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Welcome to QPADs Double Tournament - Winner NerO

Online and at DreamHack Summer 2015

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How does it work?

  1. First of all there will be two different tournaments, one international that will be played online and a second tournament at DreamHack Summer 2015.
  2. The top 4 people from each tournament will get to play a final tournament on stage at the QPAD booth at DreamHack for extra prices.
  3. This is a 1on1 tournament.
  4. Make sure you have enough time at hand.
  5. There will be seperate prizes for both tournaments.
  6. All of the prizes are sponsored by QPAD.

General Information/Rules

  1. This is an international tournament so anyone can join!
  2. The online tournament will be held before DreamHack and it will start on the 11th of April 2015.
  3. The mappool will get harder the further we get into the tournament.
    Please keep an eye on this thread as we might add or change information.
  4. You may participate in both the online and the DreamHack tournament.
  5. All the standard osu! rules apply to this tournament aswell
  6. Signups will be closed at 2015-03-14 23:59 (GMT/UTC)
  7. The player limit in the online tournament is 128 players


> Tournament Brackets <

> Semi & Final Schedule <

If the time doesn't work for you, contact dellel before Friday 05-29.



  1. DJ Genericname - Dango Dango Drum and Bass [Insane] - Moway
  2. Tamura Yukari - MERRY MERRY MERRY MENU... Ne! [Gloria's Extra] - No Dap
  3. Xelia - Illumiscape [Another] - Kanna
  4. TK from Ling tosite sigure - unravel (TV edit) [Desperation] - xChippy
  5. Memme - Chinese Restaurant [Kloyd's Another] - M o k o r i

  1. KIEN - La Grand Bleu [SHD] - 7odoa
  2. Masayoshi Minoshima - Necro Fantasia [Insane] - Shinxyn

  1. Gunther - I'm Not Justin Bieber B**ch [Hard] - Andrea
  2. BRIGHT - Ichinen Nikagetsu Hatsuka [Nich's Insane] - Sekai-nyan

  1. Doxx & Feint - Mind In Motion [galv's Insane] - Secretpipe
  2. Aoi Eir - Sirius (TV size ver.) [handsome's Insane] - deetz

  1. Traktion - Mission ASCII [Another] - galvenize

  1. yanaginagi - Killer Song (Short Ver.) [Insane] - terametis
  2. nano - No pain, No game [Insane] - xsrsbsns
  3. ginkiha - Oriens [Extra] - Deif
  4. Traktion - Gid V [Insane] - galvenize
  5. Ni-Sokkususu - Blade Dance [Dance] - CloudSplash16

  1. An - artcore JINJA [Lunatic] - Flower
  2. DM Ashura - Classical Insanity [Presto] - Louis Cyphre

  1. ClariS - CLICK [Insane] - Frostmourne
  2. DJ S3RL feat. Sara - Feel The Melody [TeA's Insane] - XinCrin

  1. DECO*27 - Streaming Heart feat. Hatsune Miku [Extra] - Tsumetaku

  1. Truxton - SHOTGUN JUGGLE [Extra] - P o M u T a
  2. Meg & Dia - Monster (DotEXE Remix) [Xtra] - nold_1702
  3. ONE OK ROCK - Liar [Bloodlust] - Snepif
  4. Hiroyuki Sawano feat. Mika Kobayashi - Bios [LKs' Another] - goodbye
  5. M2U - Masquerade [Extra] - Melt
  6. HitoshizukuP x Yama - Crazy nighT [Crazy] - Sephibro

  1. Apocalyptica - Hall of the mountain King [Extra] - pishifat
  2. mafumafu - Yuugure Semi Nikki [0108] - L_P
  3. MYTK - Yggdrasil [INFINITE] - P o M u T a

  1. FOLiACETATE - Heterochromia Iridis [Another] - ktgster
  2. Zeami - Music Revolver [Kana] - KanaRin
  3. Primary - in the Garden [Ha-N] - Heanday

  1. Chata - Harukaze Dance [Insane] - Laurier
  2. Horie Yui - Coloring [Insane] - CXu
  3. Nishino Kana - Darling [Insane] - Giralda

  1. TRakker - Trail of Dust [Trail of Star] - Amamiya yuko

  1. ONE OK ROCK - Clock Strikes [Moway's Extra] - Saut
  2. cillia - FIRST [Extra] - moph
  3. P*Light - NINJA [Elvis' Donatello] - Kyubey
  4. Razihel & Virtual Riot - One for All, All for One [Together We've Fallen] - Fort
  5. M2U - Placebo Dying [ExtrA] - AngelHoney
  6. Renard - TU4AR [Extra] - P o M u T a

  1. Nico Nico Douga - Owens [Another] - AngelHoney
  2. Morimori Atsushi - Applique [Akalinatic] - Akali
  3. DECO*27 feat. marina - Aimai Elegy [0108] - val0108

  1. Suzuki Konomi - DAYS of DASH [Insane] - Rotte
  2. Girls Generation - Oh! [Insane] - cRyo[iceeicee]
  3. nano.RIPE - Esoragoto [Insane] - Laurier

  1. DystopiaGround - AugoEidEs [nao] - Amamiya yuko

  1. sakuzyo - VALLISTA [Skystar's Expert] - Chloe
  2. Kalafina - Magia (Start the Witch) [CRN] - caren_sk
  3. Rtnario - Guitar Vs. Piano [Extreme] - Rad-
  4. Jin - Outer Science ft. ONE [Expert] - xperimentx
  5. Reol - No title [Insane] - cRyo[iceeicee]
  6. Igorrr - Tout Petit Moineau [Extra] - fergas

  1. Zips - Heisei Cataclysm [Fang] - Dark Fang
  2. Reol - +Danshi [Guy's Extra] - Umi
  3. Sonic Syndicate - Denied [Insane] - P o M u T a

  1. livetune feat. Hatsune Miku - Tell Your World [Insane] - Colin Hou
  2. Yuki Kajiura - Mezame [Mai] - mercury2004
  3. Usa - Romeo and Cinderella [Insane] - S i R i R u

  1. Kairiki bear - Manemane Psychotropic [Psycho] - scanter
  2. AU - Infinite of Nuclear Fusion [Regou's Extra] - OnosakiHito
  3. Orangestar - Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan [iyasine_sk's Extra] - Gelbana

  1. Halozy - Sentimental Skyscraper [Myouren Hijiri] - Hollow Wings

Match Information/Match Rules

  1. The group stages will be set up traditionally with 4 players each. Every player will play against eachother once.
  2. During the match, both players will be in a multiplayer game; "Head To Head" and win condition set to "Score".
  3. Group stages mathces are Bo5. Rounds will start of as Bo7 and might increase further into the rounds.
  4. Each player will select a set number of maps from a predetermined mappool to play during their match. You are not allowed to choose a map that your opponent has already chosen.
  5. Both players are only allowed to pick 2 mod picks from each modpool. Nomod is excluded from this, but you're not allowed to pick the same song twice either.
  6. As for freemod the same stands, each player can pick up to two songs from the freemod mappool each. Each player has to pick at least one mod however you can pick more then one mod if you so desire, (DT, HT & Autospin is not allowed). Both players does not have to choose the same mods.
  7. In case of a tie, a predetermined tiebreaker map will be played.
  8. The tiebreakers will be played with freemod on, however you do not have to pick a mod.
  9. The mappool at the start will consist of mostly insane maps but the maps will become more difficult the further into the tournament you get.
  10. The mappool will be changed every round.
  11. If there is a disconnect or other disturbance during the match, a rematch is possible if both players agree. Do note that on the slightest notice of abuse, you will be instantly disqualified.
  12. If possible, any tournament staff will be staying with you in the multiplayer match as a referee. Of course, we're not participating in the actual game.
  13. Final decisions can be made by the referee in the match to avoid a discussion breaking out.
  14. If the opponent does not reply within 10 min after the set round starting time, you will win on walkover.
  15. The Map pool will be revealed one week before the tournament begins
  16. The referee will decide if there is time for warmups depending on when the players show up. This is too keep up with the schedule.
  17. If warmups are played, each player will pick one warmup song that is at maximum around 3 minutes long.


  1. QPAD MK-80 Mechanical Keyboard (Red,Blue,Brown or Black switches)
  2. QH-90 Headset (Black/white)
  3. 5K Mouse
  4. UC-V2 Mousepad (90)
  5. A QCUP badge:

    2nd prize: Azer
  6. QH-90 Headset (Black/white)
  7. 5K Mouse
  8. UC-V2 Mousepad (90)

    3rd prize: Doomsday
  9. 5K Mouse
  10. UC-V2 Mousepad (90)

    1st to 4th place also gets:
  11. CT Collectors Edition Mousepad (With a custom Osu! design by -SI-)

    These prizes are worth a total of $700.

Tournament Staff

  1. Organizer: dellel
  2. Co-organizers: Blueson | jojajim2 | RosaToppar
  3. Map selectors: Kotayo | RosaToppar
  4. Referees: Comcast | DatPenguinTho | Dunois | Faayne | hyprd | Pacolito | Peur du noir | sgeg |
  5. Livestreamers: dellel | KTFlaSh96 | Slainv
  6. Commentators: Azer | Callum | Chippy | Doomsday | Faayne | jesus1412 | MiruHong | WubWoofWolf
This is the stage we'll be using

Top picture: jojajim2&Poised, Middle picture: Rosatoppar&SnickaN.
Player: zerp
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