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Hello and welcome to the first editon of the osu!catch Convert Cup!
As the name implies, this tournament will be an osu!catch tournament, with the mappool having ONLY osu!standard maps. There was only one occurence of this ever happening, which was the CatchConV hosted by He Ang CTB, but that was 3 years ago now, and a 3v3. But here, we'll be shooting to see who exactly is the best convert player in tournaments out there!

Registration phase: August 18th 0:00UTC - September 7th 0:00UTC
Screening phase (More information about it can be found here, you must have the site's language set as English to be able to see it though.): September 7th - September 14th
Qualifier Stage: September 21st - September 22nd
Round Of 32 and Loser's Bracket Round 1: September 28th - September 29th
Round Of 16 and Loser's Bracket Round 2: October 5th - October 6th
Quarterfinals and Loser's Bracket Round 3 and 4: October 12th - October 13th
Semifinals and Loser's Bracket Round 5 and 6: October 19th - October 20th
Winner's Bracket Finals and Loser's Bracket Finals and Grand Finals: October 26th - October 27th
Grand Finals: November 2nd - November 3rd

Please read this prior to registering to this tournament, thank you.

  1. The score system used in this tournament will be Score V2.
  2. Players will be seeded according to their average rank following the Qualifier Round.
  3. Anyone participating in this tournament (including staff) must have common decency, and not be overly toxic for no reason, otherwise a ban from the tournament will be enforced.
  4. Only in the first 20 seconds of a map can the map be retried if anything hindering happens such as a disconnect. If anything happens after this, whether it is a disconnect or lags, the map will not be replayed.
  5. If the beatmap ends in a draw, the beatmap has to be replayed again. If it ends in a draw on the second try, the beatmap will be nullified, and the player who picked it will have to choose another map.
  6. Failing a beatmap STILL makes your score count.
  7. Players will be allowed to ban 2 maps per match.
  8. You are only allowed to ban 1 map per mod per player, meaning you can only ban i.e. 1 Hidden map but your opponent can still ban another Hidden map.
  9. The player that rolls highest will pick first and ban second.
  10. Ban alternation is used (Lower rolling player bans one map first, then the higher rolling player bans one map, then the lower rolling, then the higher rolling).
  11. Always remember that this is just a game (I.e behave yourself while the match is ongoing).
  12. If neither player shows up to a match, the winner will be decided by who has the best seeding.
  13. The winning condition for each stage is:
    1. RO32 and Loser's Bracket Round 1: Best-Of-7 (First to 4 points wins)
    2. RO16, Quarterfinals and Loser's Bracket Round 2, 3 + 4: Best-Of-9 (First to 5 points wins)
    3. Semifinals and Loser's Bracket Round 5 + 6: Best-Of-11 (First to 6 points wins)
    4. Winner's Bracket Finals and Loser's Bracket Finals + Grand Finals and Grand Finals: Best-Of-13 (First to 7 points wins)
  14. Any player no-showing Qualifiers without any explanation will get a 1-year ban from any of my tournaments. Any player who no-shows twice in Bracket stage without any explanation will get a 2-years ban from any of my tournaments. Players currently on my blacklist can be seen here. Any player potentially banned from my tournaments due to this will be put there.
    Qualifier Stage Explanation
    The qualifiers stage is a stage purely meant for seeding purposes. It is much better than pp seeding for this kind of tournaments, for well, pretty obvious reasons. We could have also seeded via PakaChan's pp convert leaderboards, but that wouldn't work too well if we got 4 digits signing up to the tournament, as this only takes the top 1000 players. I don't want to take any risky steps, and therefore made it this way. The qualifier stage is pretty straight forward. Players will come into a lobby, play the entire mappool (which will have a much smaller format than usual, around 5-6 maps.) twice in their lobby, and then they're done. People you're in the same lobby with basically don't matter in the slightest, as your scores will be compared to every player in the tournament. Each player will be ranked by their score on each map, then we will do the average of all these ranks, and that will be the final ranking for the seedings of this tournament.

Registering to this tournament isn't too hard. Just fill in this registration form and join the Discord Server. Just with all of that, you'll be on your way to play in our tournament, and you'll be assigned a player role.

First place: Profile badge + 6 months of osu! supporter (thanks to Snowleopard!)

Second place: 4 months of osu! supporter (thanks to Snowleopard!)

Third place: 2 months of osu! supporter (thanks to Snowleopard!)
map selector choice is uhh interesting
so its a 1v1 tournament
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