[o!m4K / Taiko] [BETA] Sightreading Brackets // Week #8 open!

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FRIENDLY REMINDER, YOU CAN SIGN UP ANYTIME! Just visit Discord and fill form!

Hello everyone!
I'd like to introduce you to a project called "Sightreading Brackets" which is also a League-based project. Basic rules involve around pretty rare, and interesting RANDOM Team based scoring system, alongside with fact players will play... totally random maps. Everything in a nice cover of blaming your teammates, grabbing your people down, and having a lot of fun (and performing well, since it's a competitive project - WITH A NICE TWISTpun not intended!)

All details are available here:
  1. osu!mania 4K Project spreadsheet
  2. osu!mania 4K Sign-ups
  3. osu!taiko Project spreadsheet
  4. osu!taiko Sign-ups
  5. TOURNAMENT DISCORD, attendence is required

In case of any questions, hit me up, and be sure to check it out!
(Also searching for someone who could make me a logo :<)

What ranks is this for:
- Well, mostly, you should just ask yourself: "Can I play 3-5* or 4-6 in osu!mania/Taiko any kind of comfortably?" If yes, then you fit. If not, you could also fit. You'll be just lower, and get lower players in seeding.

Informations are available as well on Discord, and you can freely join there as Spectators, so you'll see a progress towards making it a fully automated and quality TeamvsTeam project where your personal performance matters as well!

Also, we already got some really fresh and juicy reviews from players! Take a look!

"Have you ever wanted to experience the frustration of having shitty teammates that end up costing you the game? Do you miss your daily dose of multiplayer salt from mainstream esports? Do you miss flaming and yelling at your teammates for being bad and dumb? Or are you just thrilled to see your team lose the match just as it is announced? Maybe you like to cry yourself to sleep thinking about how those losses made your weeks of progress fade into nowhere. Worry not, sightread brackets are here! We will fulfill your fantasy of flaming other people on mania and horizontal mania! You'll experience the salt and depression all over again but I know you like it ;)"
Babysnakes, 2018
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>> First 25 players registered! <<
Discord link also refilled!
Agresywny Arbuz
This is perfect, considering I usually sightread in tournaments anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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>> 40 players registered. <<
First matches starts from tomorrow, but other than that - signups to this project are open every single day!
Seems like well organized and interesting project.
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>> above 65 players registered! <<
We're after first matches, so League has some variety scores and history right now! Worth to check it out!
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We got 70+ players atm.
Also new update: We're working on prototype of SkillRating for taiko league. For now the early Beta of calculations are done, and it will be used later on for website matchmaking according to played Star Ratio.

Mania will be getting that soon as well ^^;
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While we still working on Skillrating for Mania (Taiko spreadsheet is basically almost-done), I just want to share a piece of work on site. This time - approving members after registering to project.

Looks amazing, doesn't it?
Also, 75 players!
Before anyone tells me I completely ripped off some stuff (ignore the footer), the website is not affiliated with osu!, all credits/copyright go to ppy and their respective owners and those who work on next-web. I take no credits for this project. All the info will obviously be included later on.
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Further progress on League site.

DarkStoorM does a chunk of really good work out there. As always, friendly reminder that the website is not affiliated with osu!, all credits/copyright go to ppy and their respective owners and those who work on next-web.

Also, we added a new rule about mania, since pp in mania is broken, and skillrating is wrongly calculated via pp - people need to play qualifiers before attending a match.
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Week #2 is closed now. We're starting with Week #3, featuring two matches in osu!taiko and one match in osu!mania across Saturday to Sunday!

Meanwhile taiko and mania ranking based on individual performance AND matches outcome on top of that.



Sign-ups are opened 24/7!
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We're getting closer to Week#3 matchups starting in about 24 hours. Friendly reminder you can signup at any time!

From updates, DarkStoorM is currently working on Match Parser, so we will improve TeamScore calculating process and overall Match Management in project. Hope things go well!
Good to see scores calculated already on JSON level ^^;

As we are finished with another week, I have to say it's hard. It's really hard. Hats off to everyone who is managing a tournament or a big playerbase.
Out of curiosity, I rendered one of the matches from early stage lobby watcher, you can see it here

Things are going great so far, we still need more players.
A quick reminder: this is not a tournament. You can do as bad as you can, you are not getting kicked out. You will just remain as a lower seed until you get better. Treat it as your personal form of progress ^^;
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Next updates to brackets - this time Lobby Watcher webhook onto Project Discord. We're now able to watch matches and their outcome out of Discord. Look below for details!

Still, I wonder what can we do about streaming matches. We need to find a way to stream matches with real-time calculations over people placement on board, and team points distribution. Seems pretty hard to do..
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Week #4 has been closed in Sightread Brackets. This is kinda very heavy week for me, so I can't keep up on time - still, do not be scared, Im working on improving this!

Time of next matches are approved, you can check them in spreadsheets, and in Tournament Discord. There is also a friendly reminder that IF YOU WON'T JOIN TOURNAMENT DISCORD, YOU CANT TAKE PART IN THIS PROJECT.
Also, I've implemented individual rankings for participants alongside of team ones - so it's worth to signup and check your skills as well - since you can signup ANYTIME!


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There was pretty long time without our response. In project we have about 110 registered players with 4 matches happening each week and pretty much full lobbies each week.
Also, we're focusing on website development, we got some more people, and those are the effects - first front-end design suggestions and collaborations, thanks to IceDynamix, and Haxagon!

Soon we gonna update staff, and therefore we encourage to sign up for project! Signups are open whole time!
so is it ok to just join???
I'm not too good but I really want to join (just start 4* recently)
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Yeah, sure!
Sorry for not responding, we're mostly closed up on discord and twitter.

P.S: We closed up Week #7, and we started Week #8
We will also share some more screenshots with you of upcoming web platform that is designed by DarkStoorM exclusively for this project!
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