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Hi all,

You may have noticed the ScoreV2 changes in the changelogs recently, with just over 7 weeks left until MWC begins we've released ScoreV2 for osu!mania in hopes that we can perfect the score system before the tournament. You will need to be on the Cutting Edge release stream to use this for now, but we will propagate it to all release streams (excluding fallback) when it is ready, just before MWC.

You'll be please to know that there are no more hidden multipliers and rounding issues have been eradicated, but that is not all. Let's go through a list of changes in this initial version:

Please, do not discuss Star Rating and PP here.

  1. Score is made up of 20% combo and 80% accuracy.
    1. We want to value the more accurate players (accuracy) whilst applying a small reward for consistency (combo).
  2. LN starts and ends are now judged separately.
    1. Previously LNs considered a joint timing distribution between the start press and end release. This made it unclear as to whether you'd get a MAX after an LN end as you had to take into consideration the LN start. Judging separately should feel more natural, rewarding (as you get instant feedback), and a bit more challenging.
  3. LN ends are given a 1.5x lenience to the hit windows.
    1. LN starts were previously given up to 1.2x timing window lenience and LN ends were given up to 2.4x timing window lenience. This reduces the complexity of releasing an LN whilst you're focusing on pressing other notes.
  4. If an LN is broken but re-pressed, the LN end will not award more than 50 points.
    1. Works similar to the current system depending on when you release the hold, but is lenient enough to feel rewarding even for newer players (consider that ScoreV2 will be used as the normal ranking in the future).
  5. LNs do not give combo ticks any more - only one combo tick for the start and end notes.
    1. Feels more natural rather than displaying a useless number.
  6. Mods are back! NF/EZ/HT give 0.5x score multipliers and DT/HR/HD/FI/FL give 1.06x score multipliers.
We've had some internal discussions about how LNs should work, but have not reached a definitive conclusion as there are split opinions. We are eager to hear your feedback regarding osu!mania scoring and this new scoring system!

I'll be adding here a list of changes I will consider. Please remember that we are fully intending to break the game with these changes. We will apply any changes necessary to make things work:
  1. Make DT adjust to 100%/110%/.../150% with score bonus increments of 0.05x (or something like that).
  2. Increase the bonus of HR or decrease the tightness of the timing windows.
---- Changelog:

Cutting Edge has been updated with changes to ScoreV2 that were proposed by Shoegazer here. I want to stress that the changes are not final and we are still tweaking the system to properly represent a player's skill in a competitive setting.

Please note that HD/FI/FL mod multipliers have not yet been removed. These are slated to be removed in the next iteration of changes.

Edit: Posting this because I've explained it on reddit:

There are two components to the score.
- Accuracy
Essentially as accuracy increases we want you to gain more and more score while accounting for the difficulty of maintaining a 99%+ accuracy over 90%. To do this accuracy is exponentiated so that it is not quite a linear multiplier. In the previous iteration it was raised to the 10th power, in the new iteration it is raised to a factor of the accuracy.
This has the effect of causing lower accuracies to not be so much of dead weight as they were previously, while still providing a steep curve towards 100% accuracy as seen in this graph (red = old, blue = new):

- Combo
Combo is the harder one to talk about. We want to award holding combo, but at the same time not punish holding 4000 combo and missing once too much. To achieve this your individual hit scores are weighted by the combo you have after hitting the note. In the previous iteration this was a linear relationship, which resulted in punishing for missing after holding 4000 combo. In the new iteration it is logarithmic, with a cap at log_4(400) (meaning combo > 400 will be weighed as if your combo was 400), as shown in this graph (red = old, blue = new):
Hidden mod with a multiplier is a terrible idea as most players are used to play nomod and will consider this straight unfair, while some players play ONLY with Hidden/Flashlight and they will get an advantage.
I support LN as two ticks.

I disagree with HD and FL being positive multipliers. You can start finding people who rely on them only and cannot play nomod.

There should be another visual mod: HD but fixed covering height. The current game doesn't support this so people just add a fixed height sprite covering the bottom of the lanes in the skin.
Pope Gadget
1.06x for visual mods (HD and FL) :V

Please, don't do that, I missed intentionally every 500 combos, It's an awfull combo system.
Score Multiplier in mania? then does that mean 1M as maximum score is no more?
I think everyone would agree on the HD/FI/FL giving a multiplier being a bad idea since people use HD/FI/FL as a playing style over normal standard playing
Hahaha, awesome.

HR/DT might as well not be ranked though - the 1.06x score-boost that you'd get is pretty much useless compared to the increase of difficulty due to the fact that rainbow accuracy counts for scoring as well. Nobody will benefit from that. :p

EDIT: Neat to see mods in MWC this year, but yeah - I will have to say that the score-boosts for HD/FI/FL are a bit unfair since we have established that certain players actually use those visual mods as a way to reduce the number of objects on the playfield (this is not as much of an issue in other games because they're not processing quite as much at one time). Then again, I'm personally not opposed to having pools like those for MWC too -- man, I'm gonna be the mania anti-christ to some of you soon. :p
nerf ht pp gain :(((
Out of curiosity, is it possible to post multiple score of different mod combinations on the same beatmap?

e.g. AIAE MX nomod pass (counts as pp), AIAE MX DT pass (counts as pp) ....

and pls nerf HT pp . w .

smoogipooo wrote:

LNs do not give combo ticks any more - only one combo tick for the start and end notes.
  1. Feels more natural rather than displaying a useless number.
Mods are back! NF/EZ/HT give 0.5x score multipliers and DT/HR/HD/FI/FL give 1.06x score multipliers.
1. mmm this feels like o2jam so.. rip easy 10k combo LMAO

2. well i kinda noticed that it'll be the same pp system as std and thus the mods in mania will be worthy but i'm not ready for this yet :c (i have this feeling that there'll be a team of people who accepts this change , and the one that doesn't)
everything looks great would love to see how miss counts and combos will turn out now

sharing the same sentiments as everyone does with lane cover multipliers
Will current scores be changed when this is released?

coursaunt wrote:

Will current scores be changed when this is released?
probably dam smoogi ninja'd
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coursaunt wrote:

Will current scores be changed when this is released?
No. That hasn't been discussed yet.
I think to address Halogen's concern,

HR, NC and DT should give x1.25 bonus. x1.06 is underrated considering that lane cover is also x1.06. I'll test the system later to see if a number between x1.25 and x1.06 works.


This doesn't seem right. Score gap between pew and snipers seems WAY too big.
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