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Welcome to my queue!

This is the queue where I'll take NM and M4M requests. Please read the following information and rules before requesting.


  1. Please take in mind: In the past my behaviour was terrible, specially in forums. But now I'm a chilling and a really friendly person, really glad to help people. If I mod your map and there's something I dislike, I'll tell you why without using rude words or coming out to a "drama". I don't beat after all :3
  2. Due to graphic issues of my computer, I use fallback osu! client. It's not my fault if I fail to detect something on your map.
  3. If there's an "OPEN" label in the title, requests are open; remember to look last post besides rules. Otherwise, don't request.
  4. Besides mods, I can do other things. If you're interested, you may look my userpage.


  1. First of all, read this thread if you're new on queues.
  2. I'll only mod osu! standard.
  3. I can mod in English and Spanish.
  4. I can mod any difficulty but I cannot play difficulties higher than Hard (I suck as a player so for testplays don't trust me)
  5. I like almost any kind of songs, besides anime. So the song's genre is not a basis for me, my basis to accept your request is how I like the song instead.
  6. My modding skill is average so I will help you as much as I can to improve your map. I mostly give design improvements than structure improvements so that's why I tell my modding skill "average".
  7. Please be sure to specify on your request if your map is ModV1 or ModV2. This rule is optional, but it would be thankful as I organize my mod requests.
  8. In this queue, all songs will have neutral priority. If you post more than 1 map for a mod, all of them will have neutral priority. With neutral priority of course I mean it is a random chance.
  9. If I love the song you're mapping, I'll give you a hype (if ModV2) or a SP shoot (if ModV1). My chances of doing that are lower, so you'll have random chance too.
  10. Do not post bubbled/qualified/loved/ranked maps. You may look for a beatmap nominator instead.
  11. For M4M: When open a M4M round, you will always mod first, unless instructed as otherwise.
  12. For M4M: If the open M4M round has more than 1 map available to mod, please be sure to specify the map you're going to mod.
  13. For special rounds: I'll open these rounds when I need help with something and I'll give mods as exchange. Following the instructions of the round will high-prioritize your request, but if you don't follow them, there's no problem. It's likely optional.
  14. I don't like blacklists, so I'm not making one. But if you're rude with me or you don't read the rules multiple times, I'll ignore you silently until you apologize in private.
  15. If you read the rules and you're agree with them, describe your map in 3 words. You can use these 3 words to describe your map's concept or why should I look at it.

Thanks for choosing my queue!
open: NM / GD
closed: M4M

Ayy new que hype! Thanks in advance
hello :)
I have a NM request.
Here is the link to my map https://osu.ppy.sh/s/465664
It's a very slow and easy map, but I hope that's ok for you.
Have fun with the modding.
congrats on getting ur first Speed ranked map c:

Btw nm request on https://osu.ppy.sh/s/466104

48 sec drain only , please pay more attention to e/n/h since its my first time making those

Thanks in advanced
Hi, NM request.


Hola NM pls :v


Puedes moddear solo las diffs que quieras!

Gracias :)
NM request~
It's a long song so even if you mod one diff that'd be much appreciated
Thanks c:
Toraboruta - Soleil
heya, NM please :3
thanks. :D
Poi o3o NM Request, Thanks~
(De nuevo felicidades por el qualified~)
hey there, NM pls
thank you -w-
(nm req, thx in adv)
GD Req
if accept you can choose what diff you want to do
thank you
Hi~ NM request please >w<
NM request
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