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Hello, and welcome to the second edition of TWC: LMS (Last Man Standing). This time, Dainesl and I will be taking the role of running the tournament. With last year’s tournament being a moderate success, we hope to bring fun for all of the players, new and old, with this iteration of TWC: LMS.

For those of you who are just joining us, let us explain what TWC: LMS is. It is an annual spin-off of the traditional Taiko World Cup, with a twist! Rather than being team score versus team score, each team will fight to survive in a 3v3 (depending on the number of people, we’ll get to that) environment. Each team selects a song and plays normally, but the player who scores the lowest is eliminated, think of it like dodgeball!

We’re very excited and optimistic to see our dreams being realised in the tournament we envisioned would be fun for the community and also ourselves. Every player, every country, beginner or expert, you are all invited! So with that said, we welcome you warmly and with open arms to the Taiko World Cup: Last Man Standing 2!
Taiwan A wins!

France places Second

Japan A places Third

Hong Kong places Fourth

Congratulations to you all!

List of Registered Teams

Stream Channel Here!

Schedules and Bracket



Map Pools:

Suggest maps here!

Tournament Staff:

Management and Organization: Backfire and Nwolf
Sub-Management (Helpers/Creators) : Dainesl and agu
Mappool Selection: Lno, Nwolf and Backfire
Mappool Mappers: climbb65588, aabc271, Backfire and Lno
Referees: Fraolinch, Niko-Nyan, Alepat and all other staff.
Shamelessly Stolen from NAT

Creates the room with an appropriate Match title.
Save the link to the multiplayer history.
Set the match to Team Vs mode.
Remain host during all maps and use the multiplayer chat to take each player's requests.
Do not skip the intro.
Screenshot (Shift+F12) the results of each match.
Create a post containing the match title, history and screenshots afterwards.
Streamers: LunaticP and Lno
Commentators: Backfire, Kyoren and Other Guests!
Statistics: Compiled by the staff

Tournament Dates:

Registration Period: March 16th - May 4th
Tournament Start: May 9th
Tournament End: June 16th


First Place: 6 Months of Supporter and Profile Badges for the whole team
Second Place: 4 Months of Supporter for the whole team
Third Place: 2 Months of Support for the whole team
Signature Code:



Please read the rules carefully and thoroughly!
1.1: The osu! Taiko World Cup - Last Man Standing (LMS) is a country-based 3v3 team tournament, with the aspects of knock-out rules, and single elimination bracket.

1.2: The maps for each round will be announced by the mapset selector in advance on the Sunday before the actual matches take place.
  • 1.2.1: There will also be a Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime and FreeMod bracket, as well as a new feature, a Tiebreaker bracket with THREE harder and longer maps where you are allowed to each ban one if the match ends in a tie. The remaining map will be played.
  • 1.2.2: FreeMod allows either HardRock or Hidden mode to be used.

1.3: Match schedule will be settled by the Tournament Management.

1.4: If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.

1.5: Use of the Visual Settings options are allowed.

1.6: If the game ends in a draw, the match will be played with another tiebreaker via the !roll system.

1.7: If a player disconnects, then they’re eliminated from the game.
  • 1.7.1: Unless the disconnected player has a screenshot with their final score, or the server saved their score before disconnection, so we can compare it to the others.
    1.7.2: The second exception is when the player is disconnected at the beginning of the game, before hitting any notes. In that case, there will be a rematch.

1.8: Maps cannot be reused in the same match unless the game was nullified.

1.9: If less than 3 players attend, you are allowed to choose to play with your amount of players with the appropriate amount of lives that a 3 player team would normally have. You are only allowed to do this one time. Afterwards, you will have 10 minutes to get at least 3 players to play, if you cannot, you must forfeit that life and play handicapped.

1.10: Exchanging players during a match is allowed.
  • 1.10.1: You can not exchange with someone who’s already eliminated.

    1.10.2: You can only exchange one person per map.

1.11: Lag is not a valid reason to nullify a map.

1.12: Unexpected incidents are handled by the tournament management.

1.13: Any modification of these rules will be announced.

1.14: Note that the players who get knocked out during a match is only gone temporarily, during the match. If their team advances, they can participate in the next match their team plays in.
2.1: Your team needs at least 3 players to participate.
  • 2.1.1: The maximum size of a team is 6 players.

    2.1.2: Bi-national teams and regional teams are allowed.

    2.1.3: Ask the Tournament Staff about these regional teams for verification.

    2.1.4: You must specify a captain who will represent a team.

2.2: The Tournament Team involved directly with the map pool may not participate as players in this tournament. This does not include referees, streamers and commentators.

2.3: The maximum amount of teams is 32.

2.4: For a team to sign up, the captain must PM one of the Tournament Management.

2.5: To ensure valid registrations, any registrations and changes will be checked.

2.6: All successfully registered teams will be published once they have been confirmed with the captains.
  • 2.6.1: Captains will get notified when their roster has been accepted or rejected.

    2.6.2: Upon rejection, one of the tournament staff members should explain the reason why your team has been declined.
3.1: In the first stage (Group Stage), the teams will be divided into 8 groups of 4 teams.

  • 3.1.1: If less than 32 teams arrive, the grouping will be set up differently.

3.2: Each team from each group will face all the other teams once.

3.3: Rankings of each group are determined by sorting the results of each team's performance in the following priority:
  • 3.3.1: More Matches Won.
    3.3.2: Have higher {(the number of maps won) - (the number of maps defeated)}.
    3.3.3: Most maps won.
    3.3.4: Winner of the rematch.

3.4: The top 2 teams of each group will move on to the Knock-Out Stages. (depending on the grouping)

3.5: Following stages are Knock-Out Stages. This means that the winner moves to the next stage and the losing team gets put into the loser brackets.

3.6: Winning condition: In all rounds, you need to knockout all players from the opponent team. The weakest player of every played map gets knocked out from the match (or lose a life). Team that loses all players - loses the match.
  • - From Group Stage, everyone has one life.
    - Starting in Round of 16 and ending in Quarter-Finals, the captain is allotted one extra life.
    - In Semi-Finals, the next player to receive an extra life is designated by the team.
    - In Finals, all three players are given an extra life.
4.1: A referee (or tournament manager) will create a multiplayer room 20 minutes in advance. Players must gather during this period.
  • 4.1.1: The room will be locked. The password and multiplayer invite will be sent to the two captains as soon as possible.
    4.1.2: Room settings are Taiko, Team-Vs., Win Condition: 'Score'. Room name must be "TWC:LMS 2015: TeamBlue vs TeamRed"
    4.1.3: The team mentioned first in the room name must be the blue team, the team mentioned second in the room name must be the red team.
    4.1.4: Blue team must occupy slots 1, 2 and 3. Red team must occupy slots 5, 6 and 7.
    4.1.5: The setup at the start of the match must remain consistent throughout.

4.2: Players are free to select up to two warm-up maps.

4.3: Map selection will alternate between each captain selecting a map out of the map pool. Each captain must use "!roll" once in #multiplayer to determine which team selects first. Highest score will mean first pick.
  • 4.3.1: The captains may select maps out of the NoMod and FreeMod bracket freely.
    4.3.2: Selection out of mod-specific brackets is limited. Each captain may only select one map from each mod-restricted bracket during the match.

4.4: In case when one player lasts in both teams, the tiebreaker map must be played.
  • 4.4.1: From Quarter-Finals onward, they need to both have one life left to play tiebreaker.

4.5: Results will be published via the Statistics site.
5.1: There will be 1 map-pool for the Group Stage, 1 map-pool for Round 16, 1 map-pool for the Quarter-Finals, 1 map-pool for the Semi-Finals, 1 map-pool for the Winners Finals + Losers semi-finals and a special map-pool for the Losers GF and Winners Grand Final.

5.2: Each map-pool consists of 6 brackets: NoMod, Hidden, HardRock, DoubleTime, FreeMod and Tiebreakers.

5.3: Each map-pool consists of 22 maps in total.

5.4: Each map-pool has three tiebreaker. These will be the hardest and longest maps of the current pool.
  • 5.4.1: The tiebreakers will be Free Mod.
    5.4.2: Each team will ban one tiebreaker, with the remaining one being played.
    5.4.3: In the freak event of a tie on the tiebreaker, the players will use the !roll function to decide who gets to pick out of the banned 2 maps to play as the tiebreaker for the tiebreaker.

5.5: The NoMod bracket will be played with no mods activated.

5.6: The Hidden, HardRock and DoubleTime bracket will be played with the respective mods activated.

5.7: The FreeMod bracket will have FreeMod activated. Every individual player can pick Hidden, HardRock or no mod at all. You may only have one mod activated, not both.
  • 5.7.1: When playing a FreeMod map, at least one player of each team must have one mode activated.

5.8: The size of the NoMod bracket will be 7 for all pools.

5.9: The size of the mod-specific brackets will be 3 for all pools.

5.10: No more than 3 maps of the same person per pool.

5.11: Unsubmitted (Non-BSS) maps are allowed in the pool, via uploading from permission of the creators.

5.12: The mappool will be released about 1 week in advance of the match.
6.1: Each stage will be held on a single weekend, unless in very special cases in which we can make exceptions.

6.2: Matches in Group Stage may overlap.

6.3: All Knock-Out Stages will be held on either Saturday or Sunday (refer to Tournament Schedule).

6.4: Scheduling will be handled by the Tournament Management. Schedules and map-pools will be released on the Sunday before the first matches of the actual stage. The Tournament Management will try to create the schedule to respect the participant's time zone.

6.5: Captains are responsible for their teams’ availability. The greater team size exists to ensure every team can provide at least three players for each match.
7.1: A big emphasis on the new feature in this tournament, we want everyone to be aware that there are THREE tiebreakers, and each team will be able to ban ONE. The remaining tiebreaker will be played.

7.2: Each team is allowed to name their team. Ex. Team Japan is “Team Moe”

7.3: Each team may upload a logo the size of osu! avatars. Ex. USA could have a Don with the American flag.

7.4: This tournament WILL be using the Losers and Winners bracket system.

7.5: Due to this format, finals will be held on two seperate weekends, the first weekend deciding who plays in the Grand Finals on the next weekend.

7.6: The pools for the grand finals will be a mix of maps left unused from the winners and losers finals as well as new maps picked for the grand finals specifically.

7.7: Teams WILL NOT be able to ban individual maps other than the Tie Breakers.

7.8: Have Fun! :)

If there are any questions about the rules, please either post in this thread, or contact a Tournament Manager privately!

One More Thing!

There's going to be lots of fun stuff for all of the players to do this tournament!
First, we are going to try to include another place for players to find teammates again like last year.

Second, we will be doing live previews of the pools at the end of our streams, featuring me, Lno, and many more guests!

Third, we will get interviews with the players after the game from the winning and losing teams to get their thoughts.

Fourth, we will make sure to be 100% clear with all of the players. We will communicate with you! We're your friends, so don't be scared of us. :)

Finally, we hope mostly to add a lot of fanfare for the players in this tournament. We want winning to be a good thing, a monumental thing for all of those involved! A post tournament ceremony will be held for the winners!
what the hell, dark .-.
Lost The Lights
Hype guys!
Hype \o/
Hype. :)

DarkStoorM wrote:

Would love to know when registrations are going to be starting + when you plan on getting the tournament underway.

edit: Move tournament date info to its own section instead of under "Tournament Staff"
Topic Starter
Quick little announcement, I made the tournament dates more clear and I have also cleared up some things.

There will be a seperate weekend for the grand finals, so there will be 6 weekends instead of 5, due to the format. The loser of winners and winner of losers will fight to see who gets the last place in GF on sunday, more than likely.

I have put most of these rules and info in the special rules and the map pool instructions.
Really Hyped !

DarkStoorM wrote:

What do you say the difficulty level will be here? (4 star? 5 star? 6 star? 7 star? overmapped? lol)
or otherwise what would be the recommended skill level, im not sure i want to join if im just going to get stomped on
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ikin5050 wrote:

What do you say the difficulty level will be here? (4 star? 5 star? 6 star? 7 star? overmapped? lol)
or otherwise what would be the recommended skill level, im not sure i want to join if im just going to get stomped on
It will be about the same as LMS 1 but half a star higher for every pool, I suppose. Just an estimate. We don't know too well, the pool is constantly changing :)
hype :D
I'm so in. Enough of mappools, play time is coming!
nya :3
Can I ask something here about this?

Edit1: Thanks, I just wanted to know it. lol
Edit3: s
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