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Happy BDay Monstrata!
those damn triangles at the end lmfao

happy birthday monstrata!
happy birthday monstrata! thanks for providing me with a bunch of maps that would become achievements to me in the game :)
Dude nice lol, Happy Birthday Monstrata.~
Mmh, Happy birthday.
Add that to the list of what makes the osu! community great.

Happy Birthday Monstrata and Nice Job Haruto!
Happy birthday monstrata :)
happy bd monstrata!
happy Birthday

Very difficult
xD today is my birthday
Topic Starter
Happy Birthday to you, Enon! xD

Also, pretty late but,


Okay, time to push this map forward. If anyone here willing to mod the map then it would be more than awesome of you guys :D(you can also contact me for m4m instead if you want :d)

Enon wrote:

xD today is my birthday
m4m for:


00:03:007 (2,3) - ya know with the previous notes having distances like 00:00:743 (2,3) - and 00:01:592 (4,5) - , this one feels rather lackluster. i suggest you make the DS the same or at least similar as this.

00:19:705 - idk if its okay to ignore this beat but okay i guess
00:33:290 (1) - i think ctrl g with give this part more impact than if we had it like this since as it is, it forces the player to move around to 00:33:290 (1) -

00:33:573 (2) - might wanna ctrl g this as well if you applied the above mod.

00:44:893 (4) - NC this?

03:31:387 (4,5) - i dont think its a good idea to map the guitar strumming. youre in the chill part, i suggest you to not map too much sounds.
00:59:893 (3) - maybe you might wanna ctrl g this? theres a drum snare in it so i think its better to give it more impact.
01:09:375 (3,4) - this rhythm is feels way off. i think you meant to do this?, or if its intentional, pls explain why ><

01:09:445 - or ya could map this 1/8, just like you did with 01:17:724 (2,3,4) -

01:14:044 (4) - i think ctrl g would make the map move better/naturally with the upcoming objects. 01:14:044 (4,5,6) -

01:27:912 (3) - woah im regressing to my 2013 modding style lmao, ctrl g this? it plays more smoothly imo

01:32:158 (2) - same here.

01:37:393 - are you sure you should be ignoring this?

01:42:063 (5) - aaaand here. same: ctrl g thing
01:45:743 (5,1) - anxient thinks that your jump is WAY too big and plays like a brick. ctrl g(AGAIN) is recommended.

01:51:969 (1) - theres not much noise going on here, i dont think you need THIS much spacing. maybe you can do something like this

01:54:516 (4) - ctrl g? i think if you do that you can give 01:54:516 (4,1) - [1] more impact

02:10:507 (4) - i have no idea why youre trying to hide this note. try placing it at x395 y133? it plays and looks better by miles than what we have right now imo

why is this part so much better than what i saw so far... modernization must be hurting me
i heard from Haruto that your english is kinda bad, and i cannot speak chinese so lemme make it simple.

also, jumps = too big, lemme add suggestions to fix this

02:17:949 (2,3,4,5) - make DS similar, right now it's too wide, especially this 02:18:088 (3,4) - try this

02:22:533 (5,6) - ctrl g, feels more natural to play for 02:22:671 (6,7,8,1) -

02:24:477 (4,5,6,7,8) - DS spiked too much (too high so suddenly), try this pattern instead?

02:29:477 (10) - better if you move to 02:28:505 (1) - 's place, so distance isnt too high 02:29:477 (10,1) -

02:33:783 (6) - position is weird. 02:33:783 (6,1) - high sound, very low DS, 02:33:505 (5,6) - low sound, very high ds? maybe this is more appropriate

02:34:477 (2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6) - good jumps, but too hard (for this map). try using this rhythm instead?

02:40:310 (4,6) - too big as well (according to the sogn anyway, try moving it to x415 y276
03:15:396 (1,1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - i think these two are too far apart from each other. itll make more sense for this thing 03:15:396 (1) - to be placed x341 y332 here?

i hope the huge jump part doesnt cause too much problems since that part was legit great;;
Prof. Box
i dont even know which jumps are which anymore lmao jumpcreep is too strong

03:53:604 (3,4,5,6) - does the DS really need to be this big? i think it would make more sense if you did turned them over

03:54:311 (2) - same. ctrl g? youd be able to maintain a circular flow with this 03:54:170 (1,2,3,4) -

04:05:632 - idk if you should be ignoring this but ok

04:14:406 (1) - at least ctrl g this lmao this is so sneaky its impossible to hit
04:24:736 (1) - kinda wished this had more spacing so it doesnt stand out with its low-ds loud-sound contrast.
04:39:736 (5,6,1) - i cant help but think that this plays extremely oddly...
05:04:358 (1) - NC this?

05:05:491 (1) - 05:06:340 (1) - im not sure if this sudden speedspike is okay. also we can't really tell which direction the slider is facing. unless the RC broke and this doesnt matter anymore. i still think this should be addressed though.

05:13:415 (1) - i didnt know i was modding delta ascension.
worst fl player
happy birthday!
Hello, M4M from my queue.

Already really nice so can't help much so have this garbage mod:


00:13:478 (6) - Map this with hitcircles since the other return sliders didn't have such strong sounds


Some sliders could be smoother for better visuals:
00:46:592 (4) - curve less so it blankets 00:46:875 (5) -
00:48:007 (1,2) - Move the white ticks towards the center of the curve so it's smoother

01:17:936 (3) - doesn't really follow anything (there's a sound on 01:17:901 - ) and having it as filler rhythm is kinda questionable since it's the only one like this and things like 01:20:200 - are ignored


02:07:818 (3) - could be a 1/2 slider since all of the other claps are like that


02:39:199 (3,1) - stack is kinda uh noticeably broken


02:59:689 (3,4,5) - pretty big spacing compared to everything else in this section


04:05:491 (1) - you emphasized the instrumentals a bit more here 04:03:226 (5,6,7) - which is better imo

05:12:283 (1) - tail doesn't look perfectly alligned with 05:13:415 (1) - but idk it probably is im just stupid; oh yeah it also covers hp bar a bit depending on it's size

idk if i messed up the timestamps with the names but idk, good luck!
Happy birthday, Monstrata!
happy birthday monstrata!
anna apple


  • movement here is pretty difficult like 00:27:346 (6,7) - though this is more of a filler rhythm to the main part you are mapping to, so I don't think it deserves such strength. Maybe cut it into a slider then two circles under the slider tail? or w/e fits
    this is kind of high spacing for being quieter sounds also
    if anything I think you should map this as a circle instead of 00:49:565 (2) - since there is more support for it
    I'm sure you are aware that the player at this level is most likely to hold the head of 1 and then just move to the head of 2. It basically means the player doesn't get anything other than a click from the first slider which makes it weak.
    sure there is a strong drum sound on the blue tick, but there are other drum sounds you skipped over in this kiai like 00:47:016 - and 00:47:441 -
    I think the symmetry you are trying to inplement into this map comes off as forced becasue notes like these don't have anywhere near the same support as other objects.
    I don't think you should have this note, also I think the vocal is snapped to the 1/6. also you don't really map vocals like 01:18:478 - so mapping this one seems a bit out of place imo
    , I'm also tired lol, I was going to say "who do you think you are rlc using filler snapped rhythm to force your visual pattern but rlc actually mapped some of this LOL but you turned out to be val0108. (I was wondering why symmetry all of a sudden)
    I just dislike nc's like this in general.
    I think you should remove this nc because it would give more importance to the next NC's that are more unique "patterns" than this one.
    02:54:028 (8,1) - lol
    you are not skystar :^)
    I don't think its necessary to nc like this, though I get why you did :/
    I would avoid making this a slider like you have to make 04:23:604 (1,3,4) - these more meaningfull as representing the vocal sounds.
    should probably have a circle here to match 04:20:632 (2) -
    LOL, I mean val has some interesting slider designs, but I don't think they reach this far
    what the fuck LOL this isn't a wub map.

parts are pretty solid overall, still funny about the rlc meme LOL I don't mean to offend
returning m4m


00:09:233 (1,3) - you could swap those NCs to emphasize the start of a different section


00:38:101 (6,7) - i believe the bigger spacing should be on 7 rather than 6 because of how much stronger it is to add more emphasis than the flow break already implies, you could just turn 00:37:818 (5) - into a repeat slider like 00:40:082 (2) - ?

03:31:387 (4,5,6) - i don't think you should stick with that triple when this is such a calm part


00:49:422 (1,2) - i think this could have a much lower spacing considering how barely noticeable the spacing difference with 00:49:565 (2,3) - is considering how strong 3 is
00:49:988 (4) - so this could've been spaced further compared to how large 00:49:422 (1,2,3) - is since it's as strong if not stronger than 3
00:50:271 (1,2) - can these be the same sliders please
00:51:969 (2) - this could be spaced further to make a nice triangle with 00:51:261 (5,1) - 's tails, place it at x198 y117?
00:53:526 (3) - this is so spaced for a not so strong sound, you could try stacking it on 00:52:818 (1) - 's tail
01:06:120 (1,2,3,4) - i don't get the spacing here, why is it so inconsistent?


01:17:936 (3) - yeah as bor said this isn't necessary, vocal ending on 1/6 should be enough


01:51:969 (1) - why is this NC'd?


02:28:088 (6) - this is a really big jump when the snare is actually on 5, you could ctrl+g 02:27:949 (5,6) -


03:16:245 (1,1,1,1) - how about only keeping the NC spam for the 1/6 stream and the 1/16 sliders to make them stand out more?


04:05:491 (1) - is that NC really necessary? doesn't seem that important

05:05:491 (1) - i mean if you wanna keep it you might want to lower the SV and make the right part shorter so ppl know which way this goes :^)
05:06:340 (1) - ya same

pretty good
happy belated birthday monsty!

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