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Artist:ZUN Circle Size:
Approach Rate:
Title:Ultimate Truth HP Drain:
Star Difficulty:
Creator:Dai Accuracy:
Length:0:56 (0:54 drain)
Source:Touhou Genre:Video Game (Instrumental) BPM:158
Tags:lufi10 konpaku youmu saigyouji yuyuko youyoumu th7 pcb perfect cherry blossom team shanghai alice User Rating:
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May 3, 2013
Oct 6, 2014
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6th stage theme from TH7 Perfect Cherry Blossom

The final stage is all about the final boss, so the mid-stage is only a token effort. Because of that, this song is rather short, but it's also refreshing and pleasant (in my opinion). The stage has visual imagery of flying over a sea of cherry blossoms; I hope this song will give you the same impression.
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