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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on sabato 17 marzo 2018 at 00:52:22

Artist: TRUE
Source: 響け!ユーフォニアム
Tags: tv size Sound Hibike! Euphonium Original Soundtrack Omoide Music opening Shiratoi Andrea osuplayer111
BPM: 167
Filesize: 3162kb
Play Time: 01:27
Difficulties Available:
  1. Andrea's Normal (2,33 stars, 178 notes)
  2. Hard (3,03 stars, 233 notes)
  3. Insane (4,29 stars, 295 notes)
  4. Shira's Easy (1,58 stars, 108 notes)
  5. Sound Out! (4,87 stars, 336 notes)

Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


from Hibike! Euphonium
Easy - by Shiratoi
Normal - by Andrea
Hard - by Marcuddles
Insane - by Marcuddles
Sound Out! - by Marcuddles | old difficulty here
nominated by UndeadCapulet
nominated by DeRandom Otaku
Update History
  1. 11/11/17: Fixed a few NCs in the Insane difficulty;
    Started mapping a Hard difficulty.
  2. 12/11/17: Updated Hard difficulty;
    Adjusted hitsounds volume, which was a bit high;
    Adjusted some spacings in the Insane difficulty.
  3. 11/12/17: Finished Hard difficulty.
  4. 12/12/17: Added an Expert difficulty, not sure if I'm gonna keep it though. W.I.P;
    Adjusted some spacings in the hard difficulty.
  5. 13/12/17: Finished the Expert difficulty, I'll keep it;
    Renamed the "Sound Out!" difficulty to "Insane" and the "Expert" difficulty to "Sound Out!"
  6. 18/12/17: Uploaded Shiratoi's Easy.
    Adjusted a few spacings in the top difficulty
  7. 28/01/18: Added Andrea's Easy
  8. 29/01/18: Added hitsounds in Shira's Easy
    Updated the Hard, Insane and Sound Out! difficulties after Andrea's mod.
  9. 30/01/18: Updated Shira's Easy after Andrea's mod.
  10. 01/02/18: Changed the final slider shape in the Sound Out! difficulty;
    Minor spacing improvements in the Sound Out! difficulty;
    Applied Tomadoi's and PeterEU's mod;
    Updated tags.
  11. 04/02/18: Applied bite you death's and mindmaster107's mod.
  12. 11/02/18: Reworked the Sound Out! difficulty.
  13. 12/02/18: Updated all the difficulties after UndeadCapulet's mod.
  14. 11/03/18: Updated all the difficulties after DeRandom Otaku's mod.
  15. 17/03/18: Fixed some timing issues and ready for requalification.
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