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I'm too lazy to say something now :P , the only thing that I will say is that this skin isn't flat and is based on a grey and blue UI, I hope you like it!

As always, there is an Extras folder in the skin that contains various cursors, hitcircles styles, dots, numbers, different hitsounds, an alternate version of the ranking letters, and the scorebar PSD, so you can edit it and put your username. If you don't know how to edit it, just PM me and I will send you the edited scorebar with your name on it!

Nothing yet!

Main Menu

Song Select

Mod Icons

Pause Menu

Fail Menu

osu!std Ranking Panel

osu!std Spinner

osu!std Gameplay (Numbers, Default Hitcircle)

osu!std Gameplay (Numbers, Full Hitcircle)

osu!std Gameplay (Numbers, Glow Hitcircle)

osu!std Gameplay (Numbers, Yugen-Style Hitcircle)

osu!std Gameplay (Dots, Default Hitcircle)

osu!taiko Ranking Panel

osu!taiko Gameplay

osu!catch Ranking Panel

osu!catch Spinner

osu!catch Gameplay

osu!mania Ranking Panel

osu!mania Gameplay

That looks amazing. Will definitely be using this next time I play osu!
cool like that u gave us a choice in the hitcircles
Hatsune Kano
But wait, the circle overlay looks so edgy, (can you) make it smoother?
Nice work. :3 looking cool! :)
[ Fix3d ]
Looks nice!!! Great job :D

I like UI elements
Kumiko Oumae
I like it!
holy shit 10/10 <3
The link isn't working. Could I get a non-puush mirror?
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ImpurePug wrote:

The link isn't working. Could I get a non-puush mirror?
Are you using Firefox??
I really like the ranking letters!I will definitely be using it

_Indeketsu wrote:

ImpurePug wrote:

The link isn't working. Could I get a non-puush mirror?
Are you using Firefox??
Yep, I am. Just switched off to check and it works fine. Great work on the skin and thanks for the help!
Okay I'm definitely gonna use this skin right now !!! (look like Ow ?)
great skin, i love it :D
I like it alot, but how can i make the followpoints less "cluttered"
It looks great but the mania mode has way too small bars for me too read anything
Here's a tip: if you ever make a mania skin, at least let it have big bars or circles or even arrows so it can be easier for the player to read the notes but that's just my opinion. anyway, the ui is nice but mania looks hard to read and the font, while is good, there seems to be too much of it, i even start to think its an overwatch skin except with blue and grey, also, the lifebar looks way too small in my opinion but other than that, its pretty good and pretty clean as well, i just hope you improve in skinning mania mode.
Nice skin but I bored with current hitsound and why don't you use ctb map in ctb gameplay preview.
The score for each circle doesn't seem to appear after I press them (300, 100, etc.) Is it possible to make them appear? Other than that, I really love this skin! Simple but edgy :D
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