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The following is an invitation to all fair denizens of OT

Dear people of our nation, the elections have concluded with the victory of President Achromalia, The Hollow One, but yet the question still remains; How shall we lead this fine nation of ours? To further discuss this matter and pen our Constitution, laws and legislations as well as build a government, I cordially invite you all to the Conference of the New Era, which will be arranged here in OT in 3 days. I look forward to your input and the beginning of our golden age.


Fine, fine, fine.....

I still mine the entire ocean monument tho....
Make 99% alcohol legal again.

Also term limits. What are they?
Tad Fibonacci
I think president Achro should lift the ban on the 99% alcohol as the Trashipitus virus is a deadly strain and we need to have proper protection.
A vaccine has already been developed by the royal scientist abraker but it only prevent people from getting the virus, not curing it.

Although the vaccine hasn't failed yet, we cannot be too dependent on it as the Trashipitus virus can adapt and mutate wildly. For now, the only thing that can treat patience with the Trashipitus virus, 99% alcohol has been banned.

As of recently, Ashton have released a new strain of the Trashipitus virus in his tea products. Fortunately, Ashton's terrorism was countered by the vaccine and he was arrested by the OT police forces. But from that example alone, we can assume that a new strain of the Trashipitus virus that can bypass the vaccine is not implausible.

And so, for the health and safety of OT denizens, I sincerely request that the 99% alcohol ban be lifted.

abraker wrote:

Also term limits. What are they?
I say one year per term. That's a whole lot of time on the internet. One or two terms only.

johnmedina999 wrote:

abraker wrote:

Also term limits. What are they?
I say one year per term. That's a whole lot of time on the internet. One or two terms only.
Fine by me -w-
Today is the day. Let us begin our Constitutional Convention (temporary name)!
Place looks empty. Am I early?
No, you're on the wrong universe...
hold on why the fuck is my name written in purple
is it now?

also what was your 1000th post?

abraker wrote:

also what was your 1000th post?

It's about Westonini's bananas
lol old forum is still showing 1000
ok we are in a dire need of an update

the fuck is going on?

TeeArctic1 wrote:

which will be arranged here in OT in 3 days.
still waiting
Tad Fibonacci
Um... Tee? President Achro?

Anyone? Just me?

TeeArctic help ;w;

In the meantime, I'm trying to summarize some talking points:

Forum Immigration Policy - What's to be done regarding the influx of foreign denizens from foreign forums who are seemingly displaced?

Open Borders or Hard Borders - Should we accept the integration of various forums as a temporary/permanent refuge, or strictly keep foreigners outside and direct them to a relevant forum?

Duck v Penguin Campaigns - Should we allow this? To what point would it be considered destructive zealotry? How will this be better regulated in order to prevent potential pro-animal rioting?

Further points to come.
Tad Fibonacci
I would like to state my opinion on the matters that mister president had brought up.

Regarding the immigration policy, In my opinion, OT is a free land of democratic shitposting and anyone should be allowed to participate in it's activities.
However, in recent times it would seems that numerous individuals from other forums have been migrating to OT in search of a more quality forum board.

That in itself isn't really a bad thing, but the threads that they have made are not of the OT standards and in my opinion, those threads can potentially severely damage OT threads's quality.
I think it's fine to welcome new denizens. In fact, I think OT is the most welcoming land on Osu! forums!
But to preserve out heritage and quality, we must not let OT to be filled with threads of GD's, Help's, G&R's or any other forums's quality.

OT's threads are unique, that's why the neighboring forum - GD has always been envious of us.
Where else on the Osu! forums can we get leg threads, arm threads, banana threads, waifu threads, etc?
Where else on the Osu! forums can we elect our own president?
What we have here is unique and I would like to preserve that.

In short, I have no problems with new denizens. But I think we should strictly direct foreigners from other forums to their relevant forum.

About the duck vs penguin campaign.
For now, although there were some light verbal insults, the campaign have been organised with a civilized manner.
We can maybe even open a poll for denizens to vote for their favorite bird, and make said bird to be OT's national animal. (Like how the bald eagle is the US's national animal)
But if things escalate into something more serious, then I think we should have the OT Police forces to ensure the security of OT by having appropriate actions.
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