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OK if you have been on the FFR forums before you might know what this game is

^ Answer previous "v"
< Say something about yourself
> Say anything at all
v Guess something about the person below you

I guess I start

< I am 5 digit
> There is an existing word called eellogofusciouhipoppokunurious
v Has mapped/tried to map in osu before
^ I have tried mapping, but I always lose interest in my project and never finish it.
< Finally starting college in a few weeks
> It's currently 35 degrees where I live
V I'm guessing you're under the age of 18
^ Correct.
< I'm an unmotivated artist and aspiring musician. A bit of a poet as well, and your local skeleton.
> The glass of water to my side is 2/3 full.
v I would assume you're online to escape from life for a while.
^ you're not wrong, but it's also because i miss my friends. in their absence, i try to find other people to talk with until i see my irl friends again or i get a job.
< people don't know me unless they know what i do.
> 3.1415926535897...*
v you're probably already in the new year already. if so, merry new years
^ cool
< I'm a very introverted and sometimes lethargic person
> Happy new year I guess
v I would assume you like company
^ I'm rather selective with company. I typically don't mind company, but I don't particularly enjoy it until or unless it's someone I've known for a while that I'm comfortable with.

< I'm heavily reclusive, but not antisocial.

> Planning to enjoy New Year's here with everyone. My mom and her relatives wanted to bring me along, but... there's not much that I'd find worth in doing, frankly.

v I'd be guessing you're having at least an okay end to the year.
^ Compared to the rest of my year, then yes. The beginning of the year was the worst part of my life so far. Summer was pretty good cause I was coming back from the depths. Fall was nearly as bad as the beginning of the year. November and December have been great to me so far. Except Christmas. Christmas sucked ass.

< I just took a shower and I feel great.

> “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.”

― Norman Cousins

V I'm guessing that you just woke up less than an hour ago?
∆ Uhhhh.. how did you know OwO)!
< Standard Mapper, Basic SBer, Ninja modder, Mania player.
> I became a mapper and tried to learn SB because of tech maps. I blame it XD
V I assume you tried mapping something but graved it for some reason?
^ You are correct. I have Graved multiple maps, mostly because I'm too lazy to map lower diffs and finish the set

< Penguins are my favorite animal

> "I do believe that if you haven't learnt about sadness, you cannot appreciate happiness."

-- Nana Mouskouri

V My guess is that you're from North America?
Topic Starter
^ Yes
< I've tried to storyboard but can't
> E
v My guess is that you are a 5 digit
^ nope, 4 digit

< I have work tomorrow from Noon to 4 pm

> "Crying is cleansing. There's a reason for tears, happiness or sadness."

― Dionne Warwick

V I'm guessing that you ate some sort of pasta for dinner tonight?
^ I have not. I've eaten a chicken sandwich, though, among some questionable choices for food. I don't eat very much either.

< Oh yeah, I don't eat much. I'm pretty certain it's not... the best thing to work with, but yeah. I'm pretty underweight. Currently stuck at the 92-97 lbs range, as it fluctuates slightly.

> I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to receive money for any sort of work I do, still a minor, of course, and I've yet to figure how this shit works. Will need more time and some better explanations. Wow, I am completely and utterly financially inept as of now.

v I'm guessing you'd generally consider yourself as no-one particularly special or important.
^ I'd agree with that statement for the most part. I feel like everyone is special to their close friends and family though.

< I used to weigh upwards of 300 lbs before 2015. I am now currently 170lbs.

> "With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."

― Eleanor Roosevelt

V My guess is that you mostly play CTB
^ not as much nowadays, but trying to get back in. hd ar9.8 reading/scroll speed 36 and hyperwalks galore.
< i live in 2019
> traps are not "happy"
v you're most likely an individual rich of culture.
^ I am a white male in America. I have no culture lmao

< My favorite food is waffles

> "It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light."

― Aristotle

V You can speak 3 languages?
^ To be safe, I'll say no.

< As an extension to that answer, I can only *fluently* speak English, while I'm more of a proficient reader in Spanish, though I can pronounce Spanish words and phrases fairly easily. Even then, I can't hold a conversation in Spanish. Japanese would be third in line, but I may struggle to pronounce a few things and can't hope to actually speak Japanese quite yet.

> "The only kind of 'fuck' I do around here is 'fuck up'."

― Achromatism (2018)

v Perhaps you do not believe there's an actual god or deity out there.
^ No, I don't. But in the case of fictional gods and deities in fictional settings, such as Touhou and D&D, I will make an exception.
< In relevancy to personal beliefs, I personally don't like my Japanese teacher. Every older figure that I know has said time and time again that last year's Japanese teacher was better than this year's, and I'm starting to see why. Not just in practices, but as a most-likely less lenient teacher in contrast to the current.
> Keyboard SSB is easier than controller. Prove me wrong.
v You are probably another entity of mass culture who also prefers desktop to consoles.
^ I prefer desktop to consoles, but I'm not certain if I'm rich of culture.

< In conjunction with my last question, I haven't really found there to be anything sufficient for me to believe in a god of any sort. I suppose I'd consider myself an atheist, but eh. I just don't see much of a need in implementing a religious aspect to my life, creating music and art is fulfilling enough and is really all I need to ask for. The rest of life, I'll handle on my own.

> One of my toes have basically become a claw. Really weird, and slightly concerning. Maybe even TMI, but I thought I might as well share something weird for the sake of it.

v I'd assume you're not really concerned with your appearance.
                                ^ sometimes yes, sometimes no
< i'm still trying to find my passion > trying to use code, seems cool
v you can survive alone
^ no, i can't survive
< i'm still try to make mania maps, since i'm inactive for 6 months.
> work>>>games
v you're working rn? (full or part-time)
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