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This is perhaps the most misleading mod in this game. It claims to make maps easier and lumps a huge score penalty on the player for using it, and yet it does precisely the opposite: makes a great number of maps absolutely Insane.

There are a number of reasons for this:

1) The approach rate. This is the biggest reason. Most players, even new players, find faster approach rate easier than slower approach rate (to a certain point around 6-7 or so). Cutting the approach rate in half on harder maps is a HUGE change. Most Hard/Insane maps become completely unreadable because there are SO MANY circles on the screen at once.

2) Increased circle size. This usually makes it easier, but in a lot of situations it causes really confusing overlapping. Coupled with (1), the map is even more difficult to read.

3) Decreased overall difficulty. Yes, really. In osu!, you can't hit a note until the previous note either been hit or missed. By "missed", I mean that too much time has passed that you are no longer in the hit window to get a 50 on the note. A massive decrease in overall difficulty on harder maps makes the hit window for a note overlap with the "exact timing" of the next note in many cases. What this means is that if you misclick a note, yet hit the next one perfectly, you often miss it too because the previous note is still "active" and the note you clicked just "shakes", even though you hit it perfectly. You end up missing an entire chain of notes because of one misclick.

4) 3 life system. This doesn't actually make it harder, but it isn't implemented very well. It's incredibly difficult to resume playing after starting on the next life. Why? There's a completely unrhythmic amount of time spent waiting for the life bar to fill up again; it's impossible to tell exactly when you're supposed to start playing again. I think there's a button to skip this, but I have no idea what it is. The only reason I think this is because sometimes it immediately starts playing again without a wait. I've tried just about every logical button to intentionally skip it, and I've never managed to trigger it. Usually if I "fail" a map with Easy the first time (which is common thanks to (1) (2) and (3), I just immediately fail another 2 times.

5) Changes Insane maps far more than Easy maps. The Easy mod divides all the difficulty statistics by 2. This means that on an Insane (with AR/Drain/OD 8+), it makes a huge change. On easier maps (which it's probably intended for), it barely changes it at all. OD 1 ==> OD Half? Might as well not do anything at all.

So why am I bothering to post this? The "Easy" mod is misleading to new players! It makes things more difficult!

Basically, my feature request is to do one or more of the following:

1) Remove Easy mod completely.
2) Rework Easy mod to actually make things easier. How about letting the player choose their approach rate when Easy is enabled? How about dividing all the difficulty settings by 1.4 instead of 2.0 so it isn't such a massive change, or maybe just subtracting a static number? Reworking the "3 life system" so that the song backs up a couple sections so the player can get back "into the beat" when they resume?
3) Make the current Easy mode a difficulty increasing mod with a score multiplier (lol). It would certainly be harder than Hard Rock, Hidden, and even Flashlight on a lot of maps.
4) Something else?!

Ok sure, it would break existing replays on Easy mod. Thing is, there aren't many to begin with because it just isn't worth using to make a map harder, only to give less points. Most of the time people just use it to pass TAG4 maps with the extra life system.
lybydose, king of easy mod, has spoken. +1
Some people think it makes map easier though
See SapphireGhost, _LRJ_ and many others.
@Decay: naptime is still easy modo god.
I see EasyMode scores in this map and I still can't believe them (Edit: Forgot to mention, Oni diff). Maybe EasyMode should decrease approach rate and Circle Size but not that much.
Completely agree that Easy mod should make stuff like AR choosable by the user.
It's by far the hardest mod for me, I can't read anything and fail simple Insanes that I can FC without mods even though it has lower drain and 3 lives. And it reduces score. Something is not quite right there @_@

Hernan wrote:

I see EasyMode scores in this map and I still can't believe them
haha yes, i was thinking of this ^
Always remember ShaggoN playing it in easy mode.. and it looked way harder lol

I agree that the mod needs tweaking
Easy mod should give x1.99 bonus since it's the hardest mod ever (ofc this is sarcastic). Low AR is harder than high AR and that's a fact. Easy mod was thought a long time ago I guess where maps were way different than what they are now, nowadays doing fast maps with easy mod is completly impossible unless the map is HIGHLY lineal or you know it perfectly (tried it myself, can't do complicated and tricky maps with easy, but yet if I know the map I can somehow manage to do it, which I just can't do on normal insane maps). Letting the player choose AR or aswell lowering it to 7 (6 tops) would be good, since I honestly can't believe (and this is absolutely personal) how can someone find easy playing with AR lower than 6, seriously I still have trouble playing low diff maps since the AR is so slow... even when I started playing it was quite easy to jump to hard maps since the AR was way easier. The only fact Easy is Easy is the OD, as well as HR is hard because of OD.
EasyMod should let you choose the diff settings. That's it.
I am for removing "easy mode". No one uses it. People who play easy difficulties don't need it, (if they do then I really wonder if they open their eyes while playing) because the easy mode itself doesn't really change much on the easy difficlty as said already.

People who play insane maps are "supposed" to be able to pass them (ranked maps). If not, then you are not so good for insane difficulty and training insane maps with easy mods is ridiculous.

Tag4 maps are not designed for playing solo so it is "normal" that people shoulnd't use easy mod to pass them (people do it just for fame aka "yeah I passed tag4 solo! (with easy and no fail)).

Approved/super insane maps are made especially insane to be not easy to pass and using easy mode to pass them is like people, who are not new to the game and are good and they play easy maps with all mods for lolz because they don't need to play easy with all mods if they can play insane without any to become better (what should be the purpose of different difficulties).

P.S. In my opinion "easy mode" is just useless and unnecessary and could be removed since it doesn't fulfill it's task
I'm agreeing with Lybydose. At the moment, Easy Mod is too powerful for its own good. Instead of making beatmaps easier, it turns them into total sensory overload. I'm thinking that subtracting a static number from the various difficulty settings would work the best (say, 2 or 3 notches (ignoring Circle Size of course which should be one size bigger at maximum)).
I also agree that the current lives system is totally dopey and would be better off removed all together. (seriously, if you can't beat a beatmap without failing at some point, just use No Fail for goodness sakes)

Lybydose wrote:

1) Remove Easy mod completely.
On this point I disagree with you - if it is about removing the mod on the three games - because Easy makes the scrolling speed a little slower in taiko. (Like StrangeProgram. WTF is that SV?)

But the only times I tried some hard songs (You F***ing motherf***er) with Easy in standard Mode I could not read it properly orz...

OzzyOzrock wrote:

EasyMod should let you choose the diff settings. That's it.
To get easily 1.260 in taiko after 100 combo ? XD

(Also if it disappears I'll lose a #1 LOL)

Perhaps it could use a system like this:
And to avoid breaking the old scores, it could just stay set at the lowest at in all 3 sliders:
Change Easy mod so you can choose your preferred difficulty settings.

A maps got AR9 and OD9 and you can't play it because of that? No problem, decrase both by 1 and get a -20% point penalty. Which means -10% for every single value decreased.

Do it, now.
Card N'FoRcE
I remember giving my opinion about this in a previous thread and i suggested something like this:

HP Drain: -3 or -4 (+removing the restore health thing)
Circle Size: +1 (maybe?)
Approach Rate : -1 (or maybe no modifications at all)
Overall Difficulty -2.

I thought this would be a layout that could work for hard and Insane maps, the only ones that actually may need the use of a Easy mod (Is there someone who would apply Easy mod to a 1 Star Easy map?). But i still can't think of a Multiplier for it.

Anyway this was a suggestion i made some time ago and i honestly don't think it's the best one.
The only reason i kept it that simple was to avoid having to reinvent the whole mod, but I will give my support if i see/find some good ideas here.
Nothing is gonna be done about this since there are plenty of top scores with this mode and changing how it works would affect the rankings, if this is ever gonna be checked out and fixed, while you're on it please go and raise HR bonus since it has the same as HD which is way easier thx.
Easy mode was hugely helpful when I first joined the game. Of course it's going to make insane maps into a mess, that's not what it's designed for. It's a mod to make the easiest maps even easier so that brand new players can get used to hitting circles.
inb4 rejected
I think Lyby points out a great mis-aspect of the game. With the at-least-one-difficulty-under-the-star-rating-3.00 rule in place, the easiest difficulty in a mapset should be approachable to completely new players. LH has a point, but if the easiest difficulty in a mapset needs an Easy mode for players to be able to pass it, then it is more likely that the Easy difficulty was mapped wrongly than that Easy mode is really helpful.

I am for tweaking the Easy mode so that it actually makes the maps easier rather than completely removing it. Decreasing the AR/OD by a static number (2 seems appropriate) and increasing the circle size by 1 only when the circle size is under a specific value (perhaps 3 or lower?) seems like a good solution to me.
Raging Bull

Lybydose wrote:

3) Make the current Easy mode a difficulty increasing mod with a score multiplier (lol). It would certainly be harder than Hard Rock, Hidden, and even Flashlight on a lot of maps.
That would be interesting.

The only thing that bothers me about Easy is AR and 3 hp refills. Maybe easy mod should just reduce AR by 2 and have the hp refill instantly instead of a pause then a sudden go. (And possibly failing again because you werent ready)
Or maybe an Easy mode that acts based on the star rating/maps setup.

For the second one, i mean a behavior based on the map slider speed, distance snap and OD. Something like that. (Maybe that could help with the stacking problems)
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