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Kittyneko has been added to 6th gen
Im oldfag now
hey i was an FG fag can i have my ugly mug up there too?

come on man, i'll give you a shiny nickel.
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no FG fags dont count
but this is the shiniest nickle i got bro
Embed a link to their profile pic to when they first joined and I’ll give u a smiley face
Nickel isn't valid as a currency at OT.
smh, offering nickels instead of OTBucks, uncultured
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wait untill the bank of OT is made

suddenly things you didn't know could have value have value
I have a few questions.

1. Where will the bank be located?
2. When is security the lowest?
3. Theoretically how many explosives can be used to blow open the safe?

There's no reason in particular for these questions, it's just innocent curiosity 🤠.
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I'll gladly answer your questions

1. Its primary center will be located in the OT parallel dimension accessible by portal [ DCQvUfH ]. Secondary center will be located in some yet to be determined thread.

2. Security is always same. It never lowers, neither heightens

3. Likely 5 kilotons if you figure out where the safe is. It is setup such that you don't interact with the bank directly, but one of its centers. The transactions are later delivered to a secret location where the bank is located, escorted by a tactical squad.

I see..

Uh, thank you for your time.

one of these days...
Tad Fibonacci
If you can't blow up the safe, how about stealing it instead?
is it possible to fit it in my pocket?
Why do you think it's called a pocket dimension?
Ah a bank, probably a good place to ste- I mean work for.

Vuelo Eluko wrote:

Endaris wrote:

I feel more attached to the 3rd generation.
Mahogany, Momi, Khelly, jaaakb, Riince, winber. Those were the days in GnR, man.
3rd gen was best for sure

oof left out
Those were the days of my youth.
where's blitzfrog? did he leave or something? also I kinda miss rilene :(
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Descriptions for each generation. Putting this up for review before being added, as well as for discussion on how various denizens fit into the generations now that they will have some kind of definitions. Several people will prob have to be shuffled around, but let's see.

1st Generation:
Have been around since the time before the Land of OT was founded by Supreme Overlord Peppy. Most of them left OT by the end of the Valhalla Era.

2nd Generation:
First generation to have inhabited OT after its founding. This generation preceded to become the defining culture of the Valhalla Era and the first subjects under lordship. In their later times they declared the death of OT before retreating to their only safe heaven, ITT2.

3rd Generation:
Last generation that has been around when first gen denizens were around, and experienced the changing dynamic of OT as a result. They proceeded to resent the newer denizens coming to OT as they held onto the older values that were slipping their grasp.

4th Generation:
The first generation that doesn't know 1st gen denizens. They ran into extreme conflict with the 3rd gen denizens, escalating into the infamous OT Civil War. This generation proceeded to redefine the meta of OT into one full of meta-posting. This generation also came into frequent conflicts with the lords, for one stupid reason after the next.

5th Generation:
As the 3rd generation gave up and left, and 4th generation toning down their activities, this odd generation attempted to mimic what the 4th generation has done. Unfortunately for them, they were never taken seriously and OT transition into the OTpression Era of stagnation.

6th Generation:
The first generation not to be subject by the tyrany of lordship. Rising from the so called ruble left by the OTpression is a generation of denizens that will later redefine how OT is run. This is also the first generation that could no longer actively interact with 2nd gen denizens, who fled ITT2 by their time.

7th Generation:
Too soon to say, but may be the first gen that exists under so called "denizen rule"
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