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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at 2:00:41 PM

Artist: Two Steps From Hell
Title: Atlantis
Tags: tsfh nick bergersen thomas phoenix archangel twostepsfromthemusic
BPM: 119.95
Filesize: 4648kb
Play Time: 01:54
Difficulties Available:
  1. Futsuu (1.91 stars, 195 notes)
  2. Muzukashii (2.33 stars, 286 notes)
  3. Oni (3.55 stars, 400 notes)

Download: Two Steps From Hell - Atlantis
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
single bpm and offset determined by ongaku
(probably wrong)

(ok gowo said its right so its right)

(it was wrong, timing fixed by fruko)
Posting here so I can get kd, I modded in V2.

Looks good, can't argue with the OD or HP, anything like that.


00:52:072 - I slowed this down by quite a lot and it seems to be 1/6 instead of 1/8, so you could change the pattern to kkkkdd(dddk) as the stream. Seems you do something similar at 01:07:579 -

01:00:451 - maybe add d because there is still percussion here, and change 01:00:826 - to kat

01:11:581 - I believe this could be a don, to differentiate between the noises.

01:20:459 - same as my suggestion on 1:00

01:30:839 - kat here for variety?


01:02:327 - Not a huge fan of the triples in a row, just the way it compliments the music isn't right to me. Try doing k k d k d instead of the triple.

01:06:829 - Same here, you could take out triple and put d k d k k, it would be nice imo

01:43:094 - I really don't like the triple sitting out by itself, just doing a 01:43:344 - kat here might be better, but its awkward either way.

01:45:220 (269,270) - going in conjunction with how the triples are random, I suggest deleting these, and establishing a different rhythm, on the next post I will say

01:46:095 - could add ddd triple here, in conjunction with my post above

01:47:596 (279,280) - And again going with above posts, delete so the rhythm emphasis is changed


01:40:843 - Maybe delete for a break?
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