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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, March 04, 2016 at 5:56:00 PM

Artist: DM vs. POCKET
Title: uNDeRWoRLD MoNaRCHy
Tags: DM DOKURO Pocket Dokuro The Underground Radio toby fox soundtrack remix arrange arrangement drum and bass dnb chiptune Bergentrückung Bergentrueckung Bergentruckung ASGORE Heartache Determination
BPM: 177
Filesize: 18463kb
Play Time: 07:13
Difficulties Available:
  1. MaRaTHoN (5.09 stars, 1586 notes)

Download: DM vs. POCKET - uNDeRWoRLD MoNaRCHy
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
This map works best with Score V 1. The intro is unfair in v2.
Storyboard tries to avoid spoilers, but it's better watched only if you have finished playing Undertale.
It is mostly indirect, so it won't make sense otherwise
(which is good because spoiling undertale is for losers)

Go check out DM DOKURO, and PLAY UNDERTALE if you haven't already.

Here's the SGL code, for those who want to see how this was done / learn SGL by example - - SGF

Special Thanks:
Blue Dragon for beat placement consulting on two parts (made the parts not terrible)
Aiceo for me shamelessly ripping off his DNB style (lol)
Sync for some QA
MMzz for early playtesting
Forlornly for some hitsound consulting
Everyone else I sent the WIP osz to (like ten people idk)

P.S. I heard DM DOKURO really likes getting youtube subscribers / twitter followers.

P.P.S If the storyboard fireballs are moivng down in a straight line, that means it broke. Redownload the map entirely.
hi mom
this stoyboard is so amazing ;3; love the shaking text in he end :P

also is it suppouse to be like this? i'm not sure cause can't download the beatmap

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That stuff will apparently fix itself in a few hours, it's a game-wide issue
also i think the background should have the dog over the title like in the storyboard intro
ur filled with MEMES
Cool map and storyboard! :)

Altough, now that I think of it, DM DOKURO's songs seems to be storyboarded a lot. I mean, as far as I know, we already have three of them:
  1. SAVE by Kaitjuh
  2. Reality Check Through The Skull by me (Taiko only for the moment)
  3. uNDeRWoRLD MoNaRCHy by- oh wait, you just did this.

And coincidentally, they're all linked to the final bosses... oh wait, those are spoilers... :? Even though, you managed to avoid spoilers as much as possible, by only showing attacks instead to the characters, whereas Kaitjuh and I, well... Let's just say it's resumed in what I said on my map.
Just, on the tags, you should add "Bergentruckung"... without the "ü". Typing it without the "ü" doesn't make it appear on the Beatmap listing on the website and in the song select screen of the game. (No kudosu for this, I mean, it's just a tag!)

undo wrote:

also i think the background should have the dog over the title like in the storyboard intro
Also, Toby, please stop appearing everywhere. You're even on this page! No need to appear on the original background if you only appear after it starts! (Seriously, I don't really see the logic in that. The background is used in the storyboard. Putting the dog in the bg would cause problems, for example, the dog going on himself at the start and appearing each time UNDERTALE appears in the SB.)

undo wrote:

this stoyboard is so amazing ;3; love the shaking text in he end :P

also is it suppouse to be like this? i'm not sure cause can't download the beatmap
Uh... You need to download the beatmap in order to see the storyboard... But if you can't download it so you can't see... Wha- huh? Ok, I'm going to bed, my brain can't understand. :o Good night everyone!

*koopa712 leaves the room. The fact that one day, he will be able to understand what happened, fills him with determination. And he's determined to sleep. Not the best use of determination, even though the worst use of it wa- *MESSAGE CORRUPTED*
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Added burger trucking bergentruckung to the tags, good idea
OD9? really? lol
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Doing OD 9 since the timing throughout is very consistent / lots of supporting drums to keep rhythm.
I think people can handle it for this set? Since it's mostly consistent drumming and has stream design much in the same vein as Starlite.

I think if it becomes a big problem for people trying to play it then I'll definitely consider lowering it.

So I have a better phrasing for it, uhh

There's like, two playerbases for this map.

1. Those who like the song and the context of the storyboard
2. Those who like to farm the PP

So you've got hitsounding and the storyboard and the map being at 5.09, which is meant to fit the criterion for group 1 pretty well (it's a bit on the tough side though, 4 stars would be far more accessible)

But then you have the OD 9, which, when going from OD 8 to OD 9, makes the map approachable for mid-range players trying to improve at the game (especially on a marathon), group 2.
The only problem being that this can alienate users from group 1, which I DON'T want to do.

So I'm open to feedback on OD right now. 8 might be better, 9 might be fine, heck 8.5 might end up being the solution, who knows.
I'd like to hear opinions on OD for sure, it's incredibly important to get right.

EDIT: Due to the slider kiai part it seems like this is going to end up being OD 8
Going to wait for more feedback, of course
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OD is now 8 after getting much feedback
Are the hitsounds at the beginning supposed to be dissonant?

They sound really weird, for me at least (yes I re-dl'd)
can i get some kudosu or are you going to be a weJ
i can do one taiko gd? pls!
Great map
You're a god.
That's been a long time I haven't enjoyed playing the game but this was really cool (default skin, storyboard on, no overmapping => feels)

kd <3
This map is everything I've ever wanted and more *-*
I love you Charles
Really well playing map, Undertale song, damn epic storyboard, marvelous hitsounding..

what do you need more in life?!
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Alheak wrote:

Are the hitsounds at the beginning supposed to be dissonant?

They sound really weird, for me at least (yes I re-dl'd)
They're 4 note chords, but I'm bad at 4 note chords, especially for minor keys with weird progression
There's not much proper sheet music for what this song is based on, and this song is in a different key than the original track (I think) so it's hard to cross-reference Q_Q

Tried to play it safe with some traditional minor chords (uh, like, starting with i, somewhere has V to VI, whatnot) but it does sound a bit funky.
I'm going to try getting the melody / bass from the original down, then compare it to the melody / supporting melody in this version and see if I can do something with that.

Right now it works with the highest and lowest notes, but again determining whether something is V or a diminished 7th isn't my forte

Thanks for pointing out that it sounds weird, it sounded really weird before so this is revision 2, looks like it needs a third revision
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