Mapping Terminology Compendium (For Newbies!)

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This will be a list of all the mapping terms that experienced mappers usually use. This will be helpful when you don't understand something on a mod due to complicated terminology.

This thread will not contain any definitions as the wiki already has all the information on that

  1. BPM > Beats Per Minute
  1. BSD > Beat Snap Divisor
  1. DS > Distance Snap/Spacing
  1. SV > Slider Velocity
    (Could also refer to slider velocity multipliers in the timing panel)
  1. HP, CS, AR, OD > HP Drain, Circle Size, Approach Rate, Overall Difficulty
  1. NC > New Combo
  1. SR > Star Rating
  1. HS > Hitsound
    and more.
  1. TR > (Slider) Tickrate
  1. 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, etc > Refers to the ticks on your timeline; 1/1 is the time from the first white tick to the next white tick, 1/2 is white to red, 1/4 is white to blue, etc.
  1. Downbeat, Offbeat > Every 1st and 3rd white tick of a measure, Every 2nd and 4th white tick of a measure.
  1. Red Lines, Green Lines > Timing Point (top), Inherited Timing Point (bottom)
  1. Offset > The first beat of the map.
  1. Slider Nodes, Anchors > Normal Slider Point, Red Slider Point
  1. Blanket > A slider around a circle/an other slider which creates an appealing sense
    I suck at making these ok :c
  1. Overlap > When 2 circles/sliders hit each other
  1. Stack > 2 notes on top of each other
  1. Jump > 2 notes with high spacing between them
    In this case, the jump is between 2 to 3
  1. Stream > Multiple notes in rapid succession
  1. NM > Normal Mod
  1. M4M > Mod for Mod
  1. GD > Guest Difficulty

If you notice that I am missing something, PLEASE POST BELOW
Here are some terms I think it can be included in the list.
  1. Nodes, slider points: The little squares on a slider.
  2. Red points, green points: Timing points, Inherited points.
  3. SR: Star rating (or star difficulty).

Otherwise cool thread.
nodes can also be called anchors (or at least some people call them that)
red points and green points can also be called red/green lines
also you should probably mention what a downbeat is
Maybe things as
Blanket, a slider around a circle/an other slider which creates an appealing sense
Overlap When 2 circles/sliders hit eachother
Stack, 2 notes on top of each other
Jump, 2 notes with high spacing between them
Stream, multiple notes in rapid succession

Though it might seem weird to add them, many newbie modders tend to mod NC/Blankets/Overlaps only when they start modding, often leaving the mapper with no clue what they are talking about (and since those modders are new, they often simply lack the ability to explain everything properly)
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updated with new stuff.
Downbeat is half right half wrong. It's not only the big white tick but also every other tick starting from that "big" white tick.
I also miss
Offset - Time a map starts (in ms)
Kiai - The intense part of a song (I really don't know how to word it)
Offbeat - (I really don't know how to explain)
There are a few more (Flow/Polarity/Aesthetics/Structure etc. but I don't think that is suited for newer mappers, they'll likely find it out at a later moment)
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Osuology wrote:

Downbeat is half right half wrong. It's not only the big white tick but also every other tick starting from that "big" white tick.
i think some people refer to it as the first white tick. but in musical terms, ur right, so i will change it.
NM/M4M/GD/AImod can be added as well, but I'm too lazy to think of definitions for these xd
NM - Normal Mod, a 'free' mod for your map
M4M - Mod for Mod, you mod a map to get a mod back
GD - Guest Difficulty, a difficulty someone else made for your set
AiMod - Osu's built-in checker for certain unrankable issues, accessible via Ctrl Shift A (editor only)
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updated, i didnt include aimod since i think its rather self explanatory for new mappers (i remember that was the first thing i looked at)
Looks neat!
You could possibly add timestamps with a short explanation on how to add+use them as the wiki doesn't really cover this and it's not intuitive to all people with the autoconversion.
How about BN?
Beatmap Nominator :)
How about adding command prompts and modding-lingo too?

Stuff like "red lines, green lines" / ctrl g / ctrl f / grid snap,

Also, diff settings could be more thorough maybe? like a quick explanation of what AR is, what OD is, what HP does, what CS does etc...
no 'kiai' ?
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i didn't really want to get deep into the definitions since the wiki has all of that
For "red lines" and "green lines" the terms un-/inherited sections are pretty common too, maybe you should add them as alternative terms there.
I'm pretty sure that slider points are called anchorpoints (red ones) and waypooints (gray ones) but barely no one uses them since they are either long or too confusing. I still find them more professional when it comes to explaining stuff instead of normal and red slider points.
I have never ever heard that term before, and I'm already mapping for over 3 years
Anchors are more known, but waypoints O.o
Is a thread like this worth a sticky?

edit: nvm, dumb question
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