olympiad contests, please send a message to Chaos!

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