Taiko World Cup #3 (Concluded - Taiwan wins)

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Title Holder: Japan A

Welcome to the official Taiko World Cup #3.

I'm proud to take over the duty to announce that the upcoming Taiko World Cup #3 just started.

  1. Accepting map suggestions (Forum PM @ OnosakiHito)

» Tournament Schedule

As more the tournament proceeds as more the dates may change and/or get more specific.

  1. Group Stage Drawings: 20 Jan
  2. Release of first mappool/schedule: 27 Jan
  3. Group Stage 1-1: 2-3 Feb
  4. Group Stage 1-2: 9-10 Feb
  5. Group Stage 1-3: 16-17 Feb
  6. Qualification Stage (if needed): 23-24 Feb
  7. Round of 16: 2-3 Mar
  8. Quarter-Finals: 9-10 Mar
  9. Semi-Finals: 16-17 Mar
  10. Finals: 23-24 Mar

» #1 Tournament Registration (~1st Jan. UTC)

1. Your team needs at least 3 players to participate. You are free to add another fourth player.
2. You need to specify a captain who will manage the team. (e.g. in match scheduling)
3. Basically a team represents a nation. That means you should make a team with players from same country.
4. If your country lacks Taiko players sufficient to participate this, you can make a binational team.
 4-1. Binational team includes 2 players from a certain country and 2 players from an another country.
 4-2. Making a binational team can be restricted due to time difference between members of binational team.
 4-3. Binational teams are only exceptional and shall not be common case. They need approval by tournament management.
 4-4. You can not create one binational team and another national team. (e.g. you can not create a Team IT/NL and another Team IT)
5. Multiple teams per country are allowed. Special Qualification Encounter after Group Stage may happen. Refer to Tournament Instructions!
6. To found a team, send a PM to tournament management or post into this thread.
 6-1. Captains are free to change their team setup until their first match starts
7. Mapset selectors can't participate tournament as a player.

» #2 Stage instructions

1. In the first stage (Group Stage), the teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 team in each one.
2. All the teams from each group will face each other.
3. Rankings of each group are determined by sorting the statistics of each team in followed priority:

 1. More matches won.
 2. Have higher {(the number of games won) - (the number of games defeated)}.
 3. More games won.
 4. Have higher ∑{(total score difference) / (maximum score)}.
 5. Winner of the rematch.

5. Teams from the same country will not be in the same group in group stage.
6. The best two of each group will ascend to the Knock-Out Stages.
7. If two teams of the same country are supposed to ascend from Group Stage to Knock-Out Stages, they will encounter each other on a Qualification Stage. The winning team will ascend to the next round, the losing will be knocked out from the tournament. The free slot will receive the team with the best result among all groups.
8. Following stages are Knock-Out Stages. This means that the winner ascends to the next stage and the losing team gets kicked out of the tournament.
9. In Group Stage, you need to win 4 maps to win a match. In Qualification Stage (1-4), Round of 16 and Quarter-finals, you need to win 5 maps to win a match. In Semi-finals and Finals, you need to win 6 maps to with a match.

» #3 Match Instructions

1. One of referees will create a multiplayer room about 30 minutes before the time. All players should arrive the room in right time.
 1-1. The room will be locked. The password and multiplayer invite will be sent to the two captains as soon as possible.
 1-2. Room settings are Taiko, Team-Vs., Win Condition 'Score'. Room name must be "Taiko World Cup #3: TeamBlue vs. TeamRed"
 1-3. The team mentioned first in the room name must be the blue team, the team mentioned second in the room name must be the red team.
2. The team that mentioned first in the timetable will be the blue team.
3. Referee will keep the host during the whole match.
4. Referee will select one warmup map. This map is not part of the actual mappool.
5. Alternately each captain selects a map out of the mappool. Winner of this warmup will start selecting maps.
 5-1. The captains can select maps out of the NoMod bracket unlimited.
 5-2. Selection out of mod-specific brackets is limited. Each captain can only select one map from each mod-restricted bracket during match. So each team can pick 1 HardRock, 1 Hidden and 1 DoubleTime map during match.
 5-3. In case of tie, the tiebreaker map must be played.
 5-4. Captains shall tell the selected map via PM to the referee. He will pick it.
6. Referees must save the result of each game with a screenshot.
7. When match ended, referee must post the screenshots and the multiplayer history link into the tournament thread.

» #4 Tournament Rules

1. The maps for each round are announced by mapset selectors approx. 1 week ahead. Only these can be used during the respective matches.
 1-1. One map will be given as tiebreaker map. This map only gets played in case of a tie. Also there will be a Hidden, a HardRock and a DoubleTime bracket.
2. Captains have the chance to hand in preferred times for matches 9 days ahead. All your matches will be scheduled by trying to fit these perferations. Match schedules will be released approx. 7 days ahead. Captains have 24 hours to object the scheduled time.
 2-1. After the 24 hours passed, match schedule is locked and can't be changed anymore.
3. If no staff or referee is available, the match must be postponed.
4. Score of failed player will be added to total score too.
5. 'No Video' mod is available. Visual Settings are available.
6. Maps cannot be used more than once in the same match unless the game was nullified.
7. If the game ends in a draw, the game will be nullified.
8. If one of players gets disconnected, the game will be nullified. This can happen up to twice. After exceeding two attempts, disconnected players get treated as left on their own.
 8-1. If server is too unstable to continue the match, tournament management can postpone the match.
9. If less than 3 players arrived, the match can be postponed maximum 20 minutes.
10. During the match, exchanging players is allowed.
 10-1. You can exchange players once in group-stage and twice in knock-out stages.
11. Lags can't be a reason for nullification of game.
12. When a match gets postponed too frequent, tournament manangement can declare the opponent team wins by default.
 12-1. In Group stage, 'Win by default' will be considered as win by 4:0, +1.0 score difference ratio.
13. 2 vs 2 match is available only in the Group stage if no more than 3 players in one of two teams can be ready for the match.
 13-1. Captains of both teams should agree and permission of tournament manager is needed.
 13-2. The manager can disqualify a team if the team abuses 3 vs 3 match.
14. Unexpected incidences that needs decision of staff and isn't specified in this ruleset during the tournament will need the referee to judge. Yet, the decision of tournament management is final.
15. Any form of non-fair behaviour (such as cheating, insulting other players, racism, impersonating) or disturbance in the tournament's progress will be punished with an immediate banishment of the player/the team from the tournament.
 15-1. Banned player won't be allowed to participate the next Taiko World Cup.
16. Prospective and retrospective complaints about map selection or progress of this tournament will have no use and will be ignored. Suggestions are appreciated.
17. If the manager is absent when decisions from the manager are needed, vice-manager will take over the job temporarily.
18. Any modification of this rules will be notified.

» Prizes

Thanks a lot to peppy for sponsoring these prizes.

1st Place: 6 months of supporter tag, a unique profile badge (designed by Lolicore Flandre and Loctav) and a goodie from osu!market for each player.
2nd Place: 3 months of supporter tag.
3rd Place: 1 months of supporter tag.
Special prize: 1 month of supporter tag. (All players will vote for the team which showed best gameplay, attitude, spirit of fair play, etc., and the team with the most votes will win the prize. Of course players can't vote for his/her own team. This prize won't be given to winners of 1st~3rd place of the tournament.)

» Participants

Team captains are underlined

Argentina: Nearex, Sujeto 97, Ariel, Pollotuc
Canada A: Tasha, hipster3000, kenny388,
Canada B: Haruka, Crystalloid, Super_Banana
Chile A: T o u c h e, Cristian, Foster Don, MichelleP
Chile B: kazukisinx, Letz_Shake, koneejo, N3koKiller
China A: HM495, Mic, narcissu2012, baka_baka_Koishi
China B: bx1989, yuan0312, Yowane _ Haku, mcwyc
Denmark-Norway: TraxieChan, Zheant, Dolphin, Agu
El Salvador-Venezuela: Christian, KIKECTB, [Chichioko], Black Wolf159
Finland: Samwais, ReZero, Orkel
France: Nashmun, _Gezo_, omegaflo, Fraolinch
Germany A: Slih, Xay, BrokenArrow, DarkDunskin
Germany B: Luna, FreedomofBirds, Satyros, xBourbon_Kid
Hong Kong A: aabc271, kanpakyin, KanaRin, hknoboru
Hong Kong B: NewibornCLivee, EZENA, firenz818, wcl_0209
Indonesia: Flandre XKarlet, Frans Niko, [Sena Airi], Ghassan Super
Italy-Netherlands: NeoRainier, Pheon, Lokamp, happy30
Japan A: FlowerMasterK, Rappu, shifon[0312], kiru132
Japan B: Shuki-, Orukaa, NeGaTiVeMinD, TKSalt
Korea: -applerss-, kawhy, Bye, [Akita-Neru]
Macau: L y n n i e, benisakura, justnobody, i0200352
Malaysia: taiko_maniac1811, HeatKai, Jerry, huiko12
Philippines: Ca Calne, _intervention, Kyoren, Kotaro
Poland: Acrith, DarkStoorM, nekoyan, Niko
Russia: Big and Busty, Wolfjkeee, Shandro, Ch1ka
Spain: MYRKUL, LZD, CARRI, charly kempachy
Taiwan A: -[ ix Ishida xi ]-, zx_baka_0502442, yikao, oiu850714
Taiwan B: Dora, yoyo, howar5041, ----mliencheng----
Thailand: RSX-981, 0OoMickeyoO0, gangevil123, kantokun
Ukraine: totoco, Aka-, Hikkiko
United States A: Two Fruit Cakes, Backfire, HashishKabob, OzzyOzrock
United States B: Kuro, lianna, Horo, AnFace

» Tournament Staff

Tournament managers: Loctav, wmfchris, lepidopodus
Mapset selectors: Xakyrie, OnosakiHito
Match Schedulers: Xakyrie, Haruka
Referees: Byakugan249, Lolicore Flandre, kanpakyin, Acrith
Streamers: matthewhln, Makar, dkun
Commentators: Mr Color, Tasha, OzzyOzrock, OnosakiHito, Acrith

Mappool Finals

(Free selection)

Cres - End Time (choco00) [Nyan's Taiko (TWC Ver.)]
xi - Akasha (Nyan) [Nyan's Taiko+H (TWC Ver.)]
t+pazolite - Luv*Lab*Poison 22ate! (Saten) [Taikosaki]
K@me - Athlon -Speed Dragon- (POONwing) [Inner Oni]
t+pazolite - Stardust Lullaby (Strawberry) [Ono's Taiko Oni]
Reizoko Cj - Hardcore Syndrome (NekoMimiMode) [Taikosaki]
goreshit - Satori De Pon! ([CSGA]Ar3sgice) [Taikocalypse X (TWC Ver.)]
The Ghost Of 3.13 - Forgotten (Blue Dragon) [PhNyx's Taiko Oni]
xi - FREEDOM DiVE (Short Ver.) (-Chata-) [Firce's Taiko Inner Oni]
Iku Akume - Slashmaid (Censored Version) (Firce777) [Firce's Taiko]
ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Foughten Field (t+pazolite Remix) (Bass) [Taikocalypse (TWC Ver.)]

(One map per team)

DECO*27 feat. marina - Aimai Elegy (val0108) [Love's Taiko Oni]
Levaslater - NNRT (Reisen Udongein) [Taiko DS]

(One map per team)

guna with team kyukkyu - subconsciousness (Charles445) [Backfire's Taiko Oni]
cranky - Rei Mai ToukyouRikaDaigaku YOSAKOI So Ran (POONwing) [Oni]

(One map per team)

ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Sweet Play (S i R i R u) [Kana's Taiko Oni]
Xi - Majotachi no Butoukai ~ Magus (Kite) [Pheon's Taiko Oni]

(In case of a tie)

Renard - Because Maybe! pt. 3 (Blue Dragon) [Taiko Collab]

Mappack Pool Finals Download Mirror #1 is now available!

Mappool Semifinals

(Free selection)

Ryu - Plan 8 (wantuole) [Firce777's Taiko]
Renard - Smoke Tower (giO-) [Taikocalypse]
44teru-k - F.I (AngelHoney)[lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
weyheyhey !! - I'm Your Daddy (Loctav) [Inner Oni]
Memme - BSPower Explosion (AngelHoney)[Taiko Oni]
Lon - Yuru Fuwa Jukai Girl (Garven) [Tasha's Taiko Oni]
t+pazolite - VOX Diamond (OnosakiHito) [Taiko Oni]
Igorrr - Mastication Numerique (grumd) [Loctav's Taiko Oni]
Hatsune Miku - Atama no Taisou (val0108) [Love's Taiko Oni]
Renard - Why Am I So Angry (Blue Dragon) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
t+pazolite - Kick-ass Kung-fu Carnival (Zapy) [Backfire's Taikocalypse (TWC ver.)]

(One map per team)

yanaginagi - Muteki no Soldier (BinJip) [Taiko DS]
Suzaku - CONTRACT (Crimmi) [Backfire's Taiko Inner Oni]

(One map per team)

Ken Nakagawa - Tsuioku no Michishirube ~ Sono Ni (Dusty) [Fiya's Taiko Oni]
The Quick Brown Fox - Shut Down Everything (OnosakiHito) [Ono's Taiko Inner Oni]

(One map per team)

Pastry - Goblin Girl (osuplayer111) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
IOSYS - Chizome no Love Letter (Hellzero) [Fiya's Taiko Oni]

(In case of a tie)

LEAF XCEED Music Division - Guitar Vs. Piano (ISHIDAMITSUNARI) [- IshidaTaikonari - (TWC ver.)]
The following mappool is a fusion out of the most played beatmaps from the previous used mappools.

(Free selection)

ALiCE’S EMOTION - Mami Mami Zone (Mixagji) [Ono's Taiko Oni]
L.E.D. - THE LAST STRIKER (Nakagawa-Kanon) [inaba's Taiko Oni]
Nico Nico Douga - Owens (AngelHoney) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
kors k - smooooch (Card N'FoRcE) [Natteke's Taiko Oni]
Hatsune Miku - Unhappy Refrain (NatsumeRin) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
EastNewSound - Lucid Dream (eveless) [Poke's Taiko]
cranky - R176 (taka1235) [Pangko]
KOTOKO - Oboetete Ii yo (cRyo[iceeicee]) [aabc's Taiko]

(One map per team)

Nanamori-chu * Goraku-bu - My Pace de Ikimashou (bakabaka) [Car's Taiko]
Zektbach - meme (AngelHoney) [Taiko Oni]

(One map per team)

AU - Rotterdam Cirno (OnosakiHito) [Taiko Oni]
Saiya - Remote Control (Garven) [inaba's Taiko Oni]

(One map per team)

Hatsune Miku - Electric Love (Short Ver.) (KayeSara) [aabc's Taiko]
Matsumoto Tamaki - Tenshi Teki Kenpou Yonjou (KayeSara) [aabc's Taiko]

(In case of a tie)

Ayane - Endless Tears...(lkp) [Taiko Oni]

(Free selection)

Silver Forest - Prayer (Elly-chan) [MM's Taiko Oni]
AU - Rotterdam Cirno (OnosakiHito) [Taiko Oni]
Envy - Heaven (Charles445) [MM's Taiko Oni]
Nudarai - Nuclear Fusion (Sandpig) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
cranky - R176 (taka1235) [Pangko]
Hatsune Miku - Unhappy Refrain (NatsumeRin) [Climbb's Taiko Oni]
Zektbach - meme (AngelHoney) [Taiko Oni]
MuryokuP - hypnoSpirA (meiikyuu) [Haruka's Taiko Oni]

(One map per team)

EastNewSound - Lucid Dream (eveless) [Poke's Taiko]
ETIA. - Enkan no Kotowari (Rein0527) [KUMA's Taiko Oni (TWC ver.)]

(One map per team)

Mutsuhiko Izumi - Snow Goose (wmfchris) [Taiko]
Hatsune Miku - Romeo and Cinderella (Nekoo[]) [31's Taiko]

(One map per team)

12 Girls Band - Freedom (LKs) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]
Matsumoto Tamaki - Tenshi Teki Kenpou Yonjou (KayeSara) [aabc's Taiko]

(In case of a tie)

DystopiaGround - AugoEidEs (happy30) [lepidon! - Taiko Oni]

Updated Mappack Pool 1-2 Mirror (by Makar)
First actual reply woooo

Yeah I might be able to stream if my internet connection allows it but I'm pretty confident that it will. Don't quote me on it yet though. I have to go through a proper phase of testing. If I judge the quality good enough, I'll offer my services to you guys.
I guess United States won't have a team this year (MMzz not as captain would be sadface).

At least we have a badass Mapset organizer this time.
I supply myself as Referee, if it is ok. D:
@ Mr Color: If you can't stream, I also could took this. Of course, someone else would have to take my place as Referee.
Good luck everyone.

As every year, here you have the Userbar for the Taiko World Cup which you may use if you want.
As allways, I hope you guys like it. This time with Miku-Don.
3# 9!

Just come here to take a look.

But I also want to make something that I can do for this game,can I supply myself as a Referee?
I'm your daddy MUST be on finals.
So I should get reserve a place here as a info thread if necessary before more people replying :x

Do you guys think commentation on the live boardcasting acceptable?

Mr Color wrote:

First actual reply woooo

Yeah I might be able to stream if my internet connection allows it but I'm pretty confident that it will. Don't quote me on it yet though. I have to go through a proper phase of testing. If I judge the quality good enough, I'll offer my services to you guys.
I had the first actual reply but it got deleted because Mittens' post had to be the first reply. <<;

Do you guys think commentation on the live boardcasting acceptable?
That's what my first post was about, I wanted to apply for shoutcasting..
Topic Starter
Adding Survey for Shoutcast thing.
I guess commentary can work, as long as we stick to English.

EDIT: No commentary during actual gameplay though, just before matches happen to keep everyone up to speed. We don't want to interrupt the music and such.
Topic Starter

MMzz wrote:

EDIT: No commentary during actual gameplay though, just before matches happen to keep everyone up to speed. We don't want to interrupt the music and such.
I like this idea the most, to be honest.

MMzz wrote:

I guess commentary can work, as long as we stick to English.

EDIT: No commentary during actual gameplay though, just before matches happen to keep everyone up to speed. We don't want to interrupt the music and such.
Thats how it works for most live rhythm game tournaments. The ones konami hold in japan are like this as well.
How about text commentaries
I would be glad to provide audio commentary if I get to stream. I speak on vent very often and although I'm not an English native speaker, I do my best for my accent to be as understandable as possible. Also, I have some experience commenting on streams, if you remember back last year with ztrot's weekly stream, I was in fact a regular commentator on there as well.

Text commentary would be okay but typing is much slower than speaking, so it kinda loses its "live" charm
Not joining anymore because PH is just gonna lose by DQ again anyway
I'll bookmarked this thing up ;3 and audio commentary would be great ;3
Topic Starter
Rule changed regarding Multi-Country registration. Please refer to registration instructions and Tournament Instructions

Edit: Also changed binational rule. They are reallowed, but only under preset circumstances.
Good luck everyone~
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