UNISON SQUARE GARDEN - Cheap Cheap Endroll

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 9:33:42 PM

Title: Cheap Cheap Endroll
Tags: dr.izzy male vocals japanese addy2607 lapp killian -nanoripe- rock jrock j-rock cherry blossoms xandit bokeru KaedeharaKazuha nanoripe unison-s-g unisonsg
BPM: 212
Filesize: 8070kb
Play Time: 02:07
Difficulties Available:
  1. Addy's Extra (6.51 stars, 523 notes)
  2. Break (6.85 stars, 583 notes)
  3. killian's Insane (4.82 stars, 511 notes)
  4. lapp's Extra (5.84 stars, 544 notes)
  5. Nano's Hard (3.56 stars, 372 notes)
  6. Normal (2.56 stars, 278 notes)
Download: UNISON SQUARE GARDEN - Cheap Cheap Endroll
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

Original: 2017
Remapped: 2020
Ranked: 2023

osu needs more usq tbh.
just a map for fun :)


this was a gd for xandits set but i rank on my own next year to celebrate my original hexagrid map \o/


nano har
Killian ins

addy ex

xandit hs

regraz marvollo

another map another nevo story :3c

So this mapset was originally made in 2017 (the ranked one is fully remapped of course) anyway back in 2017 I saw a pattern in Kagetsu's Silhouette and was like "hey that's neat" and then I had an idea for how to structure maps what if I blanketed EVERYTHING using approach circles. THEN NEVO HEXAGRID WAS BORN! For my first experiment of this idea I needed a short song and since I like UNISON SQUARE GARDEN it was a perfect match. :3c

So yes the birth of nevo hexagrid started here :3c I then remapped the song in 2020 and am now just ranking it :nyab:

fun fact
I tend to always care about having perfect sr numbers either ending in .05 or ending in the tenths place OR no decimals OR a palindrome. When I don't do it it's usually due to a map being changed due to SR patches. Once I "finish" a map aka when I finished this map in 2020 I always fix the sr so it WAS 6.7 but I try to never go back and adjust my maps from the past if they are in this "done" state hence why this maps sr is 6.71 :>

tldr once a nevo map is finished I don't edit it unless its just fixing mods and stuff. :3c
<3 this song
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-NanoRIPE- wrote:

<3 this song
I may map a real set once I get batter at mapping but the song is <3
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