Poll 31: What contests would you like to see more of?

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What contests would you like to see more of?

Regular mapping contests
Aspire mapping contests
osu!idol competitions
osu!fanart contests
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#1 vote was for fanart contests since it's been a long time, and it was always fun to look through the submissions for those and see all the talent in the community.

#2 vote was for more frequent beatmapping contests. Monthly might be too often, but if they cycled through all of the modes then you could have some of them overlapping. For example, a new one starting every month, but no two consecutive months being the same mode, leaving a month for submissions and the next month for judging.
I didn't vote for osu!idol because it takes so long to get one round through and the interest hasn't been that great(not even 100 participants last time)
I think it's cooler as a yearly competition and I will totally do better in the next one!
Mapping contests could certainly be more frequently though.
As a player, I'd like to see mappers let loose on Aspire mapping contests more often.
Fanart Contests,please.
Sure,there isn't much to be drawn because it's a circle clicking game but I love to see how creative everyone can get.

sukiNathan wrote:

aspire pls
Fanart, there is more than enough regular and aspire style mapping around
i loved charles' Evanescent from the aspire contest, and i want to try making my own weird map :^)
Aspire seems like just the sort of thing I'd love to have
regular mapping contests with different prizes other than bundled maps
what about t-shirt designs
a contest designed to showcase music from producers in the community

rewards can be anything and even play into the contest's theme (for example, a new osu! theme song, mapping contest song, etc)
More regular beatmapping contests would be great, especially for other modes (Me being a mainly ctb mapper kinda makes me biased though xd), and I'd love to see more fanart contests for the community, even though I wouldn't be taking part in them, I know a lot of people that'd make some really good stuff.
Regular mapping contests only. because let's see some good maps :D

NekoLumi wrote:

Storyboard contests.
For sure, this could be a great idea.
The aspire constest was the funniest imo
Again, aspire contest.
Only one so far and it's really fun and rare chance to rank tricky (but playable) maps.

NekoLumi wrote:

NekoLumi wrote:

Storyboard contests.
For sure, this could be a great idea.
But... The beatmap itself? :<
More aspire contests. You get to see what the community can really do when the ranking criteria doesn't restrict it. Plus, the song choice from the last aspire contest was better than most of the songs from the regular mapping contests.
Ayesha Altugle
Aspire. Let's see who can get shitmapping way too far. /s

To test the creativity of a user to make the map.
Regular and Aspire mapping contests for the win.

As I can sing (ish) Osu!idol would kinda be okay too, but it's not really the thing for Osu! in my opinion, and the same with art contests (even though my art is horrible), but again, not exactly the thing for Osu!
I think we should have a lot of mapping contests, since it can benefit the community a lot, with making more people want to make their own beatmaps etc.
I'd probably say osu!idol. I have a really really high goddess voice.

I don't have a mic however. :(:(:(:(

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Thanks to everyone who participated!
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