Is the Huion 420 a good tablet?

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I currently use a mouse and just want to try a tablet out. The H420 is supposedly a good tablet for playing osu and it is very cheap. Has anyone here used it and can speak about its quality?
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Also can anyone tell me about the XP-Pen G430
I posted this on a similar thread:

I have the Huion420 and I can say that It's a somewhat decent tablet for osu!
Since I'm left handed, I rest my hand on the buttons while playing, so our play style and w/e may differ.

The 3 buttons are for switching profiles, though they can be reprogrammed through the PenTableDriver that you'll need to download.
The Huion420 uses a triple A battery which makes the pen pretty heavy compared to something like the CTL-480's that I tried out at a friend's

Oh, and the hover distance is about 1.5 CM or roughly 0.6 inches, and that makes hovering so much more difficult.
If you're a "high roller" this tablet is going to take a lot of getting used to. If you're a down-to-earth person, the hover distance won't be a problem.
I use XP-Pen G430 and I love it, and I will buy the same one if this one breaks (no signs of breaking though so far).

Previously played with Wacom CTL-480 (wasn't mine).

G430 is about half of CTL-480 play area.

Pen is basically a tiny bit smaller and lighter then CTL-480, of course feels way cheaper but way sturdier then I thought.
Comes with 10 replacement nibs, where CTL-480 only comes with I think 4, and since I'm a dragger I already changed 2 on xp-pen.
Hovering distance is smaller compared to CTL-480 (and will be smaller compared to HUION that's a downside of not having batteries).
Since tablet itself is lower then Wacom one, it feels that I'm drawing on a table, and I don't need to hold my wrist that high.

Haven't tried HUION tablets though. But I can confidently say that ether one you buy you will love it. And I bet the ones who are using HUION tablet are loveing them.

I myself bought XP-Pen instead of huion only because pen doesn't require batteries and is lighter and I was used to wacom pen, so it's a matter of preference if you like heavier and bigger pen or smaller and lighter.
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I ended up buying the XP-Pen G430. After a day I'm almost back to where I was with the mouse, just gotta sort out some small misses due to lack of practice with the tablet.
Just a note for the xp pen:

The drivers show an incorrect tablet size, so u gonna need to do some algebra to figure out what size on the drivers will give you the irl size you want with the correct proportions.

Other than that, it's a pretty good tablet.
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Tablet lul

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Tablet lul
And what's wrong with tablet? lul
nice tablet
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