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You have a beatmap and you want scoreboards for it, but it doesn't adhere to the Ranking Criteria and can't be ranked?

Congratulations! You're in luck! Loved is a beatmap section where beatmap sets that have received a lot of attention from the community (or a lot of love from an enterprising modder, whose work keeps the mapping world alive), can obtain a scoreboard all of their own.

All that you need is Star Priority! That's right, you can get your beatmap set Loved if it has a high enough Star Priority and people having your beatmap set put as favorite!
Read the terms and conditions in the submission form, fill it out and queue up for the next wave of Loved beatmaps to be released!

Keep in mind that the conditions to get your beatmap set Loved might change for the sake of keeping it balanced and fair for everybody. Make sure that you have finished all changes to the beatmap set before submitting it, because we might move it over at any time without warning

With this, we open up Loved as an alternative to classic Ranked for everybody and give Star Priority some long-awaited value. Loved was not supposed to be reserved to gimmick maps only, but was supposed to be an alternative to Ranked and those who do not want to undergo the process of ranking a beatmap set the usual way.

Loved beatmap sets will remain exactly as they have been - they will still not give any performance points and the leaderboards can reset anytime if the mapset owner decides to take it down for whatever purpose.

With this, the regular community votings for Loved will not take place anymore.
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Amendments have been made and you now require 30 favorites on your beatmap set additionally.

Let us know in this thread what you think about it!
To follow on the conversation about why we initially went for SP:

The aim was to incentivize kudosu use, since the currency has traditionally had almost no real use. My initial thoughts on this were that the natural process around gathering and spending kudosu (ergo, via modding) would denote a base level of community involvement in the process without requiring any sort of favourite threshold requirement. However, people raised the notion of modders accumulating large amounts of kudosu and using it to drop their own maps into Loved, something that goes contrary to the entire point of the category having community support behind it.

The solutions presented were to either remove the ability of a mapper's own kudosu to count towards the Loved SP cutoff, which obviously isn't great since it removes the entire point of introducing the SP sink as an incentive for modding in the first place, or add a small threshold of favourites required to at least denote some basic level of community support behind the map.

So, we chose the latter.

Please note that this system is still subject to change and is still very much experimental.
Should be balanced across differents game modes about the requiered amout of favorites/star priority, but I guess It's fine has a preliminary test.
Adding a favourite threshold is certainly a good idea, I was really afraid that people were just going to be able to get their own maps loved whenever they liked (if they modded enough, that is). I like it.
and grandma always told me not to waste kds fuk
There's a deadline for submissions?
If this increases more hustling and bustling for leaderboard community support, then that sounds great. I hope we can see more activity stemming out of this. What I don't hope would be possible gaming of the system. The 30 favorites metric is a good start as a solution for star point inflation at least, though we should definitely keep a sharp eye on whether or not things go south. :P
As I mentioned in discord, my stance is that SP requirement is great because it requires a huge contribution to and from the community, but favorites seems to be a fairly superfluous add-on to that requirement.

Yes, I understand the logic behind requiring some kind of community support behind the maps going into the loved category, but it takes absolutely NO EFFORT for someone to add a map as their favorite.

If you have the temperance to accumulate 100SP for your map, then you almost assuredly have the ability to ask people to favorite your map, regardless of whether they actually like it and get said requirement.
I'd personally love to get one of my maps into Loved, but guess that's not happening with the 100 SP requirement.
>30 favs

I dont think its a good idea, cuz rn we got whole modhelp spamming for fav each overs maps.

100 sp is enough, favs are w/e
30 favs feel way too low. 100 favs for appreciated map which really should get into Loved section is very easy number to achieve.

Another thing to think about is what to do with maps with hundreds and thousands of favs which literally ask to get into Loved section immediately. What about creating system where (just example, numbers are almost arbitrary) 1 sp = 5 points and 1 fav = 1 point and you need total 600 points to get map into Loved?
4. In order to get your beatmap set Loved, your beatmap needs to have a Star Priority of 100 and 30 favorites by other users. this is unfair... VERY VERY UNFAIR guys... wtf
I mean, if a set has really high SP, it can possibly just be loved by one single person. Or it just has some decent quality due to the amount of mods that have been given.
Community input with favorites are more accurate with the term "loved" but as for the reason stated above, the system would pretty unstable.

I think there should be different weighting for maps, like having maps with high amount of stars given by many different people, but not too many favorites getting into Loved and vice versa.

Tbh, the system is always going to be unstable, whether it's based off of SP or favorites, but what sense does it make to get a map Loved if it isn't even liked in the first place.

Conclusion: Just stick with the current system, it will just make things more controversial than they already are.
I don't know what made you to do this, but it's fucking stupid as fuck - shouldn't kudosu be useful in getting maps ranked, not Loved?
A lot of loved maps are in graveyard, where you CANT EVEN GIVE FUCKING KUDOSU for map you want which means they are stucked and if they don't even have 100 kudosu they can't be loved even with for example 500 favourites. (the only way is to revive it and waste another slot and wait for it to get loved don't know how long instead of uploading some new map)

Kudosu should work in one way for maps going for rank - more kudosu -> higher on list -> easier to rank since BN's etc can see the map on list and mod/bubble/rank it.
Loved should work in other way - more favourites map have -> higher on list -> fucking loved?

Still, if you want to use kudosu in Loved section - it should be reversed - 100favourites and 30 kudosu, not 100kudosu and 30 favourites - 30 favourites it's way too easy to get (some mappers, popular ones like in a week can get more than 30favourites even it's not something good) when a lot of people don't even map/mod maps and theres no way for them to give kudosu so the map can't be choosen.

Right now I'm trying to rank my map - it have +52SP and it says 65 maps higher on the list - so if you wanna keep the criteria for loved section it means maybe 5/10maps can get into Loved.

seriously, think about what are you doing, for me it just doesnt make sense. just stick to the current system with vote or add randomly few maps every weekend from maps that have more than 100+ favourites so it will be Loved section, not Kudosu-mappers-whatthefuck section.
You guys are aware, that SP means absolutely nothing?
The only important part is +12, since from then it can be ranked
Not a singlr BN ever prioritizes a map since it has more SP, believe me

I legitemately like this, since this'll make your effort worth it (and yes, I will use it. I have a 306 SP map with 40 favs)
I like the idea, but it sadly doesn't affect me. Maybe one day.
Ah, good to see that a minimum of favorites is also required. I'd even call that a better way to measure that your map is wanted in the community, much more than "just" having the minimum of 100 SP. Although this never will be the case for me, I like this change a lot.
i think we should still keep voting. let people who know nothing about mapping vote. they're still part of the community. if you want less rabbit jumping maps in loved, just dont put them up for vote

SR system is fine but 100 seems a bit high, and a synthesis of the SR and voting system would be ideal, i think

i was very apprehensive about the voting system at first, but looking at the loved section now there's a very healthy variety of different types of beatmaps, even if the average quality is somewhat low in comparison to what the unranked section has to offer

honestly, we all know what beatmaps deserved to be loved, it's just a matter of somehow engineering a system that can fairly get those maps loved
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