Team Nekokan - Can't Defeat Airman

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Hi guys

This is my first osu map, hope you guys like it ^^

Team Nekokan - Can't Defeat Airman


Whoa, what an awesome map. The sliders are really well done! Lucky the life drain is forgiving or it would be impossible to pass. It's hard enough already ^^

Respect to the holycow from the holysheep =)

:o I love the song, so fast and upbeat, and the beatmap you made is the same :D
Only real gripe is the first spinner, it's just a little bit too long I think, and there are a few gaps during the song with no beats, but as eyup said, the life drain is forgiving.
Criticism aside, very good first beatmap!!

Edit: Haha, I have to ask this... Have you actually beaten your own beatmap? I've gotten damn close, it's addictive.
Got this song stuck in my head at work today >< downloading it just for the mp3 haha. It reminds me of the ending theme from Final Fantasy Tactics anime (I forget the name) - I wonder if its by the same artist...
It's on my phone now :D I listen to it on the train and bus.
This is the song i was talking about. Its really good too! If i get time I'll try and get a beatmap together for it... but I doubt that'll happen --;

peppy wrote:

This is the song i was talking about. Its really good too! If i get time I'll try and get a beatmap together for it... but I doubt that'll happen --;
Ah, good choice, I haven't seen FF: Unlimited in ages now, good luck with the beatmap
Uhm, I've added a video background to this beatmap. With the creator's permission, I'd like to upload it.

It's the video from

I had to add 2.6 seconds of black at the beginning to make it sync with the beatmap, but I think it might be a few milliseconds off, nothing really that noticeable.

It doesn't replace the original.

Edit: Oh, and also... ... texcel.jpg

I'd upload the replay but Iunno how ;-;
Offsets for video can be set in the osu file. Please read the guide to creating beatmaps for further info.

Please upload this - HOLYcow is AWOL and I'd really love to see this with video :D
Like I said, the video seems to sync up, but it seems maybe a few milliseconds off. It doesn't bother me, but if you wanna put the couple millisecond offset yourself and OFFICIALLY upload it, then be my guest o.o'

Also, it looks really crappy with combo fire enabled, so you might wanna disable that XD
i am a pen
I really love this song and the beatmap. But I keep losing in one part where the circles are far away but with short time between them, using mouse is a pain to me. =P

No complains, it's me the one that has problems, not the beatmap. XD
This beatmap rocks, even though I always die near the end.

It should definitely become official/ranked.
Every song listed in the official listing will be ranked ;). In time.
I noticed an issue with my video one. It seems like the first time you play it after loading osu!, the video is a second late. But if you play it afterwards, it syncs up fine.

Maybe it's just me o.O
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Both the original link and download button are broken.
Thanks for the heads-up. Link has been fixed!
[deleted user]
The link seems to be working now, though the download button the beatmap listing page gives the following error:

The requested URL /files/Team Nekokan - Can was not found on this server.
I guess there's a problem with the apostrophe?
I love this song. This beatmap rocks to heck! Good work! ;)
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