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Changes to tag and diffs applied!
Fixed some snaps. Bubbled!
btw can we change the diff name to something like Mikiib's hard or something lul

btw toybot: i think 00:36:951 - its kinda random to just skip this drum sound when u seem to focus on drums all through this section 00:32:666 (2,3,1,2,3,4,5) -
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No :)

unless you want kuaib or son
omg is my boy miKII going to get his FIRST ranked map ???

also i think you should definitely rename kibb's collab hard to pkuaib's tragic love normal+++
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I'm unfriending you
Nao Tomori
hi guys popping over some subjective issues in the top diff and toybot's extra.

01:30:358 - ur breaks rnt snapped cuz u changed offset or something

00:07:775 (3,4,5) - this really sounds like the same thing as 00:07:281 (1) - but its differently represented, kinda weird imo

00:25:083 (4) - i know you're following vocals but 2 stronger notes could be better as 2 circles.

00:26:237 (3,4,5) - doesn't sound like anything major to emphasize with the overmapped triple, since the stronger notes are on the next slider.

00:44:204 (1,5) - inconsistent nc here imo

01:14:122 - sounds like it could be a quint instead, dunno.

02:03:984 (2) - u could like move this 3 px to the left and it might look better cuz it follows the slider path

02:43:379 (1) - these are pretty major sounds to put under slider end imo.

03:00:193 (3) - sound weird cuz vocal is on blue tick but w/e

03:44:038 - should at least be kickslider imo, drum sound pretty clear here

[toybots extra]

00:07:940 (5,6,7) - really weird note to emphasize with overmapped triple.

00:36:457 - drum, like kibb said

00:42:885 - the kickslider placement in this stream was weird. it seems like it was on vocals, with this 00:44:039 (7) but then 00:44:369 - gets ignored and 00:44:534 - has it instead. 00:44:863 (3,4) - not sure why these are there either.

the next half of the stream then has kicksliders right before the vocals, to make a jump on those, but that isn't used in the first half, and both of them start with 16 note streams which ignore the vocals entirely by nature of being pure circles. i think this should be changed to be more consistent overall, using one concept for when to place kicksliders.

00:54:094 (1) - you put streams on this earlier.

01:47:088 - weird ignoring this too

02:11:731 (2) - 02:17:006 (2) - meh looks kinda bad, better to put it in line with slider track. you do it consistently but ehh

02:53:599 (4,5,1) - feels like 4 is the stronger note that you would overmap a triple on, not 1.

03:44:615 - super anticlimatic spinner lol

[other shit]
can u change the collab names to actually have your name on them i got confused wondering who kibb and probox collabbed with >.>

like.. mikiibb or mikiibox or something idk

ok pm me when respond
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I'll get the issues checked out tomorrow, thanks for checking it out after all
00:54:094 (1) - you put streams on this earlier. // tbh i'd like to keep a simple contrast to the previous stream heavy section
02:11:731 (2) - 02:17:006 (2) - meh looks kinda bad, better to put it in line with slider track. you do it consistently but eh // i think i changed most of these in the map now, hate them
03:44:615 - super anticlimatic spinner lol // i'd like to keep this just bc, its not a big deal anyway

thanks! https://0paste.com/10730.txt
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03:44:038 (1) - is pretty consistent 01:15:358 (1) - 02:01:841 (1) -
01:13:874 (2,1) - more vocals imo

other than these, i'm pretty sure i have changed the rest. I'll sort out the collabing issue
Nao Tomori

Monstrata wrote:

Fixed some snaps. Bubbled!
changed a slider on easy go me
have been waiting ever since submitted date
good one brother!
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thank you guys!
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