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I started this skin quite a bit ago and since then I burned out. But I already spent to much time on it and can't just throw all my work. I'm here for ideas, suggestions, guidance.
I finished at first song selection screen and happy with it and spinner the most, though everything else is afterthought. I'm willing to change ranking panel and other stuff.



  1. [23/02/2020]
    First release of .osk
  2. Post creation
Most of what you already have looks extremely good.

Some suggestions that might make the skin better:
- more icons/colours for the different mods
- have the input overlay keys press into some sort of intricate sci-fi console
- make the solid border of the hit circles smoothly transition to the inside somehow. One way of doing this:

(there are probably better ways of doing this but I can't think of them atm)
(or maybe remove the solid border altogether, and make it more like the circle that covers osu! logo in the song select)
- the pause menu could have something that says "paused", maybe with that alien font you used for "combo" and "accuracy" on the ranking screen
- the playfield could have some reference points or something that lets players know where the play square is. For example:

hope this helps
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Released the skin for public test
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