To Each His Own (AVENGER/GUARD WIN) - Revenge!

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To Each His Own
A cyclone slowly makes its way toward Gantt Prison. Inside, the last of the prisoners along with the lone guard escorting them are the last to evacuate. As the prisoners approach the exit, the lights flicker off - electricity is down and the prison's automatic security system locks them in. A struggle in the dark ensues as everyone considers their options...

This is an experimental set-up!

1 - Guard
1 - Avenger
1 - Mental Patient
1 - Escapee
1 - Inmate

1. Rantai - Avenger - Won Day 1
5. Salvage - Guard - Won Day 1

2. bmin11 - Escapee - Lost Day 1
4. Chris - Mental Patient - Lost Day 1

3. Wojjan - Inmate (Lynchee) - Lynched Day 1

I've been wondering what a game would be when everyone had different win conditions.
This is a test game to decide if such a set-up is balanced given each roles' pros and cons.

The game ends when any role obtains a win condition.
There may be cases where a multiple win conditions can be achieved.

Day lasts 72 hours.
Night lasts 24 hours.

Role PMs:
You are the Guard.

You knew you shouldn't have volunteered to take the last prisoners out, but you have no choice now.
What's worse is that someone stole your gun during the earlier struggle, but you still have your bulletproof vest.

You are a One-Shot Bulletproof.
You win when all the possible threats towards you have been eliminated.

Note: Inmate and Avenger
You are the Avenger.

This is your opportunity. You've purposely volunteered to be one of the last prisoners to leave because you knew that "person" would also be one of the last to leave.
You finally can get revenge for what that "person" did to you.

You are a Lyncher.
You win when X is lynched.

Note: X is selected randomly
You are the Mental Patient.

Crap. crap. crap. crap. This is the END OF IT ALL!!!
This... cyCLOne will KILL US ALL!!!
you must end it all... that's right! Take your own life, yes!

You are a Jester.
You win when you are lynched.
You are the Escapee.

What a coincidence that you planned your daring escape during the height of a cyclone.
What's better is that there are only four others left and there's a blackout. Escaping would be easy as pie.
You just need some time to dig that final one meter in your escape tunnel.

You are a Survivor.
You win when Day 2 ends, and you are still alive.
You are the Inmate.

Ha! You wrestled that gun away from that guard. Now all you have to do is kill everyone with it and you-
Oh what hell! This gun only has one bullet in it... Well screw it. You'll still kill everyone.

You are a Mafia Goon with One Kill.
You win you control half of the votes.
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1) Do not quote your role PM or anything the mod gives to you.
2) Do not post screenshots or any sort of factual evidence of private communications, either with the mod or amongst yourselves.
3) Do not edit your posts.
4) Do not talk outside of the thread, unless your role PM allows so.
5) Mod has the final say on any issue. If the mod makes a mistake, feel free to PM him to sort it out.
6) If you need any help, or have questions, or just want to talk in general, feel free to PM the mod.
7) Dead men tell no tales. Dead people may not post in the thread.

1) Game starts at Day.
2) Deadlines will be 72 hours tentatively. Extensions may be placed depending on the activity.
3) You may vote someone by using this format: Vote : Player -- You may also choose to not lynch anyone. Vote: No-Lynch
4) You may also remove your vote by using this format: Unvote : Player
5) When a player receives more than half of the total votes at any point during the day, that player is automatically lynched.
6) Once a player is lynched, there shall be no posting in the thread even before the mod posts the lynch scene. Night will commence shortly.
7) If no one has been lynched, and the deadline has passed, the person with the most votes gets lynched. If there is a tie, the one who reached the tying amount of votes first, is lynched.
8) A player has to remain active, at least one post per 24 hours. If a player has not posted for 24 hours, one may request for them to be prodded.
9) If the player prodded doesn't respond, a he/she will be replaced.
10) If the player gets prodded three times already and still becomes inactive he/she will be automatically replaced.
11) If no replacement can be found. The player will be modkilled instead.

1) Night lasts 24 hours.
2) Any roles or factions with active night abilities may choose to use them by PM-ing the mod (see the Role PM for role-specific instructions).
3) Once the deadline for night has passed, all actions not received will count as a No Action.
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Oh and any comments/suggestions on the roles before we play is fine.
This is an open setup.
This kind of sounds like that king/prince/sorcerer/knight game (whatever it was called)
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Kingdom Royale you mean?
Yeah that xD

Oh and I'd like to be a guinea pig.
Jester, lyncher, and an survivor. Heck, this sounds fun XD

in because oh dear
does the vivor wincon end the game?
I'll play.

thank you for making a game finally
For fuck's sake am I late again nnnnnghduighsdbiua
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Wojjan wrote:

does the vivor wincon end the game?

Roles sent! Confirm in thread.
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Electricity is still down. The entire facility is still shrouded in darkness.
The five all agree to discuss what to do next. They all realize that none of them can quite recognize each other in the darkness.
What are each of them planning?

Ahh hmm.

Jester dies - Jester/possible lyncher win
Survivor dies - keeps going
Guard dies - keeps going
Lyncher dies - keeps going
Mafia dies - guard may win if he is not the lynchee

So uh the best lynch we have is lynching the lyncher simply because everyone benefits from the death (one less win condition, no one has the potential to win with the death). Of course there is no way to know who is what but at least it's something to work towards.
i didn't understand the mafia dies situation

isn't the guard supposed to kill the lyncher and the mafia?

and not the mafia only i mean.
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