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Thanks to LilyPichu for lending me her voice!

Thank you for over 13,000 downloads of the original Nexus skin!

This is my absolute most popular skin to date—so I'm bringing it a little more up to date after all the changes peppy has made to skinning. The skin is now more compatible with the current build of osu!. No fancy stuff, though; that means no animations or crazy spinner stuff. It's too much work for me to redo the skin from scratch while trying to figure out how to get all the things to work without looking like complete shit. Sorry—I'll do that for my next skin!

Nexus is now available in black (Slate) and white (Ivory); that means you white note add-on aficionados now have a full-white skin to play with. I hope you guys like it; again, thanks for all the support.

Retrieve the skin here (Slate):
Retrieve the skin here (Ivory):

May 5, 2013
What's new in this version:
  1. Nexus is now available in Slate and Ivory
  2. Updated ranking panel to properly align
  3. Re-done mod icons with text on side; now more visible and understandable when multiple mods are stacked in the results screen, or while spectating
  4. Added some missing mod icons (Perfect, Nightcore, 4k-8k, Random) and removed legacy icons (Taiko, NoVideo)
  5. Added main menu backgrounds
  6. Added fail/pause menu backgrounds

July 14, 2011
What's new in this version:
  1. Added score star recolour and small grade recolour add-ons to the add-ons section

July 2, 2011
What's new in this version:
  1. Changed White Note Add-on's reverse arrow to black


Download the White Note Add-on:

Download the Score Star Recolour Add-on:

Download the Small Grade Letter Recolour Add-on:
Changes the small grades from all cyan to S A B C D.

Out of the way, Xi-Style. Your face displeases me.

Originally I was going to re-haul Xi-Style and make it both more functional and pleasing to look at; after all, those combo numbers and score stars were the size of the bloody sun. I was going to name it Xi-Style G2, but after playing with it for a bit I had no idea what kind of aesthetic I was going for. I'm sure there was some sort of idea in there. Three years later however, I'm not too fond of the execution of it. I scrapped the G2 concept and started anew. I wanted something just as modern as Xi-Style but more minimal and more functional overall.

Enter Nexus. No, this isn't a TRON Legacy skin. I wanted a dark theme. Happy Sky and Osuka were really lightly coloured, FF7 was bursting with vivid shades and Xi-Style was very neutral with grey. I ended up using black and cyan to really give any colour within the skin a strong punch. Nowhere is this more evident than in the hitcircles where the colour stands out quite nicely. Getting a concept that worked for the actual gameplay was the hardest part, probably. Combined with small score stars, bright slider tracks and a lively ki bar, this may be my most functional skin yet.

The aesthetic is minimal with a strong focus on typography. It might not appeal to many people but for those who are looking for something new, this might be it. I digress. I type far too much for a skin release.

Welcome to Nexus. Enjoy your stay.
Fuuuu, as always, excellent.

Firo Prochainezo
Wow, simply GORGEOUS.
Aswome ! :3 :)
Ugh. More beauty.

Too much fabulousness.
(O_O) Awesome skin i just <3 it
This skin made me fall in love with osu! Standard all over again.

Oh my god, it's perfect.

So perfect that now I'm demanding to know why isn't this in the osu! updater extras panel yet.
As usual, you make yet another fantastic skin.

Keep up the good work ;p
Whoa that's awesome :D!
Too bad that for wide-screen resolutions the "Score" tab is too far :<

I've also changed the slider to my personal tastes tho :P :

It's indeed a masterpiece <3
Another Great skin. *downloads*
The best part is obviously the voice.
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Thank you for the comments.

Dragvon wrote:

Whoa that's awesome :D!
Too bad that for wide-screen resolutions the "Score" tab is too far :<
Well, shit. I only tested on 4:3 (I play tablet so other ratios are inconvenient); this totally slipped my mind. :(

Lilyko wrote:

The best part is obviously the voice.
Love you ♥
Naicu skin
definitely the most functional theme I've ever played on. actually got better scores on maps I sucked at before
Your skins are godlike
Great work on the skin! :)
Another godlike skin by Xiaon <3
Awesome work out here.
holy crap this is awesome.

I haven't changed my cursor for over 1.5 year. Nexus made me do it now.
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