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5eania wrote:

Charles445 wrote:

04:13:572 (3) - I think this could be farther away, maybe to the right, gives more impact and makes the distance to 4 less awkward. -> achttps://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4504641
04:13:909 (4) - This small spacing from 3 is a bit weird, same with the angle. I'd move the 4 to the bottom part of the screen, not the top. That way they are moving the opposite direction of where the 3 is going. -> https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4504643i redesign to that around section a little bit. idk it's ok
04:15:932 (1,1,1,1) - These slider stream jumps are really big! I recommend redoing the first 3 so they aren't as large, breaking off sliders at this point in the map would be upsetting. D: i have no idea more; i set increase sv to first slider and reversed (Ctrl + G) second slider
04:19:134 (2) - I'd move this down a little more. The player isn't going to follow the 2 at all since they have to get ready for 3, so it'd be nicer to have it lower, maybe a bit more to the left. -> https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4504648ac
04:23:347 (1,2,3,4,5) - I think a repeat slider would be fine here, 1/8 slider streams are really weird / easy to break on. ac
04:26:718 (1,1) - These jumps are again a bit too big. Not as tricky as the other ones but still could have the spacing reduced it's ok. isn't it? yes you right. that two sliders has pretty long distance with each other. but slider makes free 300 point many times, so i think this is no problem
Firis Mistlud
uhhhh why Midge's tag is still there
After a lot of modding / playtesting / redesigning, map's finally ready to go.
If you remember this map from some months ago, take a look again, it's very different.

This is a pretty gimmicky map, so here's a bit of a rundown of what to expect.
Map is dominantly focusing on the vocals. Beats are often "skipped" in order to follow the vocalist.
This means long and fast sliders, as well as a techno breakdown portion with sudden movements.

Map used to be 6 stars, it's 5.7 now. Jumps have been seriously nerfed.
Sliders have been made far less jagged, aren't over-extended, and overall function properly.
Many patterns have been completely redone to make them play well.

So yeah this plays real good now. Here's my replay and the score.

Here's Bubble #1 (rebubble).
I double-checked for any off-screen notes, inaudible/inconsistent hitsounds, timing, hidden reverse arrows, my soul, and...pretty much everything else. Let's give this map a try at least and see how it goes from here.

Bubble #2~
Firis Mistlud
Hype hype hype
I've looked over this map quite a few times in the past, most of my concerns seem to be resolved so gonna give this a try

btw some of you might question about the 5% volume slider ticks, they are in fact audible with default volume settings so I don't see it as a problem
mother of god
I can see people placeholdering already
Here we go ~
Congratz for getting this far.
Nice to see ya finally get this out there
Map feels a lot better to play now, great job Slick (and modders) :)
? dang
rip midge (again)
gz Slick!
oh wow nice one slick this actually happened
Cherry Blossom
Not a placeholder post.
I'll just give a try to this map too :3
Congrats, glad to see this qualified😄
Congrats Slick, this map has come a long way.

I envy your determination and patience in order to get this map qualified. Let's hope it lasts until the end!
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