Beatmap Spotlights Season 7 (Summer 2022)


Event Time
Season start Aug 11, 2022
Playlist lobby: Playlist A Aug 11 - Aug 25, 2022
Playlist lobby: Playlist B Aug 25 - Sep 8, 2022
Playlist lobby: Playlist C Sep 8 - Sep 22, 2022
Playlist lobby: Playlist A Sep 22 - Sep 29, 2022
Playlist lobby: Playlist B Sep 29 - Oct 6, 2022
Playlist lobby: Playlist C Oct 6 - Oct 13, 2022
Season conclusion Oct 13, 2022

Weekly multiplayer lobbies

As of now, joining the weekly multiplayer lobbies requires participants to download and install osu!(lazer).

  1. Every 2 weeks of a season, a single playlist lobby is opened. Everyone can participate for the two weeks.
    • After the first wave of lobbies, playlists will be opened again on a weekly basis.
  2. Each playlist lobby provides a predetermined playlist of beatmaps.
    • Each playlist contains an even distribution of Hard, Insane, and Expert beatmaps.
    • Each playlist corresponds with the letter assigned to each 2 weeks. Therefore, each playlist gets replayed once during a season.
  3. Within a playlist lobby, everyone competes towards a room-specific leaderboard.
    • Only the best score results on each beatmap within the playlist are summed up to create a weekly ranked score for each player.
    • Each beatmap of a playlist counts equally to the leaderboard score.
    • The individual beatmap score is based on osu!(lazer)'s scoring system.
  4. Once a playlist lobby concludes, the weekly ranked score of each participant of the room is added to the seasonal leaderboard.


osu! (led by Nowaie)

Playlist A (reading hell)

osu!taiko (led by Hivie)

Playlist A (reading hell)

osu!catch (led by SadEgg)

Playlist A (reading hell)

osu!mania (led by Crumpey)

Playlist A (reading hell)