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-Asta- wrote:

i've been searching for my profile but there are no results do you know why? ????
encountering this bug

scores updated but skills arent

love this project btw
Litmus Paper
Is there a way to calculate based on my score's highest pp play rather than highest scorev1 value, since I play a lot of maps with NF to avoid scorev1ing myself

Wanko-Wanko wrote:

Hi, just for a suggestion, what if you could change the skills score to be based off from their skill rank with linear percentile regression?

For example, It doesn't make any sense for a player like BTMC to have agility as his "best" skillset because he is obviously a stream player with his jump ability lacking behind.

He has #242 for stamina, #142 for tenacity, and #2179 for his agility. Yet, his title is Swift?

A rank normalized skillset scoring system will work better as it will have a much more direct correlation to their actual skillsets.
I have kinda thought about this too. It seems like the cap for agility is much higher than the other skills. Agility seems like its almost everyone's highest skill which doesn't seems to make much sense so im not sure why that is
Kurtisdede Can you remove the #1 score from here? I made it on lazer where you can just glitch it, it's been a while since I made them and they're kind of starting to annoy me - same for here.

thank you
When will reading come out?
the german #1 (#37 global) memory player is a cheater, who has been unbanned, his bancho profile is cleared, but osu!skills still shows all the cheated scores...
still waiting for reading, i wait patiently though and hope that it comes this year
It seems that if you change your name, that was once owned by someone else, your "skill" is being shown as your old name, but if you click on the specific skill sets, the skills from the old player with that name is shown.

Here is an example of myself suffering from this issue:

here are my overall skillsets shown and all counted as MY scores I set.

But if I wanna go into the specific skillset for example Precision:

you can see that the scores from the old player with that name is shown.

I think you can see the issue. It is basically impossible for me to look at the scores that give me these rankings.

Perhaps you could implement a feature that uses the user ID rather than the name. Or maybe add the Username_old tag or something that could prevent that issue.

I hope that this problem is fixable in the near future!

Midori :)
I don't like how accuracy doesn't affect reaction

kingautist wrote:

I don't like how accuracy doesn't affect reaction
Why would accuracy affect reaction? Seems a little redundant to have two separate categories at that point
why agility has way higher numbers than others. like difference is huge why is it so overweighted
Topic Starter
All payment methods for the server aren't available anymore right now for me due to recent sanctions on Russia. But the website should work for atleast 6 months from now (it's the maximum advance payment the webhosting company could offer)
After a namechange my scores are not visible anymore. It fetches new scores and all the skill values are working as expected, but when i click the skill i cannot see my scores and how much they are worth. Is this a known bug / is there anything i can do about it?
I had the same issue as "Super Mario" here, except instead of showing no data it shows the scores of the guy that had my name before I renamed myself (this fixes itself automatically when I put the new _old name they have so that their scores get updated)
Will there ever be a way / is there a way to lookup specific maps and see what values a score would have?
reading lol
Hidamari no Uta DT is just broken on "stamina"... A lot of people say that they don't deserve their country's position on "stamina" and casually they have that song on their top. (some of them double-tapped on the short part at the end of the song)
Tangela Merkel
I dont know if this is a known bug, but I just overwrote my HDHR score on this map beatmapsets/1251944#osu/2957123 with a higher combo Nomod score and better acc.
That play is now my highest rated accuracy score on osu!skills because it still detects it as a HDHR score, just with my better Nomod acc.

Wanted to report this bug because it can actually massively inflate some numbers if people (for example) overwrote DT passes on very difficult maps with high acc Nomod scores.

abraker wrote:

Current skill algorithm are not equipped to deal with this for the same reasons why some skills are over weighted or under weighted
Personally I just look at the rankings instead of the score. Why worry about weight when you already supply the numbers you need? Makes everything look pretty and diverse.

On the left are the title updates and on the right are the titles shown on the website, how gorgeous is that? All I did was use the rankings and calculated that below (sorry for the mess). I'd love to describe the numbers but frankly I just kinda went into the zen mode and crapped it out, but it came out nice. But as far as I can tell, anything under 80% is thrown away, anything over 90% sticks, and in-between I have it compared to the median.

This project is an absolute dream to a stats-drooler like myself, and if there ever releases one for Taiko, I would probably make brown. If I could, I'd love to assist in any way possible.

Edit: Original scores because why the why not. Ignore the purple and the gray text since I made this for friends, but the ones that are italicized are our highest based on the rankings, and the ones that are blue are our lowest.
has anyone here used the training feature extensively? i wanna know your thoughts
Will there be an unofficial servers support such as <...>?

Sharpsight wrote:

Will there be an unofficial servers support such as <...>?
I can almost say with certainty this will never happen.

Also please avoid using unofficial servers. It puts your main osu! account at risk since the client can send your login info to untrusted third parties.
IMPRESSIVE BEAR number 1 accuracy player atm, cheated scores
Is there a way to get points with only using flashlight to get memory points too? Because getting some points on that would be pretty neat even if it gives a tiiiiny amount of points...Or is it actually possible to do that?
Hi, my memory scores won't add to my memory score even though they are registered on the webiste, is there any fix to this?
nevermind the score added
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